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Review: Jack Sparrow – Circadian (TECCD009)

Yesterday, the much awaited full length release  from Leeds based producer Jack Sparrow, on the always high-quality Tectonic label. As true with most Tectonic releases, On ‘Circadian,’ Sparrow delivers a sharp and deep full length, with one foot heavily planted in classic dubstep vibes, and sound-design that is a clear nod to influences from techno and minimal production elements.

The release starts off with ‘Loveless,’ a smooth tune that is a clear indication from the beginning that ‘Circadian’ intends to be much more than a run-off-the-mill dubstep full length release, with an aesthetic that reminds me of early Ramadanman releases such as ‘The Woon.’ Continuing, the release features a VIP remix of his previous release ‘The Chase’ and an exciting and deep collaboration with Ruckspin, the tempo speeds up and the mood approaches autonomic as you hear the syncopated rhythms of tracks like ‘Relapse’

Many many highlights on this exciting and well deserved full length release from Sparrow on Pinch’s Tectonic label, a full length that is equally well served on the headphones as it is in the club. Although releases from Jack Sparrow do seem few-and-far-between at times the sheer volume of keepers on this release and growth in the depth of sound has made this release worth the wait.

Circadian is available for purchase as of this week, and Fact Magazine is currently running a week long free preview of the release via Soundcloud for those looking to stream the tunes in their entirety.

Be sure to check out this remix of good friends’ of mine Subreachers that Jack Sparrow and they recently posted online, deep vibes from both of them each and every.
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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 044 09.14.10 on Sub.FM

This one’s my first episode on Sub.FM and runs all the way from 115 to 170 bpm with all sorts of bass styles in between.  New material inside from Jack Sparrow, Distal, Gappy Ranks, Prince Zammy, Sentel, Scott Detail & more.  This shows’ going to run every other Tuesday now, so next up is September 28.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 044 09.14.10 on Sub.FM by snf



U-Roy – Earth Quake (Upsetter)
Gappy Ranks – Cool Water (??)
FaltyDL – Endeavor (Planet Mu)
Actress – Lost (Honest Jon’s)
Blue Daisy – Strings Detached (Black Acre)
Moodymann – Its 2 Late 4 U And Me (KDJ)
A Made Up Sound – Sun Touch (A Made Up Sound)
Gremino – Hyper (Rag & Bone)
Grievous Angel – Loser (whitelabel)
Breach – Fatherless (PTN)
Venom & Damage – Deeper (Doc Daneeka remix) (Ten Thousand Yen)
Kidkut – Lilt (Apple Pips)
Scuba – Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday remix) (forthcoming Hotflush)
DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson – Dama S Salon (Defected)
Acre – Ghatt (forthcoming Embassy)
Prince Zammy – Sunshine (unreleased)
Lil Silva – Against Yaself (Night Slugs)
Distal & HxdB – Typewriter Tune (unreleased)
Volatil – In There (Biggerdubz)
Redlight – MDMA (MTA)
Natalie Storm – Bang Bang (free online)
Optimum – Max Power (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Lohan – Dawning (forthcoming Urban Graffiti)
Jack Sparrow – Salvation (forthcoming Tectonic)
Logos – Medicate (LV refix) (Radial)
Icicle – Anything (Tempa)
Leon – VMZY (forthcoming Well Rounded)
Cosmic Revenge – Mind Eraser (forthcoming Embassy)
EshOne – Sofistas (unreleased)
Pinch – The Boxer (Darqwan remix) (Tectonic)
Jack Sparrow – Shoal (forthcoming Tectonic)
Scott Detail – My Heart For You (unreleased)
Darkstar – Dead 2 Me (2010)
Unknown – Poison (Sleazetone)
Sentel – Chapel 20 (forthcoming Concrete Cut)
Distal – Boca Ratawn (unreleased)
Pearson Sound – Higher (Darkestral)
SubReachers – Contradiction (unreleased)
DJG – Hydrate Dub (Warm Communications)
Arovane – Tides (Towerblock)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 041 08.23.10 on Dubstep.FM

Audio from last week’s show, cut a bit short due to some technical woes. Autonomic sound at the end plus new bits from Acre & more.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Medictune – A Bold World (Scott Detail remix) (Bassweight)
Dark Knight – Reasons (Urban Ridims)
Leon – Bring Dem (dub)
Janner – Just One Kiss (Haunted Audio)
Sines – Long Way (dub)
Jack Dixon – Be There (dub)
Albert – Can’t Lie Still (dub)
Jimmy Edgar – Hot, Raw, Sex (Instra:mental remix) (free online)
SubReachers – Let Go (dub)
Cosmic Revenge – After Party (dub)
Ramadanman – Glut (Hemlock)
Acre – Ghatt (forthcoming Embassy)
Distal & HxdB – Typewriter Tune (dub)
Bowly – Idee D’un Tropique (Berkane Sol)
Kidkut – Lilt (Apple Pips)
D-51 – OD (M-DOK remix) (Ghetto Division)
Pearson Sound – Higher (Darkestral)
Subreachers – Contradiction (dub)
Vaccine – Ochre (NonPlus)
DJG – Hydration Dub (Warm Communications)
DBridge, Instra:mental & Skream – Acacia Avenue (Autonomic)
Scuba – Tense (Ramadanman remix) (Abucs)


Review: DJG – Hydrated Space Cakes (WHEELYDEALY008, WARM016)

DJG is among a select group of artists that can claim responsibility for the explosion of dubstep in San Francisco, and he did it while pushing the sounds of drum & bass under his alterego Genome.  Lately a pair of releases from DJG have come out: grade-A dubstep on a Headhunter collboration, and some cutting edge autonomic drumnbass sounds.  All 5 tracks here are masterful productions: spacious, bass heavy music with absolute quality percussion.

Up first is the latest on N-Type’s label Wheel & Deal, and trust these two are worthy of the label name. With support from a legion of DJs, these tunes have been rumbling dancefloors around the world. The a-side “Pressure” begins with droning vocals that remind me of Tuvan throat singing. Bassline murderation then ensues with a mutant halftime feel on the percussion that, combined with the droning vocals, produces a surreal soundscape. Prime time audio here. On the flip, Headhunter aka Addison Groove joins up for “Space Cakes“. Munch one of these and head for outer space on a tune with alien synth stabs, odd voices, and of course huge bassweight.  Two for two on this one.

A. DJG – Pressure (clip) – Wheel & Deal *out now* by DJG

AA. DJG & Headhunter – Spacecakes (clip) – Wheel & Deal *out now* by DJG

Next I’d like to change the pace and change the style with the latest on Warm Communications, a drumnbass label based in Texas. These three showcase an exciting new “autonomic” sound in dnb coming from the likes of dBridge, Instra:mental, Vaccine, ASC, Spectra Soul and more. The sound is driven by rolling basslines, strong use of atmospherics and substantially less percussion than you’ll find in most dnb. Amens are notably lacking. First up is “Hydrate“, the foundation of the 3-track EP with a lush bassline holding down the foundation under somewhat erratic yet danceable percussion. Sparse vocal samples and chirps keep things rolling. Next, Consequence steps up on remix duties adding what I can only describe as microkicks to drive the beat and keeping choice elements of the original.  Look out for the breakdown & build into the second half, dangerous. Redone by DJG in a dubwise style, “Hydration Dub” closes out the release and is my favorite of the three.  The bassline changes up to sound a bit more like Robbie Shakespeare in the studio with echoes on the percussion that would make Scientist grin. Three for three.

Hydrate by DJG

DJG – Hydrate (Consequence Remix) – WARM016 *Clip by Warm Communications

Hydration Dub by DJG

Respect due. For more visit his Blog, Twitter, or Soundcloud.

To pick these up visit Juno or other stores: