Superstitious Whompalicious with 6blocc, Dread Foxx, Subvert, TDBZ, and many more

Location: Mission Rock Cafe (map & info)
Description: 6blocc & Dread Foxx come to slew the dancefloor, with massive support from:

Babylon System
Rob Cannon
Tommy Lexxus
Date: 2009-11-13
Tickets: $20 day of, $10 presale @ Red Sky Records

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  1. It’s Goin DOWN!! Lookin to be LARGE!

  2. You can find me front and center :)

  3. well, id really have to say that after the last few epic parties its hard to really trance out to some peoples shit. i just wasnt impressed with the LA dj style, a mash up of pop songs everyone in the fucking world has heard mixed with some dubstep…. although i do admit the breath prodigy dub was aight. all in all, meh. thats right, meh. a dj is supposed to interact with its audience energywise, and it seemed to me as if that wasnt happening. then again i wasnt trippin! lol

  4. That shit rocked! Lots of beautiful music and people :)

  5. @oneluv bigup, glad you enjoyed

    @haven 6blocc is generally known as a remix badman, and TDBZ/Dread Foxx both do a fair amount of remixing as opposed to pure original production. I think that may have just been the combination of selectors that night.

    Keep in mind that we’re blessed here in the SF bay area to have a vibrant dubstep scene where DJs can drop dubstep tunes all night and have a big crowd that’s down with it. In some other cities pop remixes are crucial to draw that crossover crowd, especially if you’re playing at an event that isn’t all dubstep.

    I’m going to try to post more video/audio content for shows in the future, so look here for a taste of the DJs selections before the show.

  6. nice meeting you friday, dude! also, you bring up such a valid point about us being blessed in sf to have such a thriving dubstep scene. love it out here.

    dread foxx was on point that night! babylon system killed it! ben and rashida sounded beautiful. too bad it rained! so typically san francisco.


  7. lots of love and energy from the SF crew! me and ted really enjoyed ourselves! big up you guys

  8. you guys are right about how blessed we are. the bay area is prime for great shows and i guess we sometimes take that for granted. by “we” i mean I. i had a blast for sure and danced it up till the wee hours. now that i think about it, i was just not accostomed to that particular flavor of mixing, but hey, to each his own. one love. DUBSTEP TO UNITE THE TRIBE!!!!

  9. I defo had the best time there in SF! Could tell everyone was having a great time when I was playing by the packed room! LOL!
    Hope to be out there again real soon you guys! Loved the SF vibe for sure!

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