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The Spit Brothers mix it up for 2010

Bakir & Dubsworth form The Spit Brothers, a duo based in San Francisco focusing on the use of live instruments in bass music who just put out a mix for 2010 that has more exclusives than a Washington DC dinner party.  The two are prolific and write excellent music using Dubsworth’s guitar skills & Bakir’s various talents on instruments like the clavinet, trumpet, flugelhorn, and keys.  Oh, and also bass.  Lots of bass.  Highlights on this come from their own label Dubs Alive along with releases on Brap Dem, Full Melt and Sub Life.  Lots of the tracks on this are slated for release on a Spit Brothers full-length album coming sometime in the future so keep your eyes out for that one.

This music draws from all sounds: synthesizers, samples, instruments, vocals, pretty much anything.  For your eardrums.  Click the arrow on the widget below to download this one.

TSB 2010 MIX by Bakir (The Spit Brothers)

1. 00:00 The Spit Brothers – No Curfew (dub)
2. 02:40 Dubsworth feat. Bakir – Not The One (DZ Remix)
3. 05:55 The Spit Brothers – Some Of The Time (dub)
4. 10:00 Liquid Stranger – Dub Missile
5. 12:48 The Spit Brothers – Beg To Differ (dub)
6. 15:38 Wascal feat. Dubsworth – Mustang (dub)
7. 17:45 Luthor – M Grow (Bakir Remix) (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
8. 20:27 The Spit Brothers – By The Fire (dub)
9. 24:06 The Spit Brothers – No Curfew (Djunya Remix)
10. 27:20 The Spit Brothers – Single Coil (dub)
11. 30:15 Dubsworth – No More (dub)
12. 32:45 The Spit Brothers – Lazy Left (dub)
13. 36:05 Luekino feat. Paulie Rhyme – The Key (Dubsworth Remix)(forthcoming Sub Life)
14. 38:00 Bakir and DZ – Late Departure (forthcoming Brap Dem)
15. 41:40 Dubsworth – Funny Walkin (dub)
16. 44:20 The Spit Brothers – Practical Smoker (dub)
17. 46:35 Dubsworth feat. Bakir- Done Gone There (dub)
18. 48:42 Bakir and Rozanski – Untitled (dub)
19. 50:58 Bakir and Rozanski – ???? (dub)
20. 53:10 The Spit Brothers – Splint Fingers (dub)
21. 54:24 Bakir – Going Down Slow (forthcoming Full Melt)
22. 57:50 Bakir and DZ – Into The Fog (forthcoming Brap Dem)
23. 59:40 The Spit Brothers – King Me (forthcoming Dubs Alive


RESO w/ Blackheart, Ripple, and Boggle

Title: RESO w/ blackheart, ripple, and boggle
Location: Paradise Lounge (map & info)
Description: The full melt crew comes out along with RESO from the UK for what is sure to be a wobble fest.
Date: 2009-03-12
Tickets: RSVP @ going