Distance - Menace / Beyond (CHST008)

There is no point in starting off this review with “Distance is back” because the reality is, despite his name, Greg Sanders is never far away from the action. Early already in 2010 we see the latest from Distance in the form of the latest 12″ from his Chestplate imprint featuring the two singles Menace and Beyond

The A-Side Menace opens up with the signature staccato Distance bassline that is arguably the producer’s signature sound, haunting over a far off drone before dropping into a groove that sounds closer to a groove from Pantera than current dubstep archetypes. To me however, this has always been Distance’s forte; an ability to create music that is hard on the dancefloor without being comically aggressive or without purpose.

On the flip side we have the aptly Beyond, exploring a deeper vibe than its dancefloor oriented flip-side. The intro teases a deep sub tone over precise and sharp percussion before  plunging the listener into a deep war-drum vibe. Beyond is exactly where this tune is headed, guaranteed to give an ample workout to any sound system. A contemplative breakdown resets the mood as the tune drops back into a deep familiar Distance groove.

As with any release from Distance, CHST008 is an essential addition for any casual listener, or DJ alike, another exceptional pair of tunes from one of the originators of the texture that is dubstep.

Be sure to buy a copy when it is available in your record store of choice, but until then enjoy the YouTube’s of both Menace and Beyond to whet your appetite.

Distance - Menace

Distance - Beyond

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