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Ben Verse - Flip The Coin / Inhale (WHEELYDEALY005)

Up next on the review chopping-block is the latest from N-Type’s Wheel & Deal imprint in the form of the “Flip The Coin” / “Inhale” 12″ from Ben Verse, well known for his role as MC from the Pendulum crew. Coming as no surprise to anybody who has been following Pendulum for any period of time, you know these tunes are going to be bottom heavy, with a no-excuses dancefloor mindset.

The release opens up with the A-Side “Flip the Coin,” with a hauntingly sparse intro, that guides its way into a texture rich bass vibe. The tune breaks down with shrill airy atmospheres providing a unique balance to a powerfully simple and effective drum track. Subtle tails coming on the bassline before the drop in this one that carry the tune effectively as it reaches it’s build.

“Inhale” is a different journey; an intro of melodica mixed with the sound of infrequent inhalations guide the tune before being met with a tribal, dub guitar vibe. No big drops as the tune falls into it’s main theme with grace as opposed to brute force, that undeniably reinforces the depth of the track. “Inhale” contains a much busier and distinct percussion track when compared to it’s counterpart on this release, which in my opinion helps set the track apart quite a bit. The interplay between the dub elements of the guitar and vocal cuts on this track with the precision of the drum programming on this tune set a unique soundstage for the listener.

Ben Verse comes out striking a unique path with his first dubstep release, clearly so as N-Type wasted no time in being the ones to get this one in the hands of the international dubstep massive, is no doubt a unique accolade in itself. In all finer shops this week, be sure to pick this one up for your future sub explorations.


Incyde podcast for Dub War

Big mix out this week from Incyde, a resident at Dub War in NYC.  He’s also linked up with Hotflush so this mix is packed with forthcoming releases.  I’m personally really into the tunes from Asusu, FaltyDL, XI, Djunya, Distance, and the whole mix to be honest.  Exquisite selection on this one.

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01. Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Manifold [Rephlex]
02. Al Tourettes - The Next Meal [forthcoming If Symptoms Persist]
03. Asusu - No Kya [dub]
04. XI - Slippin [forthcoming Immerse]
05. Pangaea - Neurons [Hessle Audio]
06. F - Forever [forthcoming 7EVEN]
07. Scuba - Three Sided Shape [forthcoming Hotflush]
08. Ben Verse - Inhale [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
09. F - Spacewalker [forthcoming 7EVEN]
10. FaltyDL - Body Down Mark [dub]
11. Sepalcure - Down [dub]
12. XI - Superwhatever (Incyde VIP) [dub]
13. Incyde - Station [dub]
14. Djunya - On The Verge [dub]
15. Al Tourettes - When I Rest, I Rust [forthcoming If Symptoms Persist]
16. Badawi - Lost Highway (Headhunter Remix) [forthcoming The Index]
17. Distance - Beyond [forthcoming Chestplate]
18. Ben Verse - Flip The Coin [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
19. Seven & Elvee - Breakdown [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
20. Compound One - Perhaps The Darkness [Compound One]
21. F - Funk Injection [forthcoming 7EVEN]
22. EPROM - Never [forthcoming Surefire Sound]
23. Scuba - You Got Me [forthcoming Hotflush]
24. Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip [Punch Drunk]
25. Dopplereffekt - Compactification [Rephlex]