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Eprom - Never with Falty DL remix on Surefire 001 (Free DL!)

Surefire Productions from San Francisco has been running a premier booking agency for some time (since 2006 I think), a monthly for around a year now, and is now launching the third dimension: the Surefire Sound label.  How does Surefire set it off you might ask?  The debut release comes from San Francisco producer Eprom who has been all over the musical map, producing quality Glitch, Dubstep, and more. SFS001 is out on vinyl now with digital coming in about a month.

To promote the release Surefire put out a free download of the title track.  The b-side is a remix by Falty DL which is equally good.

My favorite tracks tend to be the ones that fail to fit into any of the neat categories that exist in music.  “Never” by Eprom blends elements from UK funky, Garage, Dubstep, and music that belongs on the Tron soundtrack to produce an absolute dancefloor killer with a driving 4×4 beat offset by syncopated snares and a wobbly midrange synth.  Whatever this music is, I love it.

Eprom - Never

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Download (@ XLR8R).

Pick this one up:

BLEEP: … seid=23638
REDEYE: … 22381.html
CHEMICAL: … ack=SFS001


Substitute Surefire with Shackleton, Eskmo, Eprom and Kush Arora

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: Surefire heads to WMC and leaves Shackleton in its wake. Eskmo & Eprom release party.
Tickets:$7 presales, $10/$15 door.


Surefire 11 with 2562, Jus Wan, and Jon Holliday

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Surefire comes correct again with 2562 straight from the Hague to bring his blend of Dubstep, Techno, Funky, and wonderfulness. Big local support from Jus Wan and Jon Holliday.
Date: 2010-02-20
Tickets: $7 before 11, $10 after.


Surefire with Sines, Enzyme, Sam Supa and Emcee Child

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: SINES comes up from Houston to hit you with his blend of dubstep, garage, and UK funky. This is going to be big. Local support from Grime City DJs Enzyme and Sam Supa.
Date: 2010-01-16
Tickets: $7 before 11, $10 after.


Surefire 009 with Vaccine, DJG, and Comma

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Vaccine on a live debut backed by DJG and Comma. Check the mix vaccine just did for Big Up, it’s serious. Big night here.
Date: 2009-12-19
Tickets:$7 before 11, $10 after.


DJG Featured on Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1 Show

Mary Anne Hobbs runs an excellent program on the BBC’s radio one which this week features SF’s own DJG.  The program is always excellent but it’s a damn good look by her to pick up on DJG’s sound.  Something people need to hear.  Look out for forthcomings on N-Type’s label Wheel & Deal on a collaboration with Headhunter, “Avoid the Noid” and “Duality” on the new label Pushing Red, “The Gate” and “Obsessed” soon come on Lo Dubs and the classic DJG & XI combo “Putney Says” on Surefire.  Deep dubstep sounds, always killer percussion, an organizer in the dubstep scene here in SF and a damn nice guy to boot.  Potent combo.

Listen to the stream.

DJ G in the Mix (starts @ 1h 19min)
Dhyan Møller – ‘Lost in 3s’ [DJG Mix]
DJG – ‘Lost Time’
DJG – ‘Pressure’   <— !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJG – ‘Bare Hands feat. KOMODO’
DJG – ‘We Don’t Go Home’

MAH says she’s “completely blown away by the depth and luminous nature of his music.”  Truth. Your time!


Sam Supa - Dub Machine (Exclusive Mix)

Sam Supa (Brapdem, Grime City, Surefire) described this mix as “a true spectrum of all the Dubstep I play and what is good in music right now” and I have to agree.  Straight out the gates it’s serious with Wachs Lyrical’s “Fear VIP,” but that’s just a foreshadowing of what’s to come as it fades into deeper tunes.  Constantly through the mix Sam is taking you on a journey, in and out of darkness, showcasing various vibes in dance music.  This to me is what makes a good mix, flexing all aspects of music to produce something that cycles in and out of intensity.  I was thinking about this at the recent “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass” festival here in San Francisco where the musicians also used mellow, sparse introductions juxtaposed with more beat-heavy danceable sections to get people in the groove.  I feel like this is fundamental to well-executed dance music and this mix is a very good example.

Highlights of this for me are the intro from Wachs Lyrical, the DJG collaborations with XI and Headhunter, Eprom’s robotic glitchy track “Humanoid,” Eskmo’s bit off the Hypercolor EP (look for more from him soon on Planet Mu), Zeno’s fresh track and a Brapdem signing “Lazer Wolf 2010,” Djunya’s metallic, primal dancehall killer “Full Circle,” and Kozee’s 20,000 leagues deep tune “Sugar Loaf.”  After Kozee comes James Blake’s “Air & Lack Thereof” and this may be the best blend into the track I’ve ever heard, perfect example of going from one vibe to another seamlessly.

Featured in this mix is Skulltrane’s “This One Called Dub,” recently out on MalLabel.  They also distributed a couple free MP3s with this release, fans of the dirty sound should check these out:

Skulltrane - This One Called Dub (HD4000 Remix)

Skulltrane - Mirror Elements

Now for the audio:

Sam Supa - Dub Machine


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1. Fear VIP - Wachs Lyrical - DUBSAW
2. Synchopath - Dub Fiend - DUB
3. Better With You - DJ Madd - BOKA
4. Putney Says - DJG & XI  - forthcoming SUREFIRE SOUND
5. Dark Entity - Wachs Lyrical  - DUBSAW
6. Twilight - Distance - forthcoming CHESTPLATE
7. Justice - Jakes - forthcoming SIN CITY
8. Guitar Hero - Skream - forthcoming SIN CITY
9. Humanoid - Eprom  - DUB
10. Grit Your Teeth - Kutz  -DUB
11. Pump Action - Chimpo - forthcoming SIN CITY
12. Kamikaze - Antiserum & No Thing  - DUB
13. Dream I’m Flying - Eskmo - ANCESTOR
14. Lazer Wolf 2010 - Zeno - forthcoming BRAP DEM RECORDINGS
15. Work That Box - Jay Bird - KRAKEN
16. Torso - NTRLD & Measure D - DUB
17. This One Called Dub - Skulltrane - MALLABEL MUSIC
18. Under Mi Sensi - 6Blocc & Dread Fox - DUB
19. Friend - Natty King and RedBud (Kush Aurora Remix) - DUB
20. Dub King Killah - Earlyworm (Roommate Remix) - VOLTAGE
21. Dub Spot Riddim - Zed Bias - SIDESTEPPER RECORDINGS
22. Full Circle - Djunya - forthcoming BRAP DEM RECORDINGS
23. How To Move - Sharmaji  - DUB
24. Spacecake - DJG & Headhunter - forthcoming WHEEL & DEAL
25. Sugar Loaf - Kozee - forthcoming BADMAN PRESS
26. Air Lack Thereof - James Blake -  HEMLOCK RECORDINGS
27. Free Me - Matt-U  - SCUM RECORDINGS
28. Bad - L.D. - HYPERDUB



Jus Wan Live at the Night Kitchen in SF

Jega, Kush Arora and Jus Wan threw down excellent sets at The Night Kitchen last Friday, and Jus Wan’s has been recorded and posted thanks to Staypuft.  I had a great time at this show and listening back this set is top notch mixing and selections.  Respect due.

Check out Jus Wan opening for Pinch at the next surefire.  Not to be missed.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


1. Jus Wan - Noir - Dub
2. DJG - Avoid The Noid [Headhunter Remix] - Pushing Red Dub
3. Jack Sparrow feat Biggins - The Fullest - Tectonic
4. Joe - Rut - Hessle
5. Headhunter - Sex @ The Prom - Tempa Dub
6. 2562 - Third Wave - Tectonic
7. F - On The Corner - Dub
8. Jus Wan - Glimmer - Tube10 Dub
9. Jus Wan - Level - Tube10 Dub
10. DJG - Lichen - Dub
11. Daega Sound - Forest Floor - Dub
12. Andrea - Temper Tantrum - Daphne
13. El B - Son De Cali - Soul Motive
14. Jus Wan - Dreamin - Tube10 Dub
15. Ghost - The Spooks - Ghost



Surefire 006 with Pinch, Jus Wan, Dub U, and Juakali

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: The sixth Surefire monthly has come up quickly and the lineups stay excellent. Pinch from Bristol comes to town with local selector Jus Wan and San Jose’s Dub U with vocal backing from Juakali. Major.  This gorgeous flyer built by Sander and photographed by KNK.
Date: 2009-09-19
Tickets: $7 before 11, $10 after.


Mary Anne Hobbs - Wild Angels

Mary Anne Hobbs has a new compilation album coming out on Planet Mu on September eighth and man are the selections excellent and diverse, as expected from both MAH and Planet Mu.  If you aren’t familar with Mary Anne Hobbs then get to know: she runs a hugely influential radio show on the BBC’s Radio 1 and has been called the modern day John Peel.  Forward-looking beats from artists like Hudson Mohawke, Brackles, Untold, Starkey, Nosaj Thing, and many more come together yielding an excellent compilation of 2009 dubstep/hip hop/wonky/robot music.  Exclusive tracks from Gemmy, Teebs, Hyetal, Darkstar, and Floating Points should cause even the most well-educated to take note and Planet Mu nailed it by pressing all of those to 12″ vinyl for the DJs.

Surefire sums it up excellently:

This album represents emerging new Transatlantic sounds progressing
future-forward from dubstep, hip-hop, soul and electronic centered in
Glasgow, Bristol, London and on America’s West Coast. The album
displays many tiers of sound, embodying the best from the artists
often featured on Mary Anne’s esteemed BBC Radio 1 show.

It features pioneering tracks, such as Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Spotted’ and
Rustie’s ‘ZigZag’ which have been highly influential in the
evolutionary process, underground dancefloor anthems such as Starkey’s
‘Gutter Music VIP’, devastating cerebral pieces like Mark Pritchard’s
‘?’ and exclusive tracks from next generation artists such as Teebs’
‘WLTA’ and Gemmy’s ‘Rainbow Road.’

The title ‘Wild Angels’ comes from an expression that Mary Anne used
to describe the crucially influential work of the late Alice Coltrane
on her BBC Radio 1 ‘West Coast Rocks’ special. She said: “Alice
Coltrane plays her harp like a wild angel.”  Planet Mu label head Mike
Paradinas loved it so much he suggested it as a title.

Dom Sum of LuckyMe produced an excellent video to go with an abbreviated mix of the tracks on the comp.  Very nice visualizations here that blend superbly with the audio.  Great package here all things considered.

To accompany the compilation release Mary Anne’s doing a US tour north, east, south, and west.  I hope there’s one in your area:

Thursday, September 10 Smartbar (DubFix Party) – Chicago, IL
Friday, September 11  103 Harriet St, (Afterburn Party) – San Francisco, CA
Saturday, September 12 The Cellar at Agenda - San Jose, CA
Wednesday, September 16 Holocene – Portland, OR
Friday, September 18  Love (Dub War Party) – New York, NY
Saturday, September 19 Shadow Lounge (SubDivision Party) – Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday, September 20  Barcelona (MadClassy Party) – Austin, TX
Wednesday, September 23 Low End Theory – Los Angeles, CA
Friday, September, 25   Cervantes (Bass Invasion Party) w/Skream – Denver, CO
Saturday, September, 26 Decibel Festival – Seattle, WA

Here’s the full tracklist with exclusives in bold - mouthwatering!  Audio previews available thanks to Planet Mu.

01 Mark Pritchard - ?
02 Hudson Mohawke– Spotted
03 Gemmy – Rainbow Road
04 Mike Slott - Knock Knock
05 Brackles - LHC
06 Teebs – WLTA
07 Nosaj Thing - IOIO
08 Untold - Discipline
09 Tranqill - Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub)
10 Architeq - Sleeping Bear Lament (Take Remix)
11 Rustie - ZigZag
12 Mono/Poly - Red And Yellow Toys
13 Hyetal - We Should Light A Fire
14 Starkey - Gutter Music V.I.P.
15 Darkstar - Videotape
16 Floating Points - Esthian Three
17 Sunken Foal - Of Low Count And Light Pocket
18 Legion Of Two - And Now We Wait

Keep your ears open - this drops September eighth.