Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 028 05.24.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring KingThing

Happy to feature a guest mix from KingThing of some wonky future garage business in this program with forthcoming sounds from El-B, Vas Guiro, Clueless, Tricky Strutt and of course KingThing himself.  On top of this, fresh tracks inside from Bojcot, more Clueless, Ital Tek, Dark Sky, and some bits off Guido’s new album.  This show’s a voyage through sound, hang on.


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Simple – Long Distance (forthcoming SubDepth)
SubReachers – Upside (Haunted Audio)
El Rakkas – I&I (XI Remix) (Lo Dubs)
Skream – I (Loefah Remix) (DMZ)
Ital Tek – Spectrum Falls (Atom River)
Dark Sky – Ghost Notes (Black Acre)
SRC – Brakedance (Numbers)
Ikonika – Fish (Hyperdub)
Mensah – Untitled Future Funk (Hench)
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (Punch Drunk)
Guido – Tango (Punch Drunk)
Timzed – Anonymous (free online)
Kloke – Acid Rain (Enchufada)
Asusu – Taurean (Project Squared)
Hypno – Hubble Dub (20% Refix)
Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce – Tripped Up (Ramadanman Re-edit) (Ramp)

– KingThing feature (download) —

Floating Points – Shark case (Planet Mu)
SBTRKT – Jamlock (Brainmath)
KingThing – Sexawoowho (Dub)
Vas Guiro – Snick Snack (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Clueless – Wrongness10 (Forthcoming Night Audio)
KingThing – la-di-da (forthcoming Fortified Audio)
El-B feat. Rolla – Back Wid Da Sound (forthcoming Ghost)
KingThing – Neglect Me (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Tricky Strutt – The Joy In Your Eye (Forthcoming Night Audio)
KingThing – Mad Hatter (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)

Bojcot & Dawn – Something
Doc Daneeka – Bumblebeeriddim (Pattern)
Randomer & Fife – Too Many Times (Fat!)
Distal – Coke Bottle (forthcoming Grizzly)
Mele – Bombay (Nadastrom Remix) (Mixpak)
Nehuen – Tropicalia (Corsario)
Marcus Visionary – Surinam (Liondub International)
Luthor – Waterfall (Haunted Audio)
Djunya – Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem)
EshOne – Toast Burned (Dubfront)
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Furesshu – Horizons (Project Squared)
Emika – Double Edge (Pinch Remix) (Ninjatune)
June Miller – Brussels North (Wascal Remix) (54music)
(STC) – Chomp (Phaeleh mix) (Slimetime)
Blawan – Iddy (Hessle)
Guido – Mad Sax (Punch Drunk)
Clueless – Where Monsters Dwell
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)
LD – Peace In Our Culture (Dub Police)
Leroy Smart – Rude Boy (Jammys)

Introducing: KingThing

I linked up with Olly KingThing some time ago through the Future Garage forum, though his music is really undefinable.  His productions have been consistently excellent and are featured in his guest mix, on top of this he’s affiliated with Night Audio & Fortified Audio and showcases some hot forthcoming tracks on each.  For a bit more info, check out this brief interview:

SNF: Always have to start with an intro: where are you coming from and how’d you get into music and production?

KingThing: I’m from Chester, a small town in between Liverpool and Manchester (more or less). Like a fair amount of people i’d been making music in various guises all my life, and then one day somebody stuck a copy of Reason infront of me and I’ve never looked back – i liked the fact that it was all me, there was no working with bandmates etc, i got complete control over the music – which is how i like it ;) So im either an introspective genius or an unsociable cunt, i haven’t decided yet. Its been a fun journey trying to figure it out though:p But through that avenue i came to Logic and Ableton, and it all began to get pretty serious when i moved to Leeds about 4/5 years ago – if you like music, you love Leeds.

SNF: You’re involved in both Night Audio and Fortified Audio, what sound drives these labels and how is it going?

KT: I’m only involved in Fortified as far as having a release with them goes, i have no say in the day to day running of it. I’m honoured that they got in touch, because they’re putting out some great artists – VVV, XXXY, Loops Haunt, Gravious, Cosmic revenge, Gremino, amongst others – quite a roster really, so being approached was an honour. Night Audio was set up to basically start putting out tunes on the garage flex – Submerse and I had seen what Whistla was doing at L2S, and with the way dubstep was heading at the time there was definitely a sense that 2-step had been ‘revived’ – not that it really ever died – but you can see yourselves that there is a massive demand for garage-tainted beats today, so we’re happy to be able to provide a platform for some of it to get out into the world. We dont want to box ourselves off by just releasing garage stuff, so a couple of housey releases will be in the pipeline at some point, but with the whole Future Garage thing blowing up then there is no short supply of quality new stuff at the moment, so there’s no rush on that front. Night Audio is going really well in terms of reception, so something is ticking people’s boxes, which is nice to know.

SNF: Your own productions are positively original, you describe them as “wonky 4/4″. Tell me a bit more about your influences that led to this sound and where it’s headed?

KT: I’ve never been able to accurately pin point my music to any specific genre, but at the moment the stuff i’ve been making does have a 4/4 feel to it. Electronic music wise, i come from a techno background, so i suppose its natural that i would start laying down straight beats again eventually. I’ve been listening to a lot of house at the moment too. Thats just what im doing this month though, next month it’ll most likely be a different avenue – ‘gypsy’ breakz or electro 2-step. I have a short attention span, which has its plus points as well as its negatives – im always looking for something different to have a go at, but i’ve got about 15000 unfinished tunes. I accepted the fact that i’ll probably never fit into any specific ’scene’ a while ago and that helped me creatively. Ultimately i just like energetic music – whatever it is, as long as it gets my head boppin then i’m all for it. So wherever my sound goes, hopefully it’ll retain that one prerequisite! I’m gradually leaning towards doing some deeper stuff, but it has to strike the right balance between beautiful and banging, so i’m in no rush on that front.

SNF: I have to ask since you’re halfway around the world from me, how do you think the Internet is contributing to music culture these days?

KT: The music culture is a completely different kettle of fish from even ten years ago. You can make a track, upload it and get instant feedback. Places like DSF have helped many people on their way already – obviously having quality tunes helps too – so its there for all to see, it does work. We just put out an El-B 12″ on NA – that wouldn’t have happened without the t’interwebs. It just means that, borders aside, any collective can be intimate, because there really are no boundaries anymore, especially when it comes to digital media. In all honesty, a fair chunk of what people have acheived in a musical sense in recent years, probably wouldnt have been made possible without the internet – or at least the internet of today. Plus we wouldn’t be talking without it either, so cheers to the web.

SNF: What’s on the horizon for you and who are you looking out for?

KT: The Fortified Audio 12″ is due out in about 2 months, i’ve also got a track out on L2S at some point plus a few other bits to confirm. We’ve got a Tricky Strutt 12″ up next on NA – you wanna watch out for this boy – and then NA005 is myself, Submerse, resketch, and Whistla, with probably Clueless lining up for NA006. So i’ll be busy with that, plus a few shows – which im gonna try and start hitting hard.
Theres a whole heap of people to look out for – Submerse (going to be a HUGE year), Resketch, Littlefoot, Whistla, Sclist, Sentinels, Clueless, Erra, Gyu – all gonna be doing big things. Then theres the likes of Sully and SBTRKT pushing things forwards, plus you’ve got some truly wicked people over on your end – VVV, Sines, FBOM, cosmic Revenge, HGLDT, and Distal – especially this man, he’s on fire. I’m also eagerly awaiting every Night Slugs release. Back to Distal – got big respect for the sounds he’s putting out, i think the next 12 months will be big for him.

But really all this week has been about is listening to as much Floating Points as possible, its ruddy beautiful!

Thanks for having me!

SNF: quite welcome!

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