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Dubs Alive 006 with The Spit Brothers, Luthor, Djunya and a free DL

The latest out on the San Francisco imprint Dubs Alive is this diverse 5 track EP with originals from The Spit Brothers and Luthor, and with Bakir, Djunya and 6blocc on remix duties.  The original “No Curfew” is a spooky, basswise tune that’s like a soundtrack to a new Dick Tracy film. Eerie keys create a brooding mood that the ultradeep bassline strongly reinforces. If you’re listening to this on headphones trust you’re missing out on half the song on the low end. Things get hectic in the second half, getting hyper with a 4×4 beat making this a strong transition song between sounds.

Djunya steps up next to tackle a remix of “No Curfew”, adding more swagger to the beat but maintaining the eerie feel of the original with keys and brass. When the main bit drops in this becomes an incredible remix with doubled up kicks and added synths overtop. Guaranteed to light up a dance.

Out of the five songs on the release the only one that doesn’t work is the 6blocc remix where the vibe of the original is entirely lost in an attempt to reproduce Bombaman-esque bass sounds that falls way short. Feels far too cookie cutter.

Luthor brings the next original with his emotive, bass heavy sound. Complex beats and a nice atmosphere built by Luthor make this one a quality late night or Sunday morning tune, matching elements of the jazzy sound found in many Dubs Alive releases.  On the remix of this one Bakir comes with a funky/soca styled beat under the keys and vocals of the original. The original mix is pretty mellow, this one is purely hyper. Intensity.

Along with these, Dubs Alive have put out another tune for free download, this one called “Done Gone There.” Download this one using the player below, then check the full DAV006 release using the second player.

The Spit Brothers – Done Gone There (Dubsworth ft. Bakir)(FREE DOWNLOAD) by Dubs Alive Records

Dubs Alive 006 by Dubs Alive Records

Pick this one up now @ Juno or other music retailers:


Dubblestandart – Chrome Optimism (free DL, show tonight!)

Dubblestandart, Subatomic Sound and a gang of remix artists team up on “Chrome Optimism” with legends David Lynch and Lee Scratch Perry (both pictured smoking various dried leaves to the right).  The original Dubblestandart mix is robotic roots reggae with somewhat random interjections from Lynch overtop. The remix action is where this gets serious, with very strong work from Kush Arora, Antiserum & Bakir, Subatomic Sound and more. Check below for a nice video of the Subatomic Sound remix exploring the desert overtop the beat, fits quite well.

The Subatomic Sound and original radio mix are available for free download via the player below thanks to Emch & Subatomic Sound. If you’re in the Bay Area, both Dubblestandard and Subatomic Sound are headlining the weekly Dub Mission down at Elbo Room, so get yourself down there.

Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry “Chrome Optimism” remixes – out now! by SubatomicSound


DJG – Voids One and Two (free DL)

Dean DJG has decided to follow up his pair of excellent recent releases with two EPs of free material entitled Voids One and Voids Two. Voids One is built for the raving crew and club DJs, expect standard massive DJG bass, quality percussion, sounds to make you move your body.  Voids Two is for the more introspective out there, deeper sounds built to be a bit more emotional and closer to the heart of DJG. A brief summary of these tunes:

These are songs that I’ve never really been able to let go of, nearly all of them I pulled from scheduled releases or turned away offers from labels for various reasons. They are songs that I really believe in and feel connected to. Some were written as far back as 2007 and as recently as a month ago and they’ve been supported by an endless list of big name djs and requested by friends and listeners for release.

The full EPs will be available Wednesday the 15th over at DJG’s site.

Until then, grab Lichen here. This one’s a personal favorite.

DJG – Lichen

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


The Spit Brothers – King Me (Free DL)

The Spit Brothers (Web, Soundcloud) recently decided to drop this funkified dubstep tune for free via their soundcloud – get on it.  Dubsworth on the guitar nails it on this one. Bassline’s a roller with upbeat guitar and funky keys keeping it going.  Jazz dubstep as they say in the genre tag sums it up perfectly. Music for a mystery film or a car chase courtesy their label Dubs Alive. Look out for more gems coming soon on Dubs Alive including a massive release with remixes from Djunya & 6blocc.

Download this one below using the arrow on the right, or click to visit their Soundcloud page.

The Spit Brothers – King Me (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Dubs Alive


Sines – Games (free download)

Sines just posted this bass heavy, rhythmic tune for free on his Soundcloud.  Absolute generosity. Standard high quality from the Houston, Tx based producer.  Pads pan around your head like a butterfly, kicks are offset by a rolling bassline & percussion keeps things lively.  Get on the download.

Sines-Games FREE DOWNLOAD by Sines


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 038 08.02.10 on Dubstep.FM

Since last week was a retrospective show this one is absolutely packed with new material. Fresh sounds inside from Sines, Distal, Jack Dixon, Arcmatix, Rx, Seahorse, Selande, Luthor, Janner, Bunzero, Sepalcure, Blind Prophet, Fuzz2k, Cosmic Revenge, Albert and still more. Large like the staypuft marshmallow man.

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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 038 08.02.10 on Dubstep.FM by snf



Selande – Back to Back
Seahorse – Limestone Cave
Rx – Zappa Fill (free online)
Ladybox – Pulse (Distal remix)
Rx – Bronson (SubDepth)
Luthor – Ultra (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
Crystal Fighters – In the Summer (Sepalcure dub) (free online)
Sines – This Love
Blind Prophet – Open The Cut (Car Crash Set)
Janner – Just One Kiss (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
DJ Abstract – Physical Force (free online)
Sines – Long Way
Jack Dixon – Be There
Fuzz2k – Mighty Mouse
Blind Prophet – Lag (Car Crash Set)
Skream – Rollin (free online)
Vivek – Sunshine (On The Edge)
CRST – The Bells (Distal remix) (Car Crash Set)
Bunzer0 – Minimal Technology (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
2000F & JKamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is (Don Leisure remix)
Cosmic Revenge – After Party
Distal – Chit Chat
DOK ft Terror Danjah – Hysteria (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Albert – Can’t Lie Still
Geiom – Reminissin (Skream’s 4×4 tribal remix) (free online)
No Lay & Silkie – Unorthodox Daughter (Kingdom remix) (free online)
Toddla T ft Wayne Marshall – Sky Surfing (Douster remix) (free online)
Sam Tiba – Barbie Weed (Top Billin)
Hard House Banton vs Tony Matterhorn – Flonko vs Ride It (snf combination)
Marcus Price & Carli – Var E Naaaken (Bok Bok remix) (Palms Out)
Brackles – Blo (free online)
Selande – 2010
Kingdom – That Mystic (Night Slugs)
Machinedrum – Carry The Weight (Bok Bok remix) (LuckyMe)
Leon – VMZY (forthcoming Well Rounded)
James Blake – CMYK (R&S)
Arcmatix – Into You
Funk Ethics – Broken Soul Music (Reduction)
Arcmatix – Ease Up Dub Up
Skream – Arola (free online)
Helix – Vrai
Quest – Smooth Skin (Deep Medi)


Dubbel Dutch mix for URB and Free Funky South Tune

Dubbel Dutch (Soundcloud, Twitter) hailing from Austin comes with more goods for today with an exclusive mix for URB magazine and a free tune featured on FACT.  The mix showcases a blend of funky/house/bass styles chock full of dubplates from Dubbel Dutch himself, Bok Bok, Ghosts on Tape and more.  Keep a lookout for this man, he’s been representing the Lone Star state to the fullest.

Paired with this URB mix he’s got a free tune out thanks to FACT magazine which is a remix of Parson’s “I Rep the Dirty South” done up in a funky/bass style that I’ve glibly called Funky South.  Look out for more along these lines from Sines who’s been putting out some great dirty south juke/bass tunes lately.  You can grab the tune over at FACT for a week only!

Parson – I Rep The Dirty South (Dubbel Dutch Remix) by dubbeldutch



D51 – OD (Dubbel Dutch Remix) – Ghetto Division
Illmana ft. Stush – Ready Fe Di War – CD-R
Benjamin Damage – Pump – CD-R
Dubbel Dutch – Throwback (Munchi Remix) – CD-R
Sekta – Liquid Tek – Shifting Peaks
Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Djemeregne (Canblaster Tribal Mix) – CD-R
French Fries – Senta (Bambounou Remix) – Youngunz
Mu-Gen – Fizzdom (Sam Tiba Remix) – Scattermusic?
Roska – Boxed In (Bok Bok Remix) – CD-R
L-Vis 1990 – Forever You – Night Slugs
Doc Daneeka – Hold On – Ramp
American Men – Claude Speed (Ikonika and Optimum Remix) – LuckyMe
Dubbel Dutch – Fool in You VIP – CD-R
Mad Cobra – Big It Up (Night Hunter Riddim) – CD-R
Cardopusher – Coppertoned Punch (Ghosts on Tape Remix) – CD-R
Jackal Youth – Let Me Be – Reduction
LadyBox – Got it Right Here (Dubbel Dutch Remix) – Palms Out
Samo Sound Boy – The Bandit – Run Riot
J-WOW – The Rattle – Mad Decent
Munchi – You VIP – CD-R
Jamie Grind – Footwork – CD-R
Carl Thomas – I Wish (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) – Sleazetone


EshOne – Loving What Is EP (free DL!)

EshOne (sddubstep, Soundcloud) coming out of San Diego has been producing tunes that go deep on the bass end of things for a while now and has recently decided to give away this 5 track EP chock full of heat.  Personal favorites on this are “Anti Oil Spill Dub” and “Die Cast”, though really all 5 are good.  These five in a classic dubstep style: bass heavy with tasteful wobbles and great percussion.

Be warned: the bass in these tracks is barely audible on most headphones and surely not on your laptop or imac speakers, this music is meant for an array of bassbins.  That said, if you have a sub this will give it a better workout than the last time you tried an hour of Tae Bo.

Download the EP here.

EshOne – Anti Oil Spill Dub by eshone

EshOne – Die Cast by eshone


Review: Dom Hz – Mist EP (EARZ003)

The third release on the relatively new but very strong Open Earz Recordings comes from Dom Hz (Manchester, Myspace) who brings a three track EP of bass heavy and emotive music.  2step & dubstep flavors abound in this with gorgeous atmosphere in all three songs.  This one out soon on vinyl, check your usual record shop.

The title track stands out on the EP in my view where a 1 minute long build releases into some massive bass with a halfstep feel.  The percussion stays dynamic which is key to building a good halfstep track.  Personal favorite of the release.  The second tune “Elevator Skank” has some jazzy piano against a 4×4 beat with some soca snares, similar to a jazzy version of Marcus Visionary.  Definite elevator business.  Last up “Without You” is the most emotional of the release with rolling pads and soulful vocals.  All together it’s a diverse and excellent release.

To promote this release they’ve decided to give away another track from Dom Hz, this one called “Black Diamonds.”  Summertime feel on this one, music for a train ride to some vacation spot or a hillside picnic. 

Dom Hz – Black Diamonds (free DL).

[EARZ003] Dom Hz – Mist EP by openearz recordings


Zeno – Red Dragon Mix

Zeno just put together this excellent mix “Red Dragon” for mass consumption.  It weaves in and out of mellow dubwise selections and dubstep that will mop the floor with your face and is packed with original productions from Zeno himself.  Truly excellent blends in this one too.  Look out for the wolves inside, there’s two of them and they have lasers.  Zeno said that he’s put his blood, sweat and tears into this one and it shows.

If you’re in the Denver area look for Zeno playing out at Sub.Mission or the Denver Surefire chapter.  For those in the bay we’ll get a taste this July.  Full list of future shows here, and click here to download this mix.



1. Stagga – Rub on Ya Bassbins (Household/Abstract Logic)
2. The Widdler – Acheri (dub)
3. Kid Simple – Fresh Like Zeno Remix (Double Drop)
4. Doctor P – Sweetshop (circus)
5. Zeno – Object Pool Vip (Forthcoming Dirty Circuit)
6. Starkey – Starting Gates (Planet Mu)
7. Dr Knobz – Purple Gangsta DZ Remix (MalLabel)
8. Matty G – Turf W*rz (Scion)
9. Yoseph – Kiss my Converse (Savory Audio)
10. Joker – Tron (Kapsize)
11. Zeno – No parking remix (dub)
12. Zeno – Sensi Star [Staple Sisters VIP] (Household/Abstract Logic)
13. Zeno – Datacaster (Dubfront)
14. Zeno – Clish Widdler Remix (Forthcoming Crazy Language)
15. Zeno – Clish EZ+ (Forthcoming Crazy Language)
16. Stagga – Face gets splat (Zeno resplat)
17. Burial – Archangel (Zeno bootleg)
18. Zeno – Lazerwolf 2012 VIP (Forthcoming Brapdem)
19. Zeno – Lazerwolf Widdler remix (Forthcoming Brapdem)
20. Major Lazer – Keep it Goin Louder – Diplo remix (Cooperative Music)
21. Zeno – Folded Raspberry – ATL VIP (dub)
22. Chewie & Zeno – Nystagmus (dub)
23. B1t Crunch3r – Coronal mass ejection Zeno Remix (Gamma Audio)
24. Zeno – Stay together (Betamorph)
25. Zeno – Aardshark (dub)
26. Zeno & Serv One – ??? (dub)
27. Number nin6 – She (Migration)
28. Starkey – Stars Feat Anneka (Planet Mu)
29. Zeno – Reboot Funk(dub)
30. Zeno – The Tuner (Dirty Circuit)