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Fritemare with HUD, Comma and Epcot

Location: The Showdown (map & info)
Description: HUD comes from London and teams up with locals Comma and Epcot to explore the future of bass.
Date: 2010-08-05
Tickets: Free  :)


Surefire 015 with Scuba, Patchwork Pirates and Prince Zammy

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Surefire returns after a recess with Hotflush records head Scuba and the Patchwork Pirates with Prince Zammy on opening duties.
Date: 2010-08-21
Tickets: $7 before 11, $10 after.  UPDATE: Click here for $5 RSVP!


Dirty Beats with Ripple, Mr Rise, Sweat and Dub-Ray

Location: Paradise Lounge (map & info)
Description: Sunday evening free session run by Full Melt organizer Ripple.
Date: 2010-08-08
Tickets: free  :)


Radiance with NastyNasty, El Diablo, Fresh Young Minds and Builder

Location: Red Devil Lounge (map & info)
Description: Irie Cartel brings out NastyNasty and a crew of support to the Red Devil.
Date: 2010-08-06
Tickets: $5-10


Redline 4 year anniversary with Eprom, Matty G, Djunya and more

Location: ??
Description: Four years of Redline shows land us at this one, run by Eprom, Matty G, Djunya and a host of others.
Date: 2010-08-13
Tickets: $15 presales

Full Lineup:

Lazer Sword
Matty G
Babylon System
Richie Panic
Rob Cannon


Compression with J. Rabbit, Dub Gabriel, Lexxus and more

Location: 103 Harriet St (map & inf0)
Description: Compression brings dubstep & dnb together with Mampi Swift, J. Rabbit, Dug Gabriel, Lexxus, Kozee and more.
Date: 2010-08-20
Tickets: $10 before 11, $15 after.


Fixup wth Dials, Comma and Troma

Location: 222 Hyde (map & info)
Description: Fixup August edition with DJ Dials, Comma & Trauma. Wednesday night boogie session!
Date: 2010-08-11
Tickets: $5


Kush Arora & Bakir ft MC Zulu – Dear Diary, The Mix

Kush Arora & Bakir of The Spit Brothers teamed up to throw down this bonefide excellent mix of funky, bashment & dubstep that is positively hype.  Mixing and blending is top notch, and at a furious pace with 17 tracks in just under 30 minutes.  Get this in your life.


1. 00:00 Kush Arora and Mega Banton “Shake Sitten” (Spanish Wall Street Riddim)
2. 02:15 Green Money and Lady Chann “Political Hype”
3. 04:18 Simone Pisapia feat. Jhonblack and Miss Muffin “The Anthem”
4. 05:20 Caliber “Elkasta Riddim” // **MC ZULU “Caress” Acapella
5. 07:00 Marcus Price & Carli “Var E Naaaken” (Girl Unit Remix)
6. 07:57 Bok Bok “Dance Report”
7. 08:45 Baobinga & Cosmin TRG “I Get Ruff”
8. 10:20 Blatta & Inesha “Pet Massage” (Kush Arora and Bakir Funky Shiatsu Remix)
9. 12:43 Lewis CanCut “Get Low” // **MC ZULU “Poision Pill” Acapella
10. 14:48 Dubblestandart feat. David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry “Chrome Optimism” (Kush Arora Remix)
11. 16:40 Luthor “M Grow” (Bakir Remix)
12. 18:06 J Kenzo “Tropic Thunder”
13. 19:30 Dubloner Fights Halle Selassie “The Fight, The Spirit” (Kush Arora Remix)
14. 21:00 ??????
15. 22:30 Kush Arora “The Hacker”
16. 24:05 The Spit Brothers “No Curfew” (Djunya Remix)
17. 25:55 The Spit Brothers “Lazy Left”

Kush Arora + Bakir hosted by MCZulu- Dear Diary,The Mix by KushArora


Review: Quest – Smooth Skin bw Wind Tunnel (MEDI028)

I was mesmerized when first hearing “Smooth Skin” from Quest (Twitter, Facebook) and now that I have the record it’s no less magical.  I don’t write about a lot of Deep Medi because they get a lot of coverage as is, but this release is special even by Medi standards.  As far as I’m concerned the b-side could be Miley Cyrus covering Rusko’s Jahova in acapella and it’d still be worth buying.  Quest slows the tempo down to 94 bpm on this one producing something completely fresh, a combination of Kool and the Gang’s “Summertime” era high pitched synths, 808 cowbells, excellent syncopation on a woodblock and some soulful basslines.  I literally can’t get enough.  Bass music.  Out to Quest, this one is a serious contender for song of 2010 in my book.  The b-side “Wind Tunnel” is a pretty standard dubstep track done in a Quest style, it’s good but really can’t hold a candle to the a-side in my book.  It does however maintain the extremely high standard of percussion that Quest lives up to in all his releases.

Mandatory purchase material.


Steppin into Yesterday with SNF 037 07.26.10 on Dubstep.FM

I was feeling a bit nostalgic last week after Mary Anne Hobbs announced that she’s stepping down from her Radio 1 show which is, and has been for a while, pretty much the apex of underground dance music education.  This got me in the mood for some classics so I decided to take a break from the bleeding edge of dance music and look backwards towards 2006/2007.  Some of my all time favorite tracks are in this mix, and strong representation from some of the best labels out there: Hyperdub, Tempa, Tectonic, DMZ, and Hotflush.  Step into the time machine…

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Steppin into Yesterday with SNF 037 07.26.10 on Dubstep.FM by snf



Quest – Smooth Skin (Deep Medi)
Vex’d – Bombardment of Saturn (Planet Mu)
Distance – Nomad (Hotflush)
Coki – Mood Dub (DMZ)
Hijak – Nightmarez (Tectonic)
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Portal (Hyperdub)
Loefah – Twisup (Youngsta & Task VIP Mix) (DMZ)
Cyrus – Indian Stomp (Tectonic)
Geiom – Zalim Maar Daala (Berkane Sol)
Moving Ninja – Murky (Tectonic)
Moldy ft Juakali – Glory (Earwax)
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Punch Drunk)
Digital Mystikz – Neverland (DMZ)
Skream – Bahl Fwd (Tectonic)
Pinch ft Juakali – Gangstaz (Tectonic)
Djuyna – Inclined (Aphex)
Scuba – Frisco (Hotflush)
Don Carlos – Young Girl (Juju remix)
The Specials – Ghost Town (DJG bootleg) (free online)
Skream – Sub Island (Soul Jazz)
2562 – Circulate (Tectonic)
Horsepower Productions – Gorgon Sound (Tempa)
Roxy vs El-b – Endorse and Set It (Ghost)
Kode9 – 9 Samurai (Hyperdub)
Joker – Stuck in the System (Earwax)
Massive Music – Find My Way (kode9 remix) (Hyperdub)
RSD – Pretty Bright Light (Punch Drunk)
Johnny Clark vs Mala – Sinners (Ringo)
Clouds – Shallow (Noppa)
Walsh & Kromestar – Panik Room (Hotflush)
Skream – Dutch Flowerz (Tempa)
LV ft Dandelion – CCTV (Hyperdub)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz remix) (Kartel)
Skream – I (Loefah remix) (Tempa)
Benga – Dual (Big Apple)
Luke Envoy – M.U.G.E.N. (Wonderland)
Digital Mystikz – Molten (Tectonic)
Loefah – Horror Show (DMZ)
Kode9 & The Spaceape – Backward (Hyperdub)
Skream – Tapped (Tempa)
The Bug ft Warrior Queen – Poison Dart (Ninja Tune)
Mark One – Slang (Tectonic)
Martyn – Velvet (3024)
2562 – Kameleon (Tectonic)
Horsepower Productions – Fat Larry’s Skank (Tempa)
Kode9 – Magnetic City (Soul Jazz)
Pinch ft Rudey Lee – Step 2 It (Soul Jazz)
Loefah – Mud (DMZ)
Skream – Midnight Request Line (Tempa)
Augustus Pablo – Africa (1983) (Rockers Production)