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Filthy Digital Spring Promo Mix by (dub)A-Tak and Violet Gray

A fresh mix today from DJs A-Tak and Violet Gray both of Los Angeles.  It’s a promo mix for the Denver, CO based label Filthy Digital and it’s just that - filthy.  This one’s in the same vein as the recent Tuff Love Dubs Promo EP and is strictly for those looking for the dirty side of dubstep. Headbangers unite.
Check the tracklist:

01// Creation _-_ Mkultra (c0ma rmx) [forthcoming Filthy]
02// Sickstep Rewind _-_ Syanide [forthcoming Filthy]
03// Depleted Uranium _-_ Pure Phase [forthcoming Filthy]
04// Undecided _-_ Adam John [forthcoming Filthy]
05// Bad Roaches _-_ Dubsoldiers [forthcoming Filthy]
06// 6 Million Wayz _-_ Downlink [FilthyDigital EP002]
07// Top Secret Redux _-_ Mkultra [forthcoming Filthy]
08// Android _-_ Minus [forthcoming Filthy]
09// Dirty Faces _-_ Mkultra [forthcoming Filthy]
10// SmogCheck _-_ Jsuave [FilthyDigital009]
11// Prophecy _-_ Adam John [forthcoming Filthy]
12// Badboy _-_ Depone [forthcoming Filthy]
13// Soundboy Killer _-_ HD4000 [FilthyDigital EP002]
14// BodyShokka _-_ Konscious [forthcoming Filthy]
15// Toledo _-_ Ceeker [forthcoming Filthy]
16// Spray Can _-_ Macabre Unit [forthcoming Filthy]
17// Alien Girl _-_ Ed Rush & Optical (Depone Remix) [Filthy Dub]
18// Jupiter _-_ Blackheart [forthcoming Brap Dem]
19// Cock Back & Blast _-_ Fused Forces [FilthyDigital EP004]
20// Ritual _-_ Ceeker [forthcoming Filthy]

Stream it below, download it off the soundcloud link, or download it via sendspace.