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Ricky Switch presents the DubRap mixtape ft Sky-I, Starski, and more

Dub Rap FrontDub Rap Back
Ricky Switch, Pimp Hop Records, and a host of MCs from the Bay Area and beyond present Dub Rap volume 1, a hype and diverse mixtape of dubstep and glitch beats with MCs on the track.  Styles are diverse including autotuned flows, screwed & chopped cuts, glitched out beats and ragga MCs.  This one’s a guaranteed party rocker with an excellent job by the MCs over a killer selection of dubstep beats. Get it for free at  Highlights for me include Fed the Thief, Fever, Monster, Chains, Wide Open, Big Up, and Yes I’m Back, and for the top two I’d have to go with Rankin Scroo on My Trees and Dub Life. Stream it here:
They say in the intro jungle or dubstep is the only natural progression for hiphop, I’m not sure it’s the only one but I think the sound has been moving in that direction for a while. Some examples here from J. Dilla:

Here’s the official summary of the mixtape:

Over a year in the making, countless hours logged, blood, sweat, and tears poured into it, and it’s day has finally arrived, Enter: Dub Rap. This new genre of music has been defined and developed thru the making of DJ Ricky Switch’s newest mixtape: Dub Rap Volume1, featuring One Drop. Put your seat belts on it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but if your ears are ready to hear the future of music, stay tuned….Rewind four years prior, to a remote island off the north coast of Ireland where a young, but seasoned DrumNBass DJ named Ricky Switch was first being being exposed to wobble basslines, boom bap slaps, and a whole new sound of music which he soon found himself engulfed in, Dubstep. Shortly after, Ricky packed his bags and moved out to California, the San Francisco Bay Area to be exact. He found his way DJ’ing the few Dubstep and DnB shows that he could find, and doing so he also became involved in the local hip hop scene, where he joined the underground rap group Distant Relatives. In due course, he would share a studio with local Bay Area Rapper Starski, and while Ricky would be bumping dubstep dj sets in one room, Starski and his crew were knocking out raps in the other. It was only a matter of time before peanut butter met the chocolate and Reese’s Pieces was made, or as they call it Dub Rap.

During the process of working on the mixtape, they created a marriage the authentic sounds of UK Dubstep music and hardcore underground bay area MC’s and singers. Instantly, the artists became fully engrossed in the sounds and space that Dubstep offers a vocalist and found many ways to deliver their art form. Over 50 tracks were recorded in a year’s time, and only about half of them made it to the mixtape (respect to the ones that didn’t). The Dub Rap sound that came out of this experience is an intense mix of otherworldly sounds courtesy of UK Dubstep rhythms, and the future of bay area and worldwide hip hop music.

This project was done with much praise and respect given to the originators of Dubstep, and the producers who made the music that made this mix possible. It’s aimed at giving the genre another avenue to allow it to grow and to expose more people to it’s undeniable sound and originality. The core artists (the mcs/ singers) involved have no doubts that they will continue to work within this medium of art to allow their creative juices to flourish and expand on an ever broadening horizon of Dubstep visions. Their is no question that the genre of “Dubrap” will catch on with other artists the world over, and allow rappers and singers alike to grow into the next millennium of audio murder: Dubstep and now Dubrap.


Antiserum, Bakir, and Dubsworth EP on Dubs Alive

Dubsalive - Click for full artThis EP is the first release on San Francisco based Dubs Alive Records - DAV001. It features Antiserum & Dubsworth on the A, and Bakir & Dubsworth on the AA, if you can even call it that when it’s digital. All three tracks have live instruments played by the performers, which gives this release a unique feel among dubstep.

The first track “Ugly Mon” from Antiserum and Dubsworth is a some bang your head business, a metal stepper complete with guitar riffs courtesy Dubsworth. This tune is definitely on the dirty side for me but I could totally see it going off in a club. Fans of DZ, Distance, 16 Bit, Ripple, Roommate, etc should definitely check this.

Antiserum & Dubsworth - Ugly Mon

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The meat of this three-tune sandwich for me is “Pudding Pop.” Liberally applied effects on the trumpet and snares dub this one to outer space and the wobble keeps it bubblin’. Reminds me of Kanka or a more upbeat Rhythm & Sound. This song’s a personal. Rec’d if you like Clouds, Kanka, Radikal Guru, the WAR series, and related. Dubby live trumpet played by Bakir.

Bakir & Dubsworth - Pudding Pop

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Rounding out the EP is “Casus Belly” which is basically a cross between the first two. Dubby effects and Bakir on the clavinet carry you into the tune where you’re met by ravey synths and a four-on-the-floor to take you out. I was curious about the name so I asked Ric (Bakir) about it who told me that it’s a pun on the latin phrase “casus belli” which means the justifications for the starting a war. I don’t think dubstep is going to start any wars soon though, fortunately. Rec’s similar to the first one, though to be honest I’m not sure there is much in this vein. Really original work. Would kill as a transition track between dubstep and bassline.

Bakir & Dubsworth - Casus Belly

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Available all over the place as of March 3rd:

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