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Mite & Distal - Chocolate Circuit / Attempt At Yellow (EMB001)

EMB001For as many times as I’ve played both tracks on this release, I feel that I owe it a review; it has been a long time coming for these tunes to see the light of day and have the chance to make it into more people’s music collections and now because of the launch of the Embassy Recordings imprint through ST Holdings, this has become possible.

Read the full review online at shortstack : online


Kid Simple - Fresh Like EP on Double Drop (plus free Example remix!)

Kid Simple - Fresh Like EPSeattle’s Kid Simple first came on the scene in 2009 and continues to grow.  This release is his biggest yet, with DJ support from Starkey among others.  The first tune “Fresh Like” is a space-age but heavy tune with arpeggiators that sound like raindrops falling on the bassline.  This one works with the second tune “Where You Left VIP” to create a nice package.  Things turn dirty with the two remixes from Zeno and Kial, definitely worth listening to for people into the harder sounds in dubstep.  Along with this release, Double Drop and Kid Simple were kind enough to give out a remix of “Won’t Go Quietly” by Example, it’s large.  Sample these below and get on the download of this free remix.

Look for this one out tomorrow (or now on Juno) on Double Drop Recordings.  Serious!

Kid Simple - Fresh Like

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Kid Simple - Where You Left VIP

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Kid Simple - Fresh Like (Zeno Remix)

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Kid Simple - Fresh Like (Kial Remix)

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Example - Won’t Go Quietly (Kid Simple Remix) (Download)

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Eprom - Never with Falty DL remix on Surefire 001 (Free DL!)

Surefire Productions from San Francisco has been running a premier booking agency for some time (since 2006 I think), a monthly for around a year now, and is now launching the third dimension: the Surefire Sound label.  How does Surefire set it off you might ask?  The debut release comes from San Francisco producer Eprom who has been all over the musical map, producing quality Glitch, Dubstep, and more. SFS001 is out on vinyl now with digital coming in about a month.

To promote the release Surefire put out a free download of the title track.  The b-side is a remix by Falty DL which is equally good.

My favorite tracks tend to be the ones that fail to fit into any of the neat categories that exist in music.  “Never” by Eprom blends elements from UK funky, Garage, Dubstep, and music that belongs on the Tron soundtrack to produce an absolute dancefloor killer with a driving 4×4 beat offset by syncopated snares and a wobbly midrange synth.  Whatever this music is, I love it.

Eprom - Never

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Download (@ XLR8R).

Pick this one up:

BLEEP: … seid=23638
REDEYE: … 22381.html
CHEMICAL: … ack=SFS001


Get to know about Sepalcure

The music of Sepalcure aims to carve out a new sound in music - lovestep.  Praveen (Merck, Neo Ouija, and Machine Drum (Normrex, Merck) collaborate to produce the music of Sepalcure and they’ve got an album lined up that’s about to send shock waves through music.  I’m not sure about the lovestep moniker, but I am sure that these sounds are innovative, extremely well produced, and a pleasure to listen to.  It’s like caressing your eardrums with the petal of a California Poppy.

Now for some sounds along with live illustration.  The drawing in these videos comes from Sougwen Chung, a Brooklyn-based designer and illustrator for artwork used by Sepalcure (as above).  This art is in a class of its own as far as most art associated with music (especially dubstep) goes and the match between the designs and music is striking.

For more sounds visit, check out Praveen’s Lovestep mix vol 1 and vol 2, or listen to my radio shows on Dubstep.FM - I’ll be playing these for time.

Sepalcure - Feeling That I Know So Well from sougwen on Vimeo.

Sepalcure - Every Day of my Life from sougwen on Vimeo.


Dread Foxx Free Remix Pack (Q-Project, Remarc, Fugees, Doc Scott, Blackstreet)

Port Arthur, TX producer Dread Foxx just put up six bootleg remixes for free download via his Soundcloud and I thought I’d pass along the love.  Mr. Foxx is a big remixer and these hit hard, trust me.  Inside there’s remixes of classic dnb tunes, R&B, and rap.  Personally I’m all over the Champion Sound remix, the remix of DJ Zinc’s “Ready or Not” (Fugees on the original), Remarc’s RIP in a dubstep style and the sexy step vibes of the Blackstreet reworking.  I’ve linked all these below, for even more freebies visit his Soundcloud.

Dread Foxx & BMC - Dready or Not rework by DreadFoxx

Dread Foxx - Wot’s My Deadline , Champ by DreadFoxx

Dread Foxx - Remarc RIP RMX by DreadFoxx

Blackstreet - Before I Let You Go Refix by DreadFoxx


Blackboard Jungle Volume 2 ft Lee Perry and Jahdan Blakkamoore

With collaborators including the dub legend Lee Perry, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Subatomic Sound System and Dubblestandart you know it’s gonna be large.  I wrote a while ago about the first episode in this collaboration and a video documenting the evolution of dub to dubstep and this is the second chapter.  This one’s been out for a bit but Subatomic recently made one of the tracks available for free download and I gotta pass that along.  The second volume of Blackboard Jungle is a dutty dubstep refix of the original available in three versions on the release.  Plus, the cover art is based on the classic Upsetters album “Super Ape” which is legendary.

If you’re in the bay area check out the release party for this one this Sunday the 14th at Dub Mission.  Rest of the world, click below to download the radio edit of this beast of a tune.

Blackboard Jungle Vol.2: Respect My Shit (Dubplate Radio Edit) w. Jahdan & Lee Perry by SubatomicSound


Dub Gabriel ft U-Roy plus FREE Ming vs Subatomic Sound System Remix

Dub Gabriel just collaborated with the toasting legend U-Roy to produce this dubwise tune Luv n’Liv.  Conscious lyrics flow over a futuristic dubwise beat on this one taking dub in a whole new direction.  Then come a whole host of remixes from Ming (of Ming & FS) vs Subatomic Sound, Timeblind, Lloop and the Dub Gabriel Roots Rewind remix.  The Ming vs Subatomic remix is free for DL if you just click the button on the widget below.  All these mixes are nice but I gotta put my money on the Timeblind one.  Big release.
This one out March 9 on Destroy All Concepts.  Keep a look out.

Dub Gabriel feat. U Roy- Luv n’ Liv & Remixes-Out 3/9/10 by DESTROY ALL CONCEPTS


Different 140 BPM styles from Sunglasses and M.I. Loki

I’m always trying to explore new sorts of music.  This has always been the most interesting music to me, the leading edge, the new new.  Today I’ve got a couple videos that are totally off in space, not sure what this music even is or if I care to label it something.  These tunes are all near 140bpm, pretty bass heavy and electronic so I thought it’s worth seeing what people think.

First up, coming from Savannah, GA is Sunglasses with the tune “Whiplash.”  The video is really whimsical and definitely makes me chuckle.  This is the first in a new direction for Sunglasses, so if you’re feeling it let them know at their myspace or over at the dubstepforum.

The second tune comes from M.I. Loki out of Sheffield, UK who mutates the Temptations “Just My Imagination” into something completely different.  Again, not even sure what this music is.  It’s like Sean Kingston vs Vex’d.  Really catchy beat on this one, and the video is damn well produced.  Check it out, and hit up M.I. Loki at Myspace or Facebook.


Severe earthquake strikes Haiti - Please consider donating money

I never write about political things on this blog but there are some events that are of such significance that they are exceptions.  The recent earthquake in Haiti is an example of this, something which transgresses regional, national, or partisan political boundaries and demands urgent action.  I will not use this blog as a platform to campaign for any particular ideology, but natural disasters of this severity command my attention and support.

As many of you know, last night Haiti was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter about ten miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, the capital city.  This earthquake is the largest in Haiti in over 200 years.  Haiti has always been fragile politically and economically and this disaster may be too severe for the infrastructure of the country to deal with.  A number of calls for international aid have been made, and I encourage you to consider if you can part with a small amount of money ($10, 25, 50 dollars) to contribute to the Red Cross’s (or others) efforts in the area.  Note that many of these donations are tax deductible.

Organizations in need of help:

The UN’s World Food Programme (already dispatched in Haiti)

A White House Press Release on the topic (including links to the Red Cross):

Doctors Without Borders

The Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

I won’t belabor this point with any of the incredibly shocking images circulating about the internet, but consider the map below showing affected populations.  There are over 2 million people within 20 km of the epicenter, a large fraction of which are now homeless, injured, or both.

Also consider this quote from the President of Haiti:

“Parliament has collapsed. The tax office has collapsed.
Schools have collapsed. Hospitals have collapsed.”
— President René Préval of Haiti

Now more than ever is an excellent time to donate to aid organizations.

A map of affected populations in Haiti (click for larger version):
Affected Population in Haiti


Shortstack in the area

It’s been 10 months since I started Dubstepped it’s been a hell of a lot of fun.  Now for some growth.  I’m ridiculously happy to welcome the addition of a new writer, DJ Shortstack (Atlanta Dubstep, Dubstep.FM, Heat Promotions) out of Atlanta.  Shortstack brings a second perspective on dubstep and trust me when I say that he’s got some big posts coming up here.  Catch him playing out in the Atlanta area and other spots.

Shortstack recently recorded a set he played at Tuff Tuesdays in Atlanta, this is probably the best introduction I could give:

Tuff Mix by shortstack


6Blocc - Tru Love
Pinch - Punisher (Loefah’s SE25 Remix)
TRG - Hoods Up
Skream - What Did He Say?
Luthor - Cabin Pressure
Skream - Shake It
Distance - Clockwork
Kromestar - Off Da Hook
16Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix)
Scuba - Thank U
Youngsta & Seven - Masai Mara

Connect with shortstack: