Steppin’ into Tomorrow with SNF on Dubstep.FM starts TODAY 6pm PST

Steppin Into TomorrowI’m ridiculously excited to announce a new show on Dubstep.FM starring, well, me.  Monday nights from 6-8pm PST will be the show time and I’ll surely also hop on the station for unscheduled ‘casts at random times also.  This is going to be a little different from the podcasts and work I do with dubstepped since I’ll be playing music from anyone on planet Earth (and also some beamed through time by aliens in the future).

I got the name of the program from the classic 1975 Donald Byrd record that fused disco, jazz, and soul to produce a new sound.  This is what dubstep is to me, an amalgam of all sorts of influences that combine to produce many flavors of bass-heavy dance music.  The show will live up to this definition, playing everything from futuristic synth works from people like Starkey, Ikonika, Hyetal, and Brackles, to reggaeish dubwise riddims from Radikal Guru, Dread Foxx, LV, and Mungo’s Hi Fi, to dub-techno fusions from Sigha, Scuba, F, and Jus Wan, to hybrids of UK Funky and dubstep coming from folks like Untold, 2562, Bok Bok, and Joy Orbison, to garage/2-step influenced songs from El-B, VVV, FBOM, and Pangaea, to the unmistakable Antisocial sound of Quest, Silkie, Kromestar, and Vivek, and also some darker bits from Blackheart, Distance, Kryptic Minds, and Matt U, and many, many more.  As long as that sentence is, I STILL cant cram all the sounds I want to play in it!  This is going to be crazy!

I have to give thanks for this show to the family, excellent people there.  Big shouts to Tminus, DopeLabs, Yong, Swoop, Shambles, KidLogic, Hd4000, and everyone else involved.  Also, huge respect to all producers and labels that have sent me tracks for this, so much unreleased material is about to hit the airwaves thanks to you.

If you want to submit tracks for the program send a mail to snf at dubstepped dot net with info or hit me up on myspace.  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrespect!!

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  • Tminus
    Big upz man!! much respect!!
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