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Zeno – Red Dragon Mix

Zeno just put together this excellent mix “Red Dragon” for mass consumption.  It weaves in and out of mellow dubwise selections and dubstep that will mop the floor with your face and is packed with original productions from Zeno himself.  Truly excellent blends in this one too.  Look out for the wolves inside, there’s two of them and they have lasers.  Zeno said that he’s put his blood, sweat and tears into this one and it shows.

If you’re in the Denver area look for Zeno playing out at Sub.Mission or the Denver Surefire chapter.  For those in the bay we’ll get a taste this July.  Full list of future shows here, and click here to download this mix.



1. Stagga – Rub on Ya Bassbins (Household/Abstract Logic)
2. The Widdler – Acheri (dub)
3. Kid Simple – Fresh Like Zeno Remix (Double Drop)
4. Doctor P – Sweetshop (circus)
5. Zeno – Object Pool Vip (Forthcoming Dirty Circuit)
6. Starkey – Starting Gates (Planet Mu)
7. Dr Knobz – Purple Gangsta DZ Remix (MalLabel)
8. Matty G – Turf W*rz (Scion)
9. Yoseph – Kiss my Converse (Savory Audio)
10. Joker – Tron (Kapsize)
11. Zeno – No parking remix (dub)
12. Zeno – Sensi Star [Staple Sisters VIP] (Household/Abstract Logic)
13. Zeno – Datacaster (Dubfront)
14. Zeno – Clish Widdler Remix (Forthcoming Crazy Language)
15. Zeno – Clish EZ+ (Forthcoming Crazy Language)
16. Stagga – Face gets splat (Zeno resplat)
17. Burial – Archangel (Zeno bootleg)
18. Zeno – Lazerwolf 2012 VIP (Forthcoming Brapdem)
19. Zeno – Lazerwolf Widdler remix (Forthcoming Brapdem)
20. Major Lazer – Keep it Goin Louder – Diplo remix (Cooperative Music)
21. Zeno – Folded Raspberry – ATL VIP (dub)
22. Chewie & Zeno – Nystagmus (dub)
23. B1t Crunch3r – Coronal mass ejection Zeno Remix (Gamma Audio)
24. Zeno – Stay together (Betamorph)
25. Zeno – Aardshark (dub)
26. Zeno & Serv One – ??? (dub)
27. Number nin6 – She (Migration)
28. Starkey – Stars Feat Anneka (Planet Mu)
29. Zeno – Reboot Funk(dub)
30. Zeno – The Tuner (Dirty Circuit)