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Distal - March Studio Mix

Distal - March Studio MixDistal is always pushing the boundaries of sounds people use from synthesizers (and samples) and consequently this mix is almost opposite to the sounds in the recent mix from The Spit Brothers.  Alien noises will keep your mind wandering over dance-inducing rhythms.  Definitely loads of big tracks inside this mix.  Look out for Distal come 2010, already with 3 releases out on Rogue Dubs, Car Crash Set and Embassy.  Distance recently dropped his tune “Space Graffiti” on Rinse.FM, Julio Bashmore featured “Notlanta” on his mix for Mary Anne Hobbs, and other like-minded selectors have been pushing this sound.  Futurism.

If you want more info on Distal, check out interviews from me and over at bassfaced.

DISTAL - STUDIO MIX MAR 2010 (new DL link in comments) by Distal

Download this mix.


01. - Domu - Take Control (2000)
02. - DISTAL - Grape Donut
03. - Cosmic Revenge - Psychic
04. - Rudy Currence - Christmas Card (Buckmaster Love Dub)
05. - DISTAL - Love a la Venturo
06. - DISTAL - No No No Yes Yes Yes
07. - Dubbel Dutch - Jumpin’ n Bumpin’
08. - Kingdom - You
09. - DISTAL - Tortelli’s Slave
10. - DISTAL - Android Tourism
11. - J. Courage - Clashback (BetaSP Remix)
12. - DIStAL - Oldboyman
13. - XI - Vacuum
14. - Mosca - Square One (Bok Bok Rmx)
15. - Mayhem & DISTAL - Frozen Barancles
16. - Mensah - 1986 was the future
17. - Egyptrixx - Hexagon Yo
18. - DISTAL - Notlanta
19. - Julio Bashmore - Restless
20. - The Milkman - Shades (DISTAL rmx)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 016 03.01.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFThis one on the darker side of things for the first half and then into the light in the second bit.  New bits inside from Snipaz, FBOM, BetaSP & Mite, and more.  More technical issues on the outro of this one, sorry for the abrupt ending, but the good news that I think I’ve figured out the source :)  For those using USB soundcards, I wouldn’t recommend connecting them via a USB hub, or at least as cheap of a USB hub as I’m currently using  :)  Hopefully all worked out by next time.

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Distance - Beyond (Chestplate)
Furesshu - Horizons (forthcoming Project Squared)
Bridge - Reflekt (NE UK)
Instinct - Your Nobody
Kryptic Minds - 768 (Tectonic)
Gemmy - Wata Down Sound (Planet Mu)
Compound One - Perhaps the Darkness (Compound One)
TRG - Time is Now (Untold’s Jeep Riot Remix) (thanks to Immerse)
DJ SnipaZ - Groove Pool (forthcoming Bassclash)
EshOne - Toast Burned
Djunya - Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem!)
Vivek - Meditation Rock (Deep Medi)
Dub Gabriel vs U Roy - Luv n Liv (Timeblind Remix) (forthcoming Destroy All Concepts)
Sclist - Complicated (L2S)
Versa - Killah (Filthy Digital)
Selector Moldy - Pegasus Dub (Heavy Pressure)
Indigo - Levitate (Mindset)
Mosca - Square One (L-vis 1990 Remix)
Jack Sparrow - Torment (Tectonic)
Crispo & Miley - This Way (Dom Hz Remix)
XI - Light FM (Formant)
EshOne - Float
Furesshu - 1993 (forthcoming Project Squared)
Sepalcure - Love Pressure
Kingdom ft Shyvonne - Mind Reader (Bok Bok Remix) (Fool’s Gold)
Outlaw Producer - Nimbus
Unknown - On & On (Hotbiz)
Jack Dixon - Between Us
Jibberish - Panther Moderns
Fantastic Mr Fox - Brickabrac (Black Acre)
Eskmo - Lands & Bones (ft Swan) (Planet Mu)
FBOM - The Lady in Ten Forward
Djunya - Bura (Full Melt)
Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General (Ticklah Remix) (Liondub International)
Zookeeper & Helatrobus - Samsara (Full Melt)
BetaSP & Mite - Juggernaught
Kuedo - Starfox (Planet Mu)
Mayhem vs Distal - Frozen Barnacles
Sepalcure - Down
Echo Wanderer - Gham Dub (Full Melt)
Heny G - Soul is Born Through Pain (3.5 Records)
Bridge - Secret Assassin (NE UK)
Simple - Let It Sink
FBOM - Down Out side


Distance - Menace / Beyond (CHST008)

There is no point in starting off this review with “Distance is back” because the reality is, despite his name, Greg Sanders is never far away from the action. Early already in 2010 we see the latest from Distance in the form of the latest 12″ from his Chestplate imprint featuring the two singles Menace and Beyond

The A-Side Menace opens up with the signature staccato Distance bassline that is arguably the producer’s signature sound, haunting over a far off drone before dropping into a groove that sounds closer to a groove from Pantera than current dubstep archetypes. To me however, this has always been Distance’s forte; an ability to create music that is hard on the dancefloor without being comically aggressive or without purpose.

On the flip side we have the aptly Beyond, exploring a deeper vibe than its dancefloor oriented flip-side. The intro teases a deep sub tone over precise and sharp percussion before  plunging the listener into a deep war-drum vibe. Beyond is exactly where this tune is headed, guaranteed to give an ample workout to any sound system. A contemplative breakdown resets the mood as the tune drops back into a deep familiar Distance groove.

As with any release from Distance, CHST008 is an essential addition for any casual listener, or DJ alike, another exceptional pair of tunes from one of the originators of the texture that is dubstep.

Be sure to buy a copy when it is available in your record store of choice, but until then enjoy the YouTube’s of both Menace and Beyond to whet your appetite.

Distance - Menace

Distance - Beyond


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 012 02.01.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFBit of darkness in this show.  Mini reggae session with new tunes from Dub Gabriel, Rob Smith & 6blocc vs Pacheko, samplers of the forthcoming ID & Baobinga album, brand new material from Jack Dixon, Rumblejazz, Zeno, EshOne, Daega Sound, and loads of fresh releases.   Every week, Mondays @ 6pm PST Dubstep.FM is the place to be.

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Jack Dixon - Somebody Said They Saw You (unreleased)
ID & Baobinga - Hush Up Riddim (forthcoming)
Bukkha - Armageddon (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
Dub Gabriel vs U Roy - Luv n’ Liv (Timeblind Remix) (forthcoming Destroy All Concepts)
Rob Smith ft Gaddiel - Living In Unity (Unearthed)
Pinch - One Blood One Source (Distance Remix) (Tectonic)
Subatomic Sound System & Dubblestandart vs Lee Perry & Jahdan Blakkamoore - Respect My Shit (Subatomic Sound)
Pacheko - Lockdown (6blocc Refix) (Seclusiasis)
MA1 - I’m Right Here (N-Type Remix) (free online)
Kid Simple - Fresh Like (Zeno Remix) (forthcoming Double Drop)
Desto - Wizard of Wor (Noppa)
Destiny’s Child - Bills (Harmonimix) (whitelabel)
Desto - Cold VIP (Noppa)
Jack Dixon - We Had A Better Life (unreleased)
Mark K B - Panic Attack (Rumblejazz Remix) (unreleased)
Geiom - Classic Rewinds (Double Science)
F - Energy Distortion (Untold Remix) (7even)
EshOne - Toast Burned (unreleased)
Zomby - The Lie (Ramp)
Desto - Dark Matter (Noppa)
ID & Baobinga - Inland (forthcoming)
EchoWanderer - Eruption Dub (Rogue Dubs)
Rozanski - Internet Millionaires Club (unreleased)
Tribal - Super Ambient Audio (unreleased)
MNUVR ft Werd2Jah - Afternoon Dubs VIP (unreleased)
ID & Baobinga - Still Tippin (forthcoming)
Loefah - It’s Yours (Ringo)
Aiton - Lovers Dub (Abucs)
Daega Sound - Silver Dawn (forthcoming Formant)
F - Energy Distortion (7even)
RX - Fire Flies (Subdepth)
SubReachers - From Point A to B (unreleased)
Pangaea - Why (Hessle)
DJ Rupture and Matt Shadetek - Under Water High Rise (The Agriculture)
Hyetal & Shortstuff - Ice Cream (Punch Drunk)
Swarms - Hypnotize (unreleased)
Forsaken ft Ben Blackmore - Calles Traseras (unreleased)
Pangaea - Neurons (Hessle)
Martin Kemp - Aztec (Blunted Robots)
Mr. Gasparov - Singularity (unreleased)
Daega Sound - Kane’s Son (Blipswitch)
Versa - Killah (Filthy Digital)
The Widder - Go Ask Alice (unreleased)
MusSck - The Town Made Of Clouds (Daly City Records)


Incyde podcast for Dub War

Big mix out this week from Incyde, a resident at Dub War in NYC.  He’s also linked up with Hotflush so this mix is packed with forthcoming releases.  I’m personally really into the tunes from Asusu, FaltyDL, XI, Djunya, Distance, and the whole mix to be honest.  Exquisite selection on this one.

Stream it here:

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01. Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Manifold [Rephlex]
02. Al Tourettes - The Next Meal [forthcoming If Symptoms Persist]
03. Asusu - No Kya [dub]
04. XI - Slippin [forthcoming Immerse]
05. Pangaea - Neurons [Hessle Audio]
06. F - Forever [forthcoming 7EVEN]
07. Scuba - Three Sided Shape [forthcoming Hotflush]
08. Ben Verse - Inhale [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
09. F - Spacewalker [forthcoming 7EVEN]
10. FaltyDL - Body Down Mark [dub]
11. Sepalcure - Down [dub]
12. XI - Superwhatever (Incyde VIP) [dub]
13. Incyde - Station [dub]
14. Djunya - On The Verge [dub]
15. Al Tourettes - When I Rest, I Rust [forthcoming If Symptoms Persist]
16. Badawi - Lost Highway (Headhunter Remix) [forthcoming The Index]
17. Distance - Beyond [forthcoming Chestplate]
18. Ben Verse - Flip The Coin [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
19. Seven & Elvee - Breakdown [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
20. Compound One - Perhaps The Darkness [Compound One]
21. F - Funk Injection [forthcoming 7EVEN]
22. EPROM - Never [forthcoming Surefire Sound]
23. Scuba - You Got Me [forthcoming Hotflush]
24. Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip [Punch Drunk]
25. Dopplereffekt - Compactification [Rephlex]


Shortstack in the area

It’s been 10 months since I started Dubstepped it’s been a hell of a lot of fun.  Now for some growth.  I’m ridiculously happy to welcome the addition of a new writer, DJ Shortstack (Atlanta Dubstep, Dubstep.FM, Heat Promotions) out of Atlanta.  Shortstack brings a second perspective on dubstep and trust me when I say that he’s got some big posts coming up here.  Catch him playing out in the Atlanta area and other spots.

Shortstack recently recorded a set he played at Tuff Tuesdays in Atlanta, this is probably the best introduction I could give:

Tuff Mix by shortstack


6Blocc - Tru Love
Pinch - Punisher (Loefah’s SE25 Remix)
TRG - Hoods Up
Skream - What Did He Say?
Luthor - Cabin Pressure
Skream - Shake It
Distance - Clockwork
Kromestar - Off Da Hook
16Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix)
Scuba - Thank U
Youngsta & Seven - Masai Mara

Connect with shortstack:


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 004 11.30.09 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin Into TomorrowThere’s so much music that comes out in dubstep that it’s deadly difficult to even begin to select tracks!  Because of this I went 30 minutes overtime this show, just too many tunes to play.  New to this episode is a forthcoming release by Jus Wan on Tube10, two tracks from KingThing destined for release, two tracks off Sines’ new EP on L2S Recordings, two off Pinch’s Get Up remix EP just out, and much much more.  To the tunes:


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Tracklist (64 tracks, 2h 35min):

Pinch - One Blood One Source (Distance Remix) (Tectonic)
Kromestar - Inside (Dubstar)
Jus Wan - Dreamin (forthcoming Tube10)
Deepchild - Wannado (Gravious Remix) (Sub Continental Dub)
DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage Unspecified Remix) (Blackbox)
Luke Envoy - Feel Red (Stretched)
Shortstuff - Stuff (Ramp)
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix) (Tempa)
Peverelist - Jarvik Mindstate (Punch Drunk)
Cluekid - Shifty (Earwax)
Gemmy - Wata Down Sound (Planet Mu)
Pinch - Get Up (RSD Remix) (Tectonic)
Headhunter - Sex at the Prom (Tempa)
Synkro - Connected (Synkro)
NAT - Black Widow (Ill Boding Remix) (Bass Punch)
Freeland - Wish I Was Here (TRG Remix) (Marine Parade)
KingThing - Beuno (forthcoming ??)
Littlefoot and Dawntreader - Dreamin of U (Night Audio)
Sines - Still Foolish (L2S Recordings)
Sines - Tenderoni (L2S Recordings)
Cosmic Revenge - Cold Hearted (unreleased)
Pulsar - Splash (unreleased)
Geiom - No More Tears (Berkane Sol)
Peverelist - Bluez (Punch Drunk)
LD - Traumatic Times (Hyperdub)
Mark Pritchard & Ommas Keith - Wind It Up (Hyperdub)
Zomby - Expert Tuition (Ramp)
Spatial - 90807 (Infrasonics)
Planetary Assault Systems - X Speaks to X (Al Tourettes and Appleblim Remix) (Ostgut Ton)
Taz Buckfaster - 20 Red (Rwina)
Clouds - Elders (Wadadda Remix) (Jahtari)
Kromestar - The Buddha (Dubstar)
JazzyJazzy - Loved and Lost (??)
Quest - The Unknown (Deep Medi)
Silkie - Planet X (Deep Medi)
ID and Skinnz - The Blues (Mata Syn)
Wachs Lyrical - Ranger (forthcoming Double Drop)
Distance - Clockwork (Tectonic)
Demon and Versa - Drifter (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
Numan - 7th Key (Wicky Lindows)
Silverlink ft Badness and Jammer - The Message Is Love (Starkey Remix) (No Hats No Hoods)
NastyNasty - The Reef (Frite Nite)
Guido - Chakra (Punch Drunk)
KingThing - Flutter (forthcoming L2S Recordings)
Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) (Domino)
FBOM - Up (unreleased)
Submerse - 94 (Night Audio)
Ramadanman and Appleblim - Justify (Apple Pips)
Untold - I can’t Stop This Feeling (Pangaea Remix) (Hemlock)
FBOM - Like You Did For Me (unreleased)
HxdB - Sunburst (Echodub)
DJG & XI - Putney Says (forthcoming Surefire Sound)
Joy Orbison - J. Doe (Doldrums)
Von D - Berlin Call (forthcoming Argon)
Hektagon - Inside the Tube (Freakz of Nature)
Instra:Mental - Forbidden (Apple Pips)
Bakir and Dubsworth - Beg to Differ (unreleased)
Hyetal - Gold or Soul (Soul Motive)
Scuba - Negative (Naked Lunch)
Dom Hz - Missile (Subdepth)
Pinch - Get Up (Guido Remix) (Tectonic)
Untold - Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix) (Hemlock)
Mount Kimbie - Sketch on Glass (Hotflush)
King Midas Sound - Earth a Kill Ya (Hyperdub)


15th Annual Freaker’s Ball with Distance, Freq Nasty, RSD, Mimosa, Mochipet, and many more

Title: 15th Annual Freaker’s Ball with Distance, Freq Nasty, RSD, Mimosa, Mochipet, and many more
Location: Lupin Lodge (map & info)
Description: 15th ANNUAL FREAKER’s BALL HALOWEEN Costume party

We have been behind the scenes diligently putting together quite possibly the finest underground Freak Fest imaginable!

We will be gathering this year on Friday October 30th through Sunday November 1st

Music begins on the 30th and continues until Sunday night @ 10pm

We will be celebrating this year at Lupin Lodge, a 100 acre clothing-optional retreat center with indoor and outdoor stages, hot tubs, heated pool, saunas and camping. This beautiful and serene setting is 25minutes from Santa Cruz and 1 hour from San Francisco. Due to the nature of the location, everyone will be required to register with the Lupin office. Registration forms and info are available ahead of time on the raindance website.

This is an 18+ event.

Funktion One Sound for your ecstatic listening pleasure
Boogie Brunch w/ bottomless (and topless) mimosas
Day of the Dead celebration on Sunday
The infamous annual costume contest - not to be missed!
Mad tea party
Halloween Performances
and much much more!
Options for Passes

Freq Nasty - The one and only


Megasoid - Turbocrunk (Montreal, CA)
Claude Von Stroke (Dirty Bird)
Beats Antique (Tribal Gypsy Crunk)
RSD (of Smith and Mighty fame)
Free The Robots (Live)
MiMoSA (Muti Music)
Marty Party (Panty Raid)
Mochipet (Daly City Records)

An-Ten-Nae (ACID CRUNK, Get Freaky)
Aaron Jae (Evil Brakes, Space Cowboys)
JPhlip (Dirty Bird)
Kitty - D (Beat Church)
Heyoka (Muti)
Hypnotech (Addictech)
The Flying Skulls (Lo Pro, Symbiosis)
Shawna (El Circo)
Timonkey (Muti Music)
Stridah (Nexus)
Lotus Drops
Tony In Orbit (Symbiosis)
Ryan J vs LB vs Konfusion (S.C. Dubstep)
Chlorophil (Six Degrees Records)
Cool Hand Luke (Dub Set)
Nanda (Muti Music)
Tom LG (all 45 funk soul set)
Dirtgirl Tracy
Evinrude (Downtempo set)
Geno Cochino


Mozaic (Raindance, Glimmer of Dope)
Brother (Raindance)
Little John(Raindance)
Digital Honey (Raindance)
Rob Monroy (Raindance)
Dub Pirates (Raindance)
Rastatronics (Raindance, Subwize)

And more!

3-Day Passes
Friday - 12noon - Sun 10pm:
$60 Early Bird (limited number)
$75 pre-sales
$80@ the gate

2-Day Passes
Saturday 12noon - Sun 10pm
$50 pre-sales
$60 @ the gate

Buy Passes @
Passes also available at:
Distractions in SF (1552 Haight St) and Streetlight Records in SC (939 Pacific Ave.)
$10 parking fee per car - (please carpool, limited on-site parking)
Once parking is full, a shuttle will be provided from a nearby parking lot.
This is a leave no trace event - pack out your trash. Thank you!

Official Site:


Sam Supa - Dub Machine (Exclusive Mix)

Sam Supa (Brapdem, Grime City, Surefire) described this mix as “a true spectrum of all the Dubstep I play and what is good in music right now” and I have to agree.  Straight out the gates it’s serious with Wachs Lyrical’s “Fear VIP,” but that’s just a foreshadowing of what’s to come as it fades into deeper tunes.  Constantly through the mix Sam is taking you on a journey, in and out of darkness, showcasing various vibes in dance music.  This to me is what makes a good mix, flexing all aspects of music to produce something that cycles in and out of intensity.  I was thinking about this at the recent “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass” festival here in San Francisco where the musicians also used mellow, sparse introductions juxtaposed with more beat-heavy danceable sections to get people in the groove.  I feel like this is fundamental to well-executed dance music and this mix is a very good example.

Highlights of this for me are the intro from Wachs Lyrical, the DJG collaborations with XI and Headhunter, Eprom’s robotic glitchy track “Humanoid,” Eskmo’s bit off the Hypercolor EP (look for more from him soon on Planet Mu), Zeno’s fresh track and a Brapdem signing “Lazer Wolf 2010,” Djunya’s metallic, primal dancehall killer “Full Circle,” and Kozee’s 20,000 leagues deep tune “Sugar Loaf.”  After Kozee comes James Blake’s “Air & Lack Thereof” and this may be the best blend into the track I’ve ever heard, perfect example of going from one vibe to another seamlessly.

Featured in this mix is Skulltrane’s “This One Called Dub,” recently out on MalLabel.  They also distributed a couple free MP3s with this release, fans of the dirty sound should check these out:

Skulltrane - This One Called Dub (HD4000 Remix)

Skulltrane - Mirror Elements

Now for the audio:

Sam Supa - Dub Machine


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


1. Fear VIP - Wachs Lyrical - DUBSAW
2. Synchopath - Dub Fiend - DUB
3. Better With You - DJ Madd - BOKA
4. Putney Says - DJG & XI  - forthcoming SUREFIRE SOUND
5. Dark Entity - Wachs Lyrical  - DUBSAW
6. Twilight - Distance - forthcoming CHESTPLATE
7. Justice - Jakes - forthcoming SIN CITY
8. Guitar Hero - Skream - forthcoming SIN CITY
9. Humanoid - Eprom  - DUB
10. Grit Your Teeth - Kutz  -DUB
11. Pump Action - Chimpo - forthcoming SIN CITY
12. Kamikaze - Antiserum & No Thing  - DUB
13. Dream I’m Flying - Eskmo - ANCESTOR
14. Lazer Wolf 2010 - Zeno - forthcoming BRAP DEM RECORDINGS
15. Work That Box - Jay Bird - KRAKEN
16. Torso - NTRLD & Measure D - DUB
17. This One Called Dub - Skulltrane - MALLABEL MUSIC
18. Under Mi Sensi - 6Blocc & Dread Fox - DUB
19. Friend - Natty King and RedBud (Kush Aurora Remix) - DUB
20. Dub King Killah - Earlyworm (Roommate Remix) - VOLTAGE
21. Dub Spot Riddim - Zed Bias - SIDESTEPPER RECORDINGS
22. Full Circle - Djunya - forthcoming BRAP DEM RECORDINGS
23. How To Move - Sharmaji  - DUB
24. Spacecake - DJG & Headhunter - forthcoming WHEEL & DEAL
25. Sugar Loaf - Kozee - forthcoming BADMAN PRESS
26. Air Lack Thereof - James Blake -  HEMLOCK RECORDINGS
27. Free Me - Matt-U  - SCUM RECORDINGS
28. Bad - L.D. - HYPERDUB



Distance, XI, and Antiserum with MC Duh (Surefire)

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Oh gosh. This one is gonna be major. Last surefire with L-Wiz and Appleblim went off, this one sure to also. Distance said on his most recent show that he’s gonna throw down a roots of dubstep set for half his time slot, not to be missed.
Date: 2009-06-20
Tickets: $7 before 11, $10 after