Review: Kidkut – ILove04/Lilt (PIPS013)

In the brief period of time following the dissolution of Skull Disco, I was curious to see how Appleblim would follow suit. After combining with Shackleton to establish label that undoubtably bridged the gap between dubstep and it’s minimal / techno influences it seemed impossible that the work was done after a mere fifteen or so releases. Fortunately for bass music fans everywhere, Apple Pips emerged. Similar to the expectations set by Appleblim’s previous label, the emphasis here is in blending sounds from dubstep’s myriad influences to create a new sound greater than the sum of it’s parts. With a clear focus on house and classic garage sounds, Appleblim has curated selections from numerous formidable label heads such as Ramadanman, Brackles, and Instra:Mental. This latest release is no break from the high standards already set with a release from Immerse Recordings label chief anf fellow Bristol native Adam Jackson, aka ‘Kidkut.’

‘ILove04′ starts the release with a hard soul-infused rhythm that channels Melvin Bliss more than it does any current drum programming technique, and short vocal cuts sharply carry the vibe along to a heavy wobbly-bass. It is unfortunate to use that word to describe the feeling achieved by Kidkut; it is safe to assume between the obvious ear for quality of Immerse and Applepips alike, it is safe to assume this is no obnoxious onslaught of bro-bass, but instead a rich dynamic technique set to excite ears and bassbins alike. While more jarring than the so called ‘micro’ or ‘tech’ house releases, but not nearly as abrasive as the ‘jacking’ or electro’ house, Jackson touches on a vibe that happily sits somewhere in the middle, in no doubt thanks to creative use of the anthemic sounds of the classic Pacific State by 808 State. Enough energy to keep the young ones moving on the floor, and just enough nostalgia to keep the attention span of the chin-stroking club music historians as well.

‘Lilt’ carries the flip side of this release with a very summertime dance tune, replete with pitched percussion, latin whistles, cuica, and 808 cowbells (always a personal favorite,) amidst a driving bassline completely unlike the one displayed from ‘ILove04.’ With a long break and build for a relatively short track, ‘Lilt’ is guaranteed to be one of the go-to selections in your bag to quickly drop-down and reenergize the dancefloor no matter where it’s placed in the set. An absolute ‘diamond in the rough’ track that should come to no surprise to anybody who has been following Appleblim’s ear, or has had the privilege of hearing him select a dj set.

Great stuff once again from the Applepips and Immerse camps on this one, this release has been available since early August so be sure to go bag your copy whether it be physical or digital.

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