Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 026 05.10.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring Simple

Dense amounts of new music in this show coming from EshOne, Cosmic Revenge, Resketch, Kush Arora, Dubsworth, Autopilot, Clueless, VVV, and tons more.  This show is also the first feature I’m doing on a producer, this time on Simple coming out of San Francisco.  Listen to the feature section in the show and for more info read the interview later on in the post.  I’m going to try to do this weekly – we’ll see!

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Skynet – Swamp (Pinch Remix) (Argon)
EshOne – U Boat
Loefah – Justabeat (free online)
Dubsworth – Looky Hear (forthcoming Brap Dem)
Kulture – Liquid Sound (Disfigured Dubs)
Cosmic Revenge – Neptune
Hatcha – Dark Claps (Special Branch)
Benga – Baltimore Clap (Tempa)
Skream – Clap Your Hands (free online)
Kush Arora – Empty Alleys (forthcoming KAP)
Eskmo – Sister, You Have Got To Listen (free online)
Robot Koch – Listen To Them Fade (Project Mooncircle)

– Simple feature –
Simple – 2 Ways to Three (forthcoming Ilian Tape)
Simple – Let It Sink (forthcoming Ilian Tape)
Simple – In The Thick Of It
Simple – Agua
Simple – Seek/hunt
Simple – Only Once (forthcoming SubDepth)
Simple – Lightly (forthcoming Ilian Tape)
Simple – Barely Together

Clueless – Secret Love VIP (free online)
SBTRKT – Soundboy Shift (Young Turks)
Gon – Gotta Have You (free online)
Pacheko & Pocz – Tigre VIP
Caribou – Sun (VVV Remix) (free online)
Colz – Sunflower (Grizzle Mix) (free online)
Ramadanman – Tempest (Hemlock)
SubReachers – A While Back (Resketch remix)
Chango – Onemore (Autopilot remix)
Helix – Pulse X Tribute
Mensah – Pulse 80s (Hench)
Cosmic Revenge – Mind Eraser
Marcus Visionary – Surinam (Liondub International)
Albert – Darling Now
Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix) (Hotflush)
Resketch – Places Like This (forthcoming Kursed)
Kush Arora – Humidifier (forthcoming KAP)
Natalie Storm – Look Pon Me (Jumeirah Riddim) (Mixpak)
Mosca – Square One (Night Slugs)
Girl Unit – IRL (French Fries remix) (Night Slugs)
Resketch – Connected (forthcoming Kursed)

Get to know about Simple.

This program has the first in a series of features on producers, starting off with Simple.  Simple is based in San Francisco, heads up the netlabel Two Circles Records, and has forthcoming releases on a few labels.  I first heard about him at the recommendation of fellow contributor Shortstack who couldn’t stop listening to his “Casual Sex” release on Two Circles last fall.  I got hooked as well.

Check out his Soundcloud page for more audio and a bunch of free downloads.  The “Fall Around The Cut EP” should be out on Ilian Tape next week or so so look out for that one.  Simple was kind enough to do a little interview also, so read about what makes him tick below.

SNF: Lets set it off with a little introduction, how’d you get into production?

Simple: Well, I have the typical story of my youth being filled with music and etc. Started playing the drums, piano and guitar at a young age, never really took it serious but loved making noise. Growing up around Detroit I was introduced to electronica at a fairly young age and at that age, was specifically, very in to turntabalism. When I was 11 I received one turntable, a mixer and an invisible scratch pickles VHS, so I could learn how to scratch. Goofed around with that for a couple years, got another deck got into Dj’ing more and more, then at about age 18, I just stopped. I became fascinated again with the guitar, this time it would take me overseas to London, where I studied for a bit. I got into production because I needed something to back my guitar. I had always fooled around with production, but in 2005 I really started producing my own tracks. At that point it was all guitar based music. It wasn’t until 2007 that I started producing more electronic oriented music.

Two Circles Records?

The story of Two Circles records is pretty simple. Throughout the years and most of my projects I worked with long time friend, Cullen Miller ( In 2007 after a trip to Berlin, we decided we wanted to put together a label that brought together producers that fit our style. The label was not meant to be genre specific but rather specific to a general atmosphere we wanted to maintain.

How’d you end up in San Francisco?
Well after needing to leave the nothing that is Detroit, I found myself in London, then Arcata (middle of fucking no where for all that don’t know) to attend HSU, from there I came to San Francisco to further my education in Audio Engineering, beyond that, San Francisco of all the places I have lived and traveled just seems like the place to be right now. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere else at this point.

Your sounds are always very lush, will you speak a bit about your approach to sound design or selection?
I am a huge supporter of designing my own sounds, or sampling from the world around us. At the same time, I have found myself deconstructing other peoples patches and sampling from not so original sources. I think what creates a unique and satisfying atmosphere, or a lush sound, is our personal touch (which is lacking this day and age). While I’ll never be able to design a patch like Richard Devine, when I approach a synth and start from a blank slate, the sound will be uniquely mine and because of that the end result will sound more like me, which makes it easier to maintain a artistic style throughout my catalog of songs.

Simply put, lots of oscillating filters, filtered delays, reverb, and reverberated delay, for that lush sound.

Your music is tinted by many different styles of music and is very diverse.  Do you think about genre when you’re producing?
I’d like to say I try not to think of genres when producing as that is a surefire way to find yourself making cookie cutter bullshit, but i have fallen prey to this sort of process. Most of the time when I start producing a track it is because I thought of a technical idea that might sound cool. My songs are rarely planned out (unfortunately) they are mostly the result of experimenting with sound. I find inspiration in the gear and the technicality of it all… it is really less boring than it sounds.
Tell me more about this Neo Soul/Wonk sound that you’ve been on lately?
Its the last frontier. This Neo Soul/Wonk or whatever you want to call it, movement has captured my attention because I feel its one of the last genres/styles of electronic music that you can hear/feel the human influence. Electronic Music these days has become too rigid, too much of the same fucking shit, it is interchangeable. Most producers don’t have a sound, they have lost their natural presence on the their own tracks because everything has become exceedingly polished and for lack of a better term, perfect, when in reality the music is getting more and more stale the more and more people over produce their tracks. Same goes for DJs playing this music, there is nothing that differentiates them from one another, it is killing what is left of our music.

What keeps you busy outside of music?

What’s in the future for you?  Who are some artists/labels to look out for?
The future is coming, I don’t where I’ll be for it though. I do have some releases to look for, on my 13th my release for Ilian Tape out of munich is released (, followed by a release late may/early june on SubDepth out of Bristol (, then later in the summer, I have a track featured on the first US Skweee compilation double LP, which will be coming out on this small label out of Portland called Poisonous Gases (, and finally I am working with the great fellows at Lost Souls ( out of London to put out a 12″ featuring some great remixes I can’t really get into quite yet!

As for artists and things to look out for:

Milyoo   – probably one of the hottest producers under the sun.
Hubert Daviz – not really new, but god damn

My good friend Cullen Miller, who started 2circles with me runs this great multimedia aggregate site, it is a hub for anything from Music to Technology. He is also working with another friend of mine James Jano on an EP that should be due in the next few months that I am really excited about, its entitled “Brothers EP”, I would keep my eyes peeled at

SNF: Thanks!

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    Thanks for the feature on Simple. He was new to me, and has some massive vibes. Will deff be looking out for more.
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