Review: Tunnidge 7Breaths/Fear (CHST010)

Distance’s Chestplate label has never let me down. the label is clearly an extension of the crunchy bass sounds he made his own on his myriad releases; always gritty but always extremely mindful of the heavyweight sub-bass tones that are essential to any classical dubstep tune.

The tenth release from Chestplate taps the production talents of London-based Tunnidge, for two extremely heavy cuts. Both tunes are heavily cinematic with long builds and employ the use of deep bass with the color of the distorted basslines that have established Distance and the Chestplate’s legacy in the modern bass music movement.

Fear is the highlight of this release for me, with it’s long build, cinematic vocals, and floorboard rumbling subtones that have me eager to hear it out on larger soundsystems. An essential pickup as the weather begins to turn cold and melodic percussion makes it’s way out of the dance to make room for the cold, heavy tunes. This is the first Chestplate release without an original from Distance, and Tunnidge served the label and all listeners well with this release.

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