Bombaman - Flower People bw 6blocc - Dead Flowers Remix

Rarely have I seen a video work as well with music as this Terminator Salvation trailer and this forthcoming La Dubstep Nostra release.  In fact, I think these tunes work dramatically better than the music in the actual trailer.  La Dubstep Nostra releases the darker side of dubstep with past work from Parson, Ultrablack, 6blocc, Monsta and more. On to the tunes..

Bombaman - Flower People

The first tune is like a militant robot waking up from a nap with the arcing electricity in the beginning and marching beat.  Once the robot wakes it… well you see the video…

Once that synth hits at 1:30 or so I’m skanking nonstop.  Make sure you hit that HQ to hear it in proper quality.

6blocc vs Bombaman - Dead Flowers Remix

6blocc minimizes the bass synths and transforms the feel of the original to a much sharper sound. The cut-up beat and percussion sounds are new and combine with elements of the original yielding a nicely done remix.

Get this bad boy starting with promos on 4/20 followed by a general release.  Big respect to La Dubstep Nostra, Bombaman, and 6blocc.

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  1. saaaaaaaaaaaafe!!!!!!! :D

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