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Ben Verse - Flip The Coin / Inhale (WHEELYDEALY005)

Up next on the review chopping-block is the latest from N-Type’s Wheel & Deal imprint in the form of the “Flip The Coin” / “Inhale” 12″ from Ben Verse, well known for his role as MC from the Pendulum crew. Coming as no surprise to anybody who has been following Pendulum for any period of time, you know these tunes are going to be bottom heavy, with a no-excuses dancefloor mindset.

The release opens up with the A-Side “Flip the Coin,” with a hauntingly sparse intro, that guides its way into a texture rich bass vibe. The tune breaks down with shrill airy atmospheres providing a unique balance to a powerfully simple and effective drum track. Subtle tails coming on the bassline before the drop in this one that carry the tune effectively as it reaches it’s build.

“Inhale” is a different journey; an intro of melodica mixed with the sound of infrequent inhalations guide the tune before being met with a tribal, dub guitar vibe. No big drops as the tune falls into it’s main theme with grace as opposed to brute force, that undeniably reinforces the depth of the track. “Inhale” contains a much busier and distinct percussion track when compared to it’s counterpart on this release, which in my opinion helps set the track apart quite a bit. The interplay between the dub elements of the guitar and vocal cuts on this track with the precision of the drum programming on this tune set a unique soundstage for the listener.

Ben Verse comes out striking a unique path with his first dubstep release, clearly so as N-Type wasted no time in being the ones to get this one in the hands of the international dubstep massive, is no doubt a unique accolade in itself. In all finer shops this week, be sure to pick this one up for your future sub explorations.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 016 03.01.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFThis one on the darker side of things for the first half and then into the light in the second bit.  New bits inside from Snipaz, FBOM, BetaSP & Mite, and more.  More technical issues on the outro of this one, sorry for the abrupt ending, but the good news that I think I’ve figured out the source :)  For those using USB soundcards, I wouldn’t recommend connecting them via a USB hub, or at least as cheap of a USB hub as I’m currently using  :)  Hopefully all worked out by next time.

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Distance - Beyond (Chestplate)
Furesshu - Horizons (forthcoming Project Squared)
Bridge - Reflekt (NE UK)
Instinct - Your Nobody
Kryptic Minds - 768 (Tectonic)
Gemmy - Wata Down Sound (Planet Mu)
Compound One - Perhaps the Darkness (Compound One)
TRG - Time is Now (Untold’s Jeep Riot Remix) (thanks to Immerse)
DJ SnipaZ - Groove Pool (forthcoming Bassclash)
EshOne - Toast Burned
Djunya - Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem!)
Vivek - Meditation Rock (Deep Medi)
Dub Gabriel vs U Roy - Luv n Liv (Timeblind Remix) (forthcoming Destroy All Concepts)
Sclist - Complicated (L2S)
Versa - Killah (Filthy Digital)
Selector Moldy - Pegasus Dub (Heavy Pressure)
Indigo - Levitate (Mindset)
Mosca - Square One (L-vis 1990 Remix)
Jack Sparrow - Torment (Tectonic)
Crispo & Miley - This Way (Dom Hz Remix)
XI - Light FM (Formant)
EshOne - Float
Furesshu - 1993 (forthcoming Project Squared)
Sepalcure - Love Pressure
Kingdom ft Shyvonne - Mind Reader (Bok Bok Remix) (Fool’s Gold)
Outlaw Producer - Nimbus
Unknown - On & On (Hotbiz)
Jack Dixon - Between Us
Jibberish - Panther Moderns
Fantastic Mr Fox - Brickabrac (Black Acre)
Eskmo - Lands & Bones (ft Swan) (Planet Mu)
FBOM - The Lady in Ten Forward
Djunya - Bura (Full Melt)
Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General (Ticklah Remix) (Liondub International)
Zookeeper & Helatrobus - Samsara (Full Melt)
BetaSP & Mite - Juggernaught
Kuedo - Starfox (Planet Mu)
Mayhem vs Distal - Frozen Barnacles
Sepalcure - Down
Echo Wanderer - Gham Dub (Full Melt)
Heny G - Soul is Born Through Pain (3.5 Records)
Bridge - Secret Assassin (NE UK)
Simple - Let It Sink
FBOM - Down Out side


The Future #5 with Flying Lotus, Kode9 & more

Location: The Mezzanine (map & info)
Description: If you missed this epic combination last time around at Mighty this is your chance. Brainfeeder head Flying Lotus comes with his alien hiphop to clash with Hyperdub head Kode 9 and his alien bass music. One for the aliens.
Date: 2010-03-27
Tickets: Limited advance starting at $16.50 at blasthaus.


Jahdan Blakkamoore with Kush Arora, DJ Theory and Lud Dub

Location: Rockit Room (map & info)
Description: Jahdan was here recently @ Dub Mission and it was an absolute roadblock. Inside the place was rammed and bubbling, absolutely excellent show. This time should be the same - big local support from Kush Arora, DJ Theory & Lud Dub.
Date: 2010-03-13
Tickets: $5 before 10, $10 after.



Distance - Menace / Beyond (CHST008)

There is no point in starting off this review with “Distance is back” because the reality is, despite his name, Greg Sanders is never far away from the action. Early already in 2010 we see the latest from Distance in the form of the latest 12″ from his Chestplate imprint featuring the two singles Menace and Beyond

The A-Side Menace opens up with the signature staccato Distance bassline that is arguably the producer’s signature sound, haunting over a far off drone before dropping into a groove that sounds closer to a groove from Pantera than current dubstep archetypes. To me however, this has always been Distance’s forte; an ability to create music that is hard on the dancefloor without being comically aggressive or without purpose.

On the flip side we have the aptly Beyond, exploring a deeper vibe than its dancefloor oriented flip-side. The intro teases a deep sub tone over precise and sharp percussion before  plunging the listener into a deep war-drum vibe. Beyond is exactly where this tune is headed, guaranteed to give an ample workout to any sound system. A contemplative breakdown resets the mood as the tune drops back into a deep familiar Distance groove.

As with any release from Distance, CHST008 is an essential addition for any casual listener, or DJ alike, another exceptional pair of tunes from one of the originators of the texture that is dubstep.

Be sure to buy a copy when it is available in your record store of choice, but until then enjoy the YouTube’s of both Menace and Beyond to whet your appetite.

Distance - Menace

Distance - Beyond


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 015 02.22.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFBig new tracks in this show from Jus Wan, Distal, Jack Dixon, Selector Moldy, Eprom, Joy Orbison and more.  Just getting around to posting it in time for the next episode this evening.  There’s a hiccup at about 75 minutes in when my computer decided to fail, just think of it as a prolonged rewind.  :)

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Jack Dixon - Between Us
Lauren Pritchard - Stuck (Guido Remix) (Piccadilly)
Submerse - So True (free online)
Jose James - Warrior (Jus Wan Remix) (forthcoming Brownswood)
Asusu - Taurean (Project Squared)
Eprom - Never (Surefire Sound)
Simple - Let It Sink
Mayhem vs Distal - Frozen Barnacles
L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (Baobinga & ID Remix) (Mad Decent)
DJ Pastek - Kromestar vs Killamu (free online)
Unknown - Tuff Africa (Erba)
DJG & XI - Putney Says (forthcoming Surefire)
Cosmic Revenge - Hurricane Blues
Daega Sound - Silver Dawn (forthcoming Formant)
Spatial - 90807 (Infrasonics)
Jakes & Joker - 3K Lane 1999 (free online)
Emalkay - Battle Suit (Storming Productions)
XI - Slippin (Immerse)
Furesshu - 1993 (forthcoming Project Squared)
Kryptic Minds - Badman (Swamp81)
Selector Moldy - Pegasus Dub (Heavy Pressure)
Mite - Chocolate Circuit (forthcoming Embassy)
Cairo - 7 Deadly Sins (free online)
Fantastic Mr Fox - Sketches (Black Acre)
Luthor - Waterfall (Haunted Audio)
Unknown - Gangsta Nuh Play (Erba)
Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick (Tempa)
Indigo - Fading (Mindset)
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow (Actress Remix) (Aus)
Volatil - Automind Pilot (DubKraft Romania)
Zeno & MC Zulu - DJ Machine
Pangaea - Why (Hessle)
Sepalcure - Takin You Back
Wedge and Aesoteric - Use Only As Directed (free online)
Aiton - Love For The Heads (Abucs)
Distal - No No No Yes Yes Yes
TMSV - Myth
Joy Orbison - So Derobe (Aus)
EshOne - When I’m Around
Daega Sound - SOS (Blipswitch)
Instinct - Your Nobody
Forsaken ft Ben Blackmore - Sagrada
Autopilot - Temporalysis (free online)
Sepalcure - Love Pressure
D1 - Mind and Soul (Tempa)