Dubstepped Radio Episode 003

Dubstepped Radio

Happy to put out the third episode of Dubstepped Radio this weekend - this one’s HUGE! Love the sounds inside. I’d like to subtitle this episode the remix episode because of the number of remixes inside, we’ve got a total of nine from classic rock to drum’n'bass. Everyone gets a taste of the dubstep flavor.

Now for some free music associated with this episode: the split Surpass/Zeno subdotmission release, Widdler’s free bootleg pack, Extinction from DLX, Chae Hawk’s fliptape, and Simple’s Casual Sex EP on TwoCircles.

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DS Radio 003 Tracklist:

01 - KidLogic - Summer Madness (forthcoming twenty twelve)
02 - STS9 - Shock Doctrine (Eskmo Remix) (1320 Records)
03 - Kid Simple - What You Did (unreleased)
04 - Mundo - Creep (Blipswitch Digital)
05 - Surpass - Crop Circle Dub (Sub.Mission)
06 - Phatcat & DZ - Shadows (unreleased)
07 - Zeno - Regloved Remix (Sub.Mission)
08 - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (DZ vs Rastatronics Remix) (bootleg)
09 - DLX - Nitrous Oxide (forthcoming Smog Records)
10 - Portishead - Western Eyes (Widdler Dub) (bootleg)
11 - Broken Spindles - Introvert (RX Remix) (free online)
12 - Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes (LD Remix) (Domino)
13 - Jus Wan - QB41 (Naked Lunch)
14 - VVV - The Double Neutral (unreleased)
15 - Simple - rO (TwoCircles)
16 - Yong - Untitled (unreleased)
17 - The Wobblesauce Brigade - Geisha Slap Fight (unreleased)
18 - Dread Foxx ft Werd2Jah - Clash (Airtight Imprint)






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  1. Dude!

    Fuck Yes! Just got online and Found my tune Geisha fight in your mix! That shit makes me very happy! I never expected to hear my tune in a mix. Reguardless if you wan’t some Wobblesauce/Zookeeper dubs let me know! I have a few tunes too trade at the moment and I should be finishing 3 albums of everything from dub.glitchhop and downtempo. just hit me up on myspace email whatever!


  2. Please stop talking so much during the mixes, you post the tracklist so you don’t need to talk over every track.

    Otherwise keep them coming, we appreciate it :)

  3. Thanks for the comments dolby, appreciated. I’ve been thinking similar things recently.

    I decided to talk over the tracks because I wanted to include some info about the artists like where they’re from, concert dates, recent releases, and so forth. What I’ve been thinking lately is that a better format to do this is to provide an “enhanced” tracklist on the website so that you can get the info if you want it, but listen to the music in peace. This is likely the format that I’ll use for the next episode.


  4. ya..
    agree with dolby..
    try doing the next mix without talking..i would love you long time..

  5. and please..
    more of that kid simple kid..
    he’s killing things as of late..murderer!!

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