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Sam Supa – Dub Machine (Exclusive Mix)

Sam Supa (Brapdem, Grime City, Surefire) described this mix as “a true spectrum of all the Dubstep I play and what is good in music right now” and I have to agree.  Straight out the gates it’s serious with Wachs Lyrical’s “Fear VIP,” but that’s just a foreshadowing of what’s to come as it fades into deeper tunes.  Constantly through the mix Sam is taking you on a journey, in and out of darkness, showcasing various vibes in dance music.  This to me is what makes a good mix, flexing all aspects of music to produce something that cycles in and out of intensity.  I was thinking about this at the recent “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass” festival here in San Francisco where the musicians also used mellow, sparse introductions juxtaposed with more beat-heavy danceable sections to get people in the groove.  I feel like this is fundamental to well-executed dance music and this mix is a very good example.

Highlights of this for me are the intro from Wachs Lyrical, the DJG collaborations with XI and Headhunter, Eprom’s robotic glitchy track “Humanoid,” Eskmo’s bit off the Hypercolor EP (look for more from him soon on Planet Mu), Zeno’s fresh track and a Brapdem signing “Lazer Wolf 2010,” Djunya’s metallic, primal dancehall killer “Full Circle,” and Kozee’s 20,000 leagues deep tune “Sugar Loaf.”  After Kozee comes James Blake’s “Air & Lack Thereof” and this may be the best blend into the track I’ve ever heard, perfect example of going from one vibe to another seamlessly.

Featured in this mix is Skulltrane’s “This One Called Dub,” recently out on MalLabel.  They also distributed a couple free MP3s with this release, fans of the dirty sound should check these out:

Skulltrane – This One Called Dub (HD4000 Remix)

Skulltrane – Mirror Elements

Now for the audio:

Sam Supa - Dub Machine


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1. Fear VIP – Wachs Lyrical – DUBSAW
2. Synchopath – Dub Fiend – DUB
3. Better With You – DJ Madd – BOKA
4. Putney Says – DJG & XI  – forthcoming SUREFIRE SOUND
5. Dark Entity – Wachs Lyrical  – DUBSAW
6. Twilight – Distance – forthcoming CHESTPLATE
7. Justice – Jakes – forthcoming SIN CITY
8. Guitar Hero – Skream – forthcoming SIN CITY
9. Humanoid – Eprom  – DUB
10. Grit Your Teeth – Kutz  -DUB
11. Pump Action – Chimpo – forthcoming SIN CITY
12. Kamikaze – Antiserum & No Thing  – DUB
13. Dream I’m Flying – Eskmo – ANCESTOR
14. Lazer Wolf 2010 – Zeno – forthcoming BRAP DEM RECORDINGS
15. Work That Box – Jay Bird – KRAKEN
16. Torso – NTRLD & Measure D – DUB
17. This One Called Dub – Skulltrane – MALLABEL MUSIC
18. Under Mi Sensi – 6Blocc & Dread Fox – DUB
19. Friend – Natty King and RedBud (Kush Aurora Remix) – DUB
20. Dub King Killah – Earlyworm (Roommate Remix) – VOLTAGE
21. Dub Spot Riddim – Zed Bias – SIDESTEPPER RECORDINGS
22. Full Circle – Djunya – forthcoming BRAP DEM RECORDINGS
23. How To Move – Sharmaji  – DUB
24. Spacecake – DJG & Headhunter – forthcoming WHEEL & DEAL
25. Sugar Loaf – Kozee – forthcoming BADMAN PRESS
26. Air Lack Thereof – James Blake -  HEMLOCK RECORDINGS
27. Free Me – Matt-U  – SCUM RECORDINGS
28. Bad – L.D. – HYPERDUB



J. Rogers Blipswitch Mixed (dub techno vs dubstep)

Blipswitch Mixed 2009J. Rogers from the Blipswitch label put together this excellent mix that takes you in and out of dub techno and dubstep, in their typical style.  Some big tunes inside cataloging the last year or so of Blipswitch releases.  The tracklist is big, with entries from DZ, DJG, J. Rogers, Kush Arora, and many more.  It clocks in at about 53 minutes with a relatively short tracklist but there some epic blends in this so the pace is good.  One for the techno lovers.  Give it a listen:

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1. Blipswitch Mixed 2009 – Part I (Full Length DJ Mix)
2. J.Rogers – Crowd Walk
3. J.Rogers & ROZANSKI – Morocco (Original Mix)
4. J.Rogers & ROZANSKI – Morocco (Kenneth Scott Hashishan Mix)
5. zar-aza – Afternoon (J.Rogers Aztec Summit Mix)
6. Dhyan Moller – Quirkey Donkey (Original Mix)
7. J.Rogers – Meditation Point (Original Mix)
8. COTK/Coalition of the Killing – You Are Everything Also (J.Rogers Everything Is Nothing Too Mix)
9. DZ – Hella (J.Rogers Stepped Tech Mix)
10. DZ – Hella (Original Mix)
11. J.Rogers & ROZANSKI – Morocco (Kush Arora Dealbreaker Mix)
12. COTK – Psychobabble (ROZANSKI Remix)
13. COTK – We Are The Glitch (DJG Remix)

Download this mix.

J. Rogers also made the tracks inside easy to purchase as a whole if you’re interested, check it out here:


Dub Mission ft Kush Arora, MC Zulu, The Spit Brothers and DJ Sep

Location: Elbo Room (map & info)
Description: This one diverse with Dub, Dancehall, live Dubstep, vocals from MC Zulu, UK Funky, Dread Bass, and other booty-shaking music. Dub mission gonna be live this night in a soundsystem style.
Date: 2009-10-11
Tickets: $8 advance @ brownpaper or jambase, $10 door.


Dubstepped Radio Episode 004

Dubstepped Radio
Yes yes, it’s the fourth episode of Dubstepped Radio.  I had to take a bit of a hiatus making them but we’re back in action.  This one’s heavily vocal with the talents of Jahdan Blakkamoore, Winstrong, Sky-I, MC Zulu, Rankin Scroo, DJ Collage, Jammer and Badness on the mic.  It starts off with some 2steppy rhythms by a trio of Texas producers and then moves into some synthy futuristic ’step from KidLogic and Zeno, a vocal bashment session, some club rhythms and a reggaeish outro.  Big!

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DS Radio 004 Tracklist:

01 – Fragile – Into the Night (Creative Space)
02 – FBOM – Vo Wacune (unreleased)
03 – Sines – Deja Vu (free tune)
04 – Zeno – The Tuner (Dirty Circuit)
05 – KidLogic – Dead Battery (unreleased)
06 – Noah D – Got U Now (Subway)
07 – Silverlink ft Jammer & Badness – The Message Is Love (Starkey Remix) (No Hats No Hoods)
08 – Nate Mars ft Jahdan Blakkamoore – Above & Beyond Dem (forthcoming “Concentric Circles”)
09 – Kush Arora ft MC Zulu – Lose Control (Kush Arora Productions)
10 – Winstrong & Sky-I – Big Up (Benga – Music Box) (unreleased)
11 – NTRLD & Thurgood – Pills (Double Drop Recordings)
12 – Blackheart – Dazed (unreleased)
13 – Austin Speed – Full Clip (Rogue Dubs)
14 – HD4000 – Jekal (forthcoming Mal Label Music)
15 – Megalodon – Apollo (unreleased)
16 – Kid Simple – Where You Left (Double Drop Recordings)
17 – Emu and Pawn – Gone (Perk Recordings)
18 – Rankin Scroo – My Trees (unreleased)
19 – Radikal Guru – Strong Dub (Dubbed Out)
20 – The Spit Brothers – Roll and Tumble VIP (Dubs Alive)
21 – DJ Sep & Jason Short ft DJ Collage – Get Your Dub Wet (Daly City Records)






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Lastly this is the first time I’ve distributed this podcast as an “enhanced podcast” in mp4 (m4a) format with built-in cover art and tracklist.  Please get back at me if you have any problems with this new access mode or if you want me to post a standard mp3 and I’ll get right on it.


Disco vs Dubstep with Djunya, Kush Arora, Kid Kameleon and more

Location: Poleng Lounge (map & info)
Description: Fourth entry in the Disco vs Dubstep series with Djunya, Kid Kameleon and Kush Arora.  Disco from Sergio and Chris Orr, free for 21+.
Date: 2009-09-16
Tickets: $5 for 18+, free for 21+


Kush Arora Boiling Over EP Release Party with Maneesh the Twister, Fluorescent Gray, and many more

Description: Kush Arora celebrates his second major release of 2009 at Club Six in the Bassment.
Club Six (map & info)
Tickets: $10

Jus Wan Live at the Night Kitchen in SF

Jega, Kush Arora and Jus Wan threw down excellent sets at The Night Kitchen last Friday, and Jus Wan’s has been recorded and posted thanks to Staypuft.  I had a great time at this show and listening back this set is top notch mixing and selections.  Respect due.

Check out Jus Wan opening for Pinch at the next surefire.  Not to be missed.

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1. Jus Wan – Noir – Dub
2. DJG – Avoid The Noid [Headhunter Remix] – Pushing Red Dub
3. Jack Sparrow feat Biggins – The Fullest – Tectonic
4. Joe – Rut – Hessle
5. Headhunter – Sex @ The Prom – Tempa Dub
6. 2562 – Third Wave – Tectonic
7. F – On The Corner – Dub
8. Jus Wan – Glimmer – Tube10 Dub
9. Jus Wan – Level – Tube10 Dub
10. DJG – Lichen – Dub
11. Daega Sound – Forest Floor – Dub
12. Andrea – Temper Tantrum – Daphne
13. El B – Son De Cali – Soul Motive
14. Jus Wan – Dreamin – Tube10 Dub
15. Ghost – The Spooks – Ghost



Kush Arora – Boiling Over EP

Local Dread Bass champion Kush Arora has a new EP coming out soon fresh on the heels of Dread Bass Chronicles that dropped earlier this year.  Included are a couple of the riddims that were used on Dread Bass Chronicles (Boiling Over and SF Shuffle Riddim), two collaborations with NYC’s Sub Swara, and tunes with SF’s J. Rogers, Rozanski, and The Spit Brothers.  Diverse basswise sounds.  To promote the release one of the tracks is being handed out for free, grab it here.  There’s an excellent writeup over on the Six Degrees blog Global Noize so check that out too.The EP hits the shelves September 8th so keep a lookout over at Record Label, check that link for full audio previews also.

Night Kitchen with Jega, Jus Wan, Kush Arora and Staypuft vs Harbour

Location: Li Po Lounge (map & info)
Description: Manchester-based electronica guru Jega comes along with local help from Jus Wan, Kush Arora, Staypuft and Harbour to make a very nice and diverse lineup. Sounds solid.

10-10:40: staypuft vs. harbour
10:40-11:30: kush arora
11:30-12:20: jus wan
12:20-close: jega
Date: 2009-08-22
$10 at the door


Bassnectar, Boreta, An-Ten-Nae, Kush Arora, and more

BassnectarLocation: 103 Harriet St (map & info)
Description: A night of bass on the glitchy side headlined by Bassnectar. Extreme.
Date: 2009-05-15
Tickets: $25 at the door

Full lineup:


10pm – 5am