Fixup with Subtek, Spacer and Kozee

Location: 222 Hyde (map & info)
Description: At the top of the bill, none other than original SF DUBSTEP pioneer, representing GRIME CITY, and pushing the sounds since DAY ZERO, the man called SUBTEK. For this event, we are proud to welcome SUBTEK as the newest FIXUP resident.

You might know him as preep from BLACKHEART, you might know him as sp4c3R, you might know him as the guy who yells louder than than the mc, you might not know him. Whatever the case, he is the chief swerving general of FIXUP.

Representing Badman Press, Circle Management, and FIXUP, among others, bad gyaal called KOZEE. If you aren\’t knowing about the one called KOZEE, you need to find out.

Date: 2009-01-13
Tickets: $5

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