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Compression with 12th Planet, 6blocc, Knorsq, Pawn and more

Location: 103 Harriet St (map & info)
Description: Split dubstep & dnb monthly gets some LA love from 12th Planet and 6blocc (also performing as RAW on the dnb side).
Date: 2010-05-21
Tickets: Check here for info.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 022 04.12.10 on Dubstep.FM

New material this show coming from Nate Mars, Subreachers, Comma, Actraiser, Albert, Sclist, Jus Wan & more.  Gets a bit dark towards the end, and some classics from Distance & Joker inside.  Weekly Monday nights 6-8pm pacific time @ Dubstep.FM.

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Nate Mars ft Jahdan – Praylude (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Science – Bamboo Dub (Untitled!)
Deleted Scenes – Stutter (Deleted Scenes)
Mala – Level Nine (Hyperdub)
LV – Turn Away (Hyperdub)
Subreachers – Upside (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
EshOne ft Erica Price – Tease Me
Comma – Coyote (forthcoming Semisexual)
Albert – Crosseyed
Simonoff – 3056 (Haunted Audio)
Roof Light – How Far Are You From Anywhere (L2S Recordings)
Todd Edwards – I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix) (free online)
Kyle Hall – You Know What I Feel (Hyperdub)
Sclist – Wrongside
Lecs – No Names (Wascal remix)
Pariah – Orpheus (R&S)
Actraiser – Lone Wolf VIP (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
Mensah – Pulse 80 (Hench)
Outlaw Producer – Rip Me To Shreds (Chango Remix)
Nate Mars ft Jahdan Blakkamoore – Above and Beyond Dem (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Joker – Stuck In The System (Earwax)
Ultravid – Clan of Wow (Kingdom Remix) (Silverback)
12th Planet ft Juakali – Reasons (free online)
Ikonika – Idiot (Hyperdub)
Distal – Boss of the South
Addison Groove – Dumbshit (Swamp81)
Shortstuff and Mickey Pearce – Coconuts (Ramp)
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (Punch Drunk)
Comma – Carry The Fire (forthcoming)
FBOM & VVV – Xelif (Kursed)
Distance – Fallen (Vex’d Remix) (Planet Mu)
EshOne – Texas Pete (Rogue Plates)
Gemmy – Wata Down Sound (Planet Mu)
Vex’d ft Jest – Disposition (Planet Mu)
Bakir & DZ – Into the Fog (forthcoming Brap Dem)
Gerry R – Dreamer
Seven – Dial Up (Untitled!)
TKR – Duck & Cover (Stoke)
Jus Wan – Connect
Cardopusher – Schematic Blocks (On The Edge)
Scuba – Three Sided Shape (Hotflush)
Starkey – Neck Snap (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Pariah – Detroit Falls (R&S)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 021 04.05.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFNew sounds this program coming from Wascal, 12th Planet & Juakali, Ikonika, FBOM & Outlaw Producer, Helix, Distal, Bakir & DZ, Sines and more.  Second half of this one on a different sound, showcasing the music coming from Night Slugs, Blunted Robots, Roska, Dubbel Dutch and related sounds.  Mutated funky crossover business.  Let me know what you think.

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Starkey ft Anneka – Stars (Planet Mu)
Ramadanman – I Beg You (Hessle)
Zed Bias ft Juiceman & Simba – Jigga Up (Sidestepper)
Lecs – No Names (Wascal vocal remix)
12th Planet ft Juakali – Reasons (free online)
Pupajim – International Farmer (Jahtari)
Skinnz & ID – Offshore (Double Science)
Sunship ft Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Skreamix) (free online)
Starkey ft P-Money – Numb (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Ramadanman – Tumble (Hessle)
Ikonika – Fish (Hyperdub)
SBTRKT – Pause for Thought (Brainmath)
Joy Orbison vs Young Money – Hyph Mngo To Go (DJ Dials mashup, free online)
FBOM & Outlaw Producer – That Look
Helix – Untitled
Ikonika – Idiot (Hyperdub)
Distal – Boss of the South
Bakir & DZ – Into the Fog (forthcoming Brap Dem)
Cosmic Revenge – Haunted by the Past
Starkey – Fidelio (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Shortstuff – Behave (Fabric)
Kingdom ft Shyvonne – Mind Reader (Bok Bok remix) (Fool’s Gold)
Mosca – Square One (L-Vis 1990 relix) (Night Slugs)
Blackpocket – Ure a Star (Martyn remix) (Fat City)
Distal – Space Graffiti
Hypno – Over the Top
Helix – Toaster Riddim
Bok Bok ft Bubbz – Citizens Dub (Blunted Robots)
Ikonika – Psoriasis (Hyperdub)
Roska – Tomorrow is Today (Rinse)
Cardopusher – Its Yesterday Already (On The Edge)
Deadboy – If U Want Me (Numbers)
Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Dubbel Dutch Remix) (free online)
SBTRKT – 2020 (Brainmath)
Roska ft Anesha – I Need Love (Rinse)
DVA – Natty (Hyperdub)
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Dont Sleep (Punch Drunk)
Martin Kemp – Aztec (Blunted Robots)
Debruit – Nigeria What (Civil Music)
Sines – Z Riddim
Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce – Tripped Up (Ramp)
Sepalcure – Feeling That I Know So Well
Geiom – Sugar Coated Lover (Brackles & Shortstuff remix) (Berkane Sol)
Roska – Squark (Rinse)
Egyptrixx – The Only Way Up (Cubic Zirconia remix) (Night Slugs)
Scuba – On Deck (Hotflush)
Martin Kemp – No Charisma (Blunted Robots)
John Frum – Shreveport Shuffle (Jahtari)
Destinys Child – Bills (Harmonimix)
Mike Slott – Home (Fat City)
Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant (Kinnego)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 003 11.23.09 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin Into TomorrowThis newest episode is all over the place musically, starting with some deepness, into some vocal hiphop reworkings of dubstep tracks, off to an alien world inhabited only by synthesizers, some kuduro influenced tunes, and heading out on some darker business.  Fresh tracks from FBOM, Pangaea and James Blake on Untold remixes,Guido, Bakir and Dubsworth, Cosmic Revenge, JazzyJazzy, NastyNasty and many more.

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New show every Monday!


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Tracklist (55 tunes, 2h 12m):

DJG – NYC (unreleased)
ID – Leaves (Mata Syn)
Luke Envoy – M.U.G.E.N. (Wonderland)
Kryptic Minds – Stepping Stone (Swamp81)
Baby Kites – Reef (The Agriculture)
Bakir and Dubsworth – Beg to Differ (unreleased)
Peverelist – Infinity is Now (Tectonic)
FBOM – Like You Did For Me (unreleased)
Scuba – Speak (Naked Lunch)
Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling (Pangaea Remix) (Hemlock)
Cosmic Revenge – Cold Hearted (free online)
Jus Wan – Dwell (forthcoming Pushing Red)
Massive Music – Find My Way (Kode9 Remix) (Hyperdub)
The Brown Acid – Try Humanity (Starkey Dub) (N.E.W.S.)
NastyNasty – The Reef (Frite Night)
Elucid – My Mayor is a Billionaire (free online)
Chrissy Murderbot – Roll Another One (Tremor Dub Refix) (Sleazetone)
12th Planet vs Ras Kass – West Coast Dub (free online)
Numan – 7th Key (Wicky Lindows)
Sharps – My Little Pony (Saedos)
Guido – Beautiful Complication (Punch Drunk)
Eskmo – San Francisco (The Rhythm) (Ancestor)
Fused Forces – Prefer to be Plastered (Scruffy Hoodlum)
Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (Hemlock)
Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix) (Hemlock)
Guido – Chakra (Punch Drunk)
Gemmy – Johnny 5 (Planet Mu)
Zeno – Feel It (unreleased)
Ikonika – Smuck (Planet Mu)
Cauto & Das Nevez – Alegria (Disboot)
Baobinga and ID – Man Down (free online)
Jakes – Calypso (Soul Jazz)
Mr. Gasparov – Solstice (Disboot)
uXuKa – Sangre (Disboot)
Pangaea – Memories (whitelabel)
Cosmic Revenge – Diving Deep (forthcoming L2S)
Duncan Powell – Care 4 Me (Whistla Remix) (free online)
FBOM – Untitled (unreleased)
Digital Mystikz – Neverland (DMZ)
Roxy vs El-B – Endorse and Set It (Ghost)
Vista – Ukodus (Sequence)
Chainsaw Sound – Mondo Dub (free online)
Bakir and Dubsworth – No Curfew (unreleased)
Demon and Versa – Drifter (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
Kial – The Skywalker (Sub Pressure)
Clubroot – Talisman (Lo Dubs)
Silkie – Illegal Immigrant (Cloqworq)
Distance – Traffic (Goth-Trad Remix) (Planet Mu)
MNUVR – Go Up (forthcoming ???)
SP:MC and Joker D – Bad Dreams (Tempa)
LV ft Dandelion – Turn Away (Hyperdub)
JazzyJazzy – Loved and Lost (??)
Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison’s Recreation) (Brownswood)
6blocc – Tru Love (Digital 6)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (DMZ Remix)


Bass Hertz with 12th Planet, Low Limit, Kozee, Epcot, Salva and R7ax

Location: Mighty (map & info)
Description: 12th planet up from LA to throw down with Low Limit from Lazer Sword, Kozee (Redline), and more
Date: 2009-10-15
Tickets: $10 @ the door12th Planet & more


The Dubstep LA Mixtape mixed by Plastician

I’ve been waiting on this one for some time, promotion has been going around between people like Adidas and Virgin Airlines.  Should be major and expose tons of people to the sound of dubstep.  The release of this fusion of hiphop and dubstep is sure to excite and frustrate depending on your musical persuasion, but isn’t that what music is all about?  There’s definitely a strong reaction to this already with over 1,000 followers on the Dubstep LA twitter.  Now I’m wondering if there’s some tour in the workings….  Download the mixtape on GetDarker & spread the word!

Can’t forget the Dub Rap mixtape featuring Bay Area microphone stylings and other people that have been on this combination tip for time.  I love that Chae Hawk & Rx made it onto the final tape with “Malt Liquor” and Plastician’s selections are generally excellent (as expected).  I do wish that he’d gone with his own remix of “Snoop Dogg Millionaire” as that’s far better in my opinion, but I’m too played out on Eastern Jam to comment.

Big respect to all involved in this from the promoters to the MCs to the original producers.  I hope this combination continues and more people fuse these two genres to create a new flavor of dubstep (dare I say hopstep or some other nonsense genre name?)

Comment on what you’re thinking!  I’ll do the same once I give it a proper listen.  I should also add that you can download the Xzibit and Murs tunes for free.

Dubstep LA


Big Up Volume 4 Launch with Kutz, Sukh Knight, 12th Planet, Incyde, and Pandai’a

Location: Paradise Lounge (map & info)
Description: Whoa gosh. What a lineup, and Paradise Lounge recently revamped its soundsystem. Get after it.
Date: 2009-07-25
Tickets: priceless

Dubstepped Radio Episode 002

Dubstepped Radio

I’d like to start off this week with a new episode of dubstepped radio.  I’m really excited about this episode, it’s got five styles of dubstep from jazz saxophones to hiphop to wobbly tunes.  It’s a pleasure to discuss tunes in a genre as diverse as dubstep, always keeps you on your toes.  This episode clocks in at just over 74 minutes with 23 tracks.

There’s a bunch of free music associated with this episode: Juju – Young Girl, Mastodon Tricycle – Lead Chips EP, Kid Simple – Ruthless (promo for Seattle Selections), Dumbsteppaz – Southern Fried Dub, and Elucid – My Mayor is a Billionaire plus Laser Days.  Get after those, some serious tunes.

Next episode should be up early July.  Send promos to snfdubstepped on aim or and I’ll give ‘em a listen.  I’m also open to including guest mixes so if you’re a DJ/producer and want to add your own flavor to the program contact me.  Bigup all involved.

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DS Radio 002 Tracklist:

01 – Yong & The Widdler – Cloudchaser (unreleased)
02 – Kial – The Skywalker (unreleased)
03 – Murderbot – Crowd (Dead Homies)
04 – 12th Planet – Be Blatent (Smog)
05 – Dubsworth ft Bakir – Dirty Suthin (Dubs Alive)
06 – Rumblejunkie – Training (Dirty Circuit)
07 – Kid Simple – Body Slam (Shift Digi)
08 – Decree & Enuf – Auto Motive (forthcoming Stupid Fly)
09 – Dumbsteppaz – Sho Nuff (unreleased)
10 – Starkey – Creature (Planet Mu)
11 – Sloppy – Pony Organ (unreleased)
12 – Mastodon Tricycle – Bullshit (unreleased)
13 – Eskmo – I Dream I’m Flying (Ancestor)
14 – FBOM – Got to Get (unreleased)
15 – Svpreme Fiend – Colors (unreleased)
16 – Zeno – Dub no. 9 (Trillbass)
17 – Joker – Digidesign (Hyperdub)
18 – Elucid – My Mayor is a Billionaire (BBC) (forthcoming Sub Bass Diet)
19 – Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General (Liondub International)
20 – Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General (Noah D Remix) (Liondub International)
21 – Juju ft Don Carlos – Young Girl (bootleg)
22 – Mochipet ft K. Flay – Lazy Day (memes Jazzy Day Dub Wobble) (unreleased)
23 – Overcast Radio – Vendetta (Surface Tension)






direct (please use one of the above mirrors if possible)


Sam Supa – Darkness and Hype – Brap Dem Promo Mix

This new mix from Sam Supa (Grime City, Brap Dem) is a diverse and quality selection of fresh dubstep tunes.  The mixing is excellent, Sam is a pro blender (KitchenAid quality).  Lots of big tunes on this one but my favorites are Von D – Show Me, Kial – Bell Curve, and Jakes – Custard Cream.  This one’s dangerous.  Download & enjoy, then come see Sam live in action tonight or at the next Grime City.

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Download this mix.