The Redline Lazer Ball with Excision, Matty G, Ultraviolet, Blackheart, and more

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: Hard hitting dubstep courtesy Excision comes to wreck club six. This one\’s gonna be serious, not for the faint hearted. Big local support on the dubstep and bassline fronts.
Date: 2010-03-06
Tickets: $10-20

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  1. Dear Redline crew, I would Love if you could make your shows 20+…So tired of “raves”. I want to be at dubstep only shows, not electro with a dubstep room. Help a super large excision/datsik/redline fan out!

  2. makeout sessions?
    snf u ever think about doing and oldschool funk soul groove whater classic mix like idk maybe donald byrd :)or roy ayers…just a tha show and tha blog keep it up plz im addicted like its crack

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