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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 034 07.05.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring Blipswitch

This show featuring Blipswitch Digital, a label run by J. Rogers here in San Francisco that seeks to combine Dub Techno and Dubstep.  New music inside coming from Terror Danjah, SubReachers, Digital Mystikz, Al Tourettes and more.

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Digital Mystikz – Unexpected (DMZ)
SubReachers – Algarve
Matt Shadetek – Hybrid Orchid (Dutty Artz)
Low Density Matter – Blue Street (Keysound)
Pulsar – Contemplation
Darqwan – JahWan (Tectonic)
Hatcha – Dirtee Tek (Special Branch)
DOK ft Terror Danjah – Hysteria (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Digital Mystikz – Mountain Dread March (DMZ)
EshOne – U Boat (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)

– Blipswitch Feature –
J. Rogers & Kenneth Scott – Transparentech
J. Rogers & Kevin Wall – Manifesto
Process Rebel – Call Me Bloodfire (J. Rogers & Archetypewriter remix)
J. Rogers & Antiserum – Evil Spirits
Coalition of the Killing – We Are The Glitch (Eskmo remix)
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club (Bakir remix)
Nate Mars ft Jahdan – Above and Beyond Dem
Daega Sound – SOS
Dhyan Moller – Lost in 3s (DJG remix)

Jericho – Judas (L2S)
SBTRKT & SAMPHA – Break Off (Ramp)
Resketch & Submerse – Only (forthcoming Well Rounded)
Jack Dixon – Seventy Six
KingThing – La-Di-Da
Gremino – Shining (Jam City remix) (Car Crash Set)
Kalbata – Wallabee (Cosmin TRG remix) (Double Science)
SBTRKT – 2020 (Brainmath)
George FitzGerald – Weakness (forthcoming Hotflush)
Mele – And Of The Son (Mixpak)
Guido – Cat In The Window (Punch Drunk)
Terror Danjah – Horror Story (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Terror Danjah – Ride 4 Me (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Jakes – Time Ends (Tectonic)
Borja – Sword of Truth (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
Joe – Untitled (Apple Pips)
Al Tourettes – When I Rust I Rest (If Symptoms Persist)
Digital Mystikz – Livin Different (DMZ)
SubReachers – 200G
Deli – Gherkin (Geiomix) (Berkane Sol)
L-ow – Diver (forthcoming Project Squared)
SubReachers – Seven Beat Slowpoke

Feature: Blipswitch Digital

Blipswitch has been a personal favorite record label for a while with its infectious blend of dubstep and dub techno.  Releases tend to have techno remixes of dubstep tunes or vice versa leading to diverse tracks on a single EP.  Label head Joe Rogers took a moment to introduce the label in this short interview.

SNF: How’d you end up in electronic music?

JR: When I was younger, I was into the mainstream stuff like everyone else (Chemical Bros, Prodigy, etc, etc).  A few years later, when I was 14, I was lucky enough to spend the summer in Switzerland, and started going to some clubs there (the age restrictions there are quite a bit looser, obviously).  At that time, progressive trance was the sound, and I had never heard anything like it before.  But in particular, I had never seen/heard a performance by a proper DJ.  I remember turning to my friend at one point and saying, “man, this music is pretty cool, but damn this song is long, it’s been on for like 30 minutes.”  Naive, I know..  When my friend explained what the DJ was doing, I was floored.  The fact that this guy was going from track-to-track so seamlessly that I couldn’t even hear where one thing ended and the next started really blew me away.  I’ve been an addict ever since. (And no, I don’t listen to progressive trance anymore :)

SNF: What was your path to starting Blipswitch?

JR: I first started getting into the electronic scene again (after spending 4 years in music school working on composition and conducting) when I stumbled on KONTROL at the endup.  The minimal sound that was big back then was brand new, and was very exciting to me.  So I started going to a ton of techno shows, but always had a hard time finding parties except by word of mouth.  I knew about Groundscore and BayRaves, but there really wasn’t an equivalent website for techno in SF.  So I started with Sean McLucas to fill that gap.  When that blew up, we started doing monthly parties at 222 Hyde as a part of the 222uesdays series.  When that blew up, I started the label.  I had already made plans for all of this to happen, but things certainly progressed about five times as fast as I had expected.  It’s been quite a ride.

SNF: Why did you decide to combine Dub Techno and Dubstep in the label?

JR: When I joined Surya Dub originally, I was mainly coming in on the business side, to help with promotions and general business stuff.  At that time, dubstep was still fairly new to me, and to be completely honest, I didn’t like it all that much.  But then when the dubstep/techno thing started happening with the first 2562 album and Headhunter, etc, it started making sense to me.  Kush Arora from SD crew would also throw in some 4/4 techno in his sets, which was impressive to me.  Eventually, I found a way to make the sound work for me in my own way.  I like playing straight techno sometimes, or straight dubstep if it’s proper.  But I’m most happy mixing the two, whether it be DJ sets, production, or signing stuff to the label.  It’s just good business too, as having both sounds allows you to pull from each of the different audiences and increase musical attention from one side to the other.  Well…. it’s supposed to work that way anyway..  I think a lot of people in the scene need to pull their head out of their ass and stop being so wedded to one sound.  To take techno as an example, we’re talking about a sub-niche within a sub-niche (electronic/dance music), within a sub-niche (underground music)…  Unless people want to keep it that way, people need to learn to come together better and support other kinds of electronic music.  United we stand, divided we fall.. or something like that..  Anyway, bringing the musics together is what I’m about it, and that’s what Blipswitch is about.  And it will stay that way as long as I’m running things.

SNF: What can we look forward to from you and Blipswitch?

JR: I’ll be releasing a few things coming up, a Daega Sound Remix, a new track with Leon.  I’ll continue doing the twice-a-year Blipswitch Mixed compilations, which do very well.  Other than that man, I’ll have my nose in the books for the next three years out in small-town USA.  In July, I’m actually moving to Concord, New Hampshire to begin law school, and will have left SF probably by the time you’re reading this.  But don’t panic.  I’ve got A&R people in SF, LA, Miami, Vancouver, Dallas, New York, and Amsterdam that will be setting up Blipswitch releases for the next few years.  I already have the release schedule built through March 2011 from my own signings (yeah, I think that far ahead), but after that, my people are going to take over.  As a result of the worldwide area we’ll be covering and the different tastes each person will bring to the table, I expect the label’s sound to grow very much.  I’ll still have the deciding vote up or down on whether or not we’re going to sign something, but definitely expect growth in the Blipswitch sound.  Big things on the way, expect the best!

SNF: Thanks!

If you want to pick up some Blipswitch material, check out their back catalog on Juno:


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 033 06.28.10 on Dubstep.FM

New sounds inside coming from EshOne, Distal, SubReachers, Pulsar, L-ow, Borja & more.  Little deep medi vinyl session for fun, and as usual sounds coming from all over the place. If you’re in the SF area, come out tonight for a live session from me along these lines.

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King Midas Sound – Earth a Kill Ya (Hyperdub)
EshOne – Anti Oil Spill Dub (free online)
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)
SubReachers – 200G
Quest – The Unknown (Deep Medi)
Silkie – Concrete Jungle (Deep Medi)
Skream – Backwards (Deep Medi)
Pulsar – Contemplation
J. Rogers – Composite (Blipswitch)
L-ow – Pinpoint (forthcoming Project Squared)
Helix – Vrai
Joe – Untitled (Apple Pips)
Borja – Disowning the Self (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
Planas – Roots Music (Immerse)
James Blake – CMYK (R&S)
Albert – Side Showin’
Calibre – Tenopause (Deep Medi)
EshOne – Die Cast (free online)
Distal – Eel
Brackles & Shortstuff – Pipey D (Blunted Robots)
Martin Kemp – Wot U Got (Blunted Robots)
Gremino – Be & See (Car Crash Set)
Mr Mageeka – Different Lekstrix (Numbers)
Greenmoney ft Lady Chann – Political Hype (Fools Gold)
Poirier ft Face T – Enemies (Sticky remix) (NinjaTune)
Ill Blu – Dragon Pop (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Dubbel Dutch – Throwback (Palms Out)
Marcus Price & Carli – Var E Naaaken (Bok Bok remix) (Palms Out)
Distal – Apple Bottom
Mele – Bombay (Nadastrom remix) (Mixpak)
Bok Bok – Dance Report (Enchufada)
Simple – tapemachine
George FitzGerald – Weakness (forthcoming HotflushTwo)
L-ow – Diver (forthcoming Project Squared)
Sepalcure – Down (Hotflush)
Scuba – Tense (dBridge remix) (Hotshore)
Vaccine – Ochre (Nonplus)
Kid Simple – For Real


Surya Dub 3 year with Poirier, Maneesh, Kid Kameleon, Ripley, Kush Arora and more

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: Poirier makes music that sits somewhere between dubstep, dancehall, downtempo and other great music that starts with d. Big support from the Surya Dub crew.
Date: 2010-05-29
Tickets: $10 advance, $15 door.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 014 02.15.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFAll manner of basswise vibrations in this epsiode, including new tracks from Sepalcure, Zeno, Nebulla & Soroka, J. Rogers, Idlemode, ReSketch, KingThing, and more.  This one has some serious heat inside, tons of personal favorites.  This is a lighter episode soundwise with no really grimy/wobbly bits, also lots of tunes based around love and loving sounds, probably some lingering valentine’s day in the air.

This show every week, Monday nights from 6-8pm PST (GMT -8), or catch the archives in podcast format here:

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Sepalcure – Love Pressure
Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches (Black Acre)
Autopilot – Temporalysis (free online)
Deadbeat – Vampire Dub (Echocord)
Zeno and Zulu – DJ Machine
Nebulla & Soroka – Nitetime (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
Marcus Visionary – Mabaruma (Liondub International)
Threnody – Intake (free online)
Kuedo – Starfox (Planet Mu)
Process Rebel – Call Me Bloodfire (J. Rogers & Archetypewriter Remix) (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Geiom and Dawntreader – Toscani (Double Science)
Idlemode – Please
Jibberish – Panther Moderns (free online)
ReSketch – Connected
Greymatter – Believe in Something (TRG Remix) (Unique Uncut)
Jack Dixon – Somebody Said They Saw You
KingThing – Mad Hatter
Sepalcure – Down
Duncan Powell – Came Into View (L2S Recordings)
Sclist – Hollow (Frijsfo)
Furesshu – Horizons (forthcoming Project Squared)
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Clubroot – Eastern Promise (free online, or used to be)
Rivel – Love For Life (Metamorphosis)
Bonobo – Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix) (free online)
Kloke – Aquarius (Entrada)
Mosca – Square One (L-Vis 1990 Relix) (Night Slugs)
Kingdom ft Shyvonne – Mind Reader (Bok Bok Remix) (Fool’s Gold)
ID & Baobinga – Hush Up Riddim (forthcoming)
EshOne – Float
HxdB – Immediate Media (Disco Assault VIP) (forthcoming Betamorph)
Swarms – Hypnotise (forthcoming SubDepth)
Desto – Disappearing Reappearing Ink (Ramp)
Clueless – Santa Cruz (L2S Recordings)
B. Bravo – Swing My Way Remix (free online)
Aiton – Lovers Dub (Abucs)
Fantastic Mr Fox – Brickabrac (Black Acre)
Bills (Harmonimix) (whitelabel)
F – Energy Distortion (7even)
Cosmic Revenge – Aurora
TMSV – Future History (forthcoming Tube10)
SubReachers – From Point A to B
Daega Sound – You Make Me Feel (forthcoming Formant)
ReSketch – Places Like This
Sepalcure – Takin You Back
Submerse – Lost U (free online)
Starkey – Hold It (free online)
Pupajim – I Am a Robot (Jahtari)


Kokostep with J. Rogers, Bakir, Rozanski, and Zapruderpedro

Location: Koko Cocktails (map & info)
Description: Kokostep continues with a Blipswitch / Dubs Alive night from J. Rogers, Bakir and Rozanski and support from Zapruderpedro.
Date: 2010-02-24
Tickets: free  :)


TONIGHT: Food For Soul Haiti Benefit with Blackheart, The Spit Brothers, J. Rogers, and many more

Location: Red Sky Records (map & info)
Description: Come eat and party with plenty of DJs this evening. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.
Date: 2010-01-22
Tickets: Donations.


Deeper with Nikola Baytala, J. Rogers and Tommy Lexxus

Location: 222 Hyde (map & inf0)
Description: Techno and dubstep fusion night with Kontrol resident Nikola Baytala and Tommy Lexxus of Bassism Records holding down the dubstep.
Date: 2010-02-05
Tickets: Free before 10, $5 before 11, $10 after.


Rave Nu World with Jakes, Benny Page, An-Ten-Nae, Redline Residents and many more

Location: Underground MOVED TO CLUB 6
Description: HENCH Records head Jakes and Benny Page come to clash along with massive support from a huge lineup. Full lineup below:


organic & vegan food
bar for 21+
clothing vendors
live artists
lazers & visuals in every room
Date: 2010-01-29
Tickets: $15 presale at Red Sky Records or here.


Deeper with David Siska, Jon Holiday and residents

Location: 222 Hyde (map & info)
Description: Jon Holiday on a 3 turntable set on this one co-headlining with David Siska bringing an eclectic blend of electronic dance music flavors. Start the new year deep.
Date: 2010-01-01
Tickets: Free before 10, $10 after.


Bassism Records with J. Rogers, Arson, Ivry, Lexxus, and more

Location: The Cellar (map & info)
Description: Bassism records comes with another big monthly with Blipswitch honcho J. Rogers and support.
Date: 2009-12-03
Tickets: ??

Check out this mix by J. Rogers for a taste.