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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 034 07.05.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring Blipswitch

This show featuring Blipswitch Digital, a label run by J. Rogers here in San Francisco that seeks to combine Dub Techno and Dubstep.  New music inside coming from Terror Danjah, SubReachers, Digital Mystikz, Al Tourettes and more.

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Digital Mystikz – Unexpected (DMZ)
SubReachers – Algarve
Matt Shadetek – Hybrid Orchid (Dutty Artz)
Low Density Matter – Blue Street (Keysound)
Pulsar – Contemplation
Darqwan – JahWan (Tectonic)
Hatcha – Dirtee Tek (Special Branch)
DOK ft Terror Danjah – Hysteria (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Digital Mystikz – Mountain Dread March (DMZ)
EshOne – U Boat (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)

– Blipswitch Feature –
J. Rogers & Kenneth Scott – Transparentech
J. Rogers & Kevin Wall – Manifesto
Process Rebel – Call Me Bloodfire (J. Rogers & Archetypewriter remix)
J. Rogers & Antiserum – Evil Spirits
Coalition of the Killing – We Are The Glitch (Eskmo remix)
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club (Bakir remix)
Nate Mars ft Jahdan – Above and Beyond Dem
Daega Sound – SOS
Dhyan Moller – Lost in 3s (DJG remix)

Jericho – Judas (L2S)
SBTRKT & SAMPHA – Break Off (Ramp)
Resketch & Submerse – Only (forthcoming Well Rounded)
Jack Dixon – Seventy Six
KingThing – La-Di-Da
Gremino – Shining (Jam City remix) (Car Crash Set)
Kalbata – Wallabee (Cosmin TRG remix) (Double Science)
SBTRKT – 2020 (Brainmath)
George FitzGerald – Weakness (forthcoming Hotflush)
Mele – And Of The Son (Mixpak)
Guido – Cat In The Window (Punch Drunk)
Terror Danjah – Horror Story (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Terror Danjah – Ride 4 Me (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Jakes – Time Ends (Tectonic)
Borja – Sword of Truth (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
Joe – Untitled (Apple Pips)
Al Tourettes – When I Rust I Rest (If Symptoms Persist)
Digital Mystikz – Livin Different (DMZ)
SubReachers – 200G
Deli – Gherkin (Geiomix) (Berkane Sol)
L-ow – Diver (forthcoming Project Squared)
SubReachers – Seven Beat Slowpoke

Feature: Blipswitch Digital

Blipswitch has been a personal favorite record label for a while with its infectious blend of dubstep and dub techno.  Releases tend to have techno remixes of dubstep tunes or vice versa leading to diverse tracks on a single EP.  Label head Joe Rogers took a moment to introduce the label in this short interview.

SNF: How’d you end up in electronic music?

JR: When I was younger, I was into the mainstream stuff like everyone else (Chemical Bros, Prodigy, etc, etc).  A few years later, when I was 14, I was lucky enough to spend the summer in Switzerland, and started going to some clubs there (the age restrictions there are quite a bit looser, obviously).  At that time, progressive trance was the sound, and I had never heard anything like it before.  But in particular, I had never seen/heard a performance by a proper DJ.  I remember turning to my friend at one point and saying, “man, this music is pretty cool, but damn this song is long, it’s been on for like 30 minutes.”  Naive, I know..  When my friend explained what the DJ was doing, I was floored.  The fact that this guy was going from track-to-track so seamlessly that I couldn’t even hear where one thing ended and the next started really blew me away.  I’ve been an addict ever since. (And no, I don’t listen to progressive trance anymore :)

SNF: What was your path to starting Blipswitch?

JR: I first started getting into the electronic scene again (after spending 4 years in music school working on composition and conducting) when I stumbled on KONTROL at the endup.  The minimal sound that was big back then was brand new, and was very exciting to me.  So I started going to a ton of techno shows, but always had a hard time finding parties except by word of mouth.  I knew about Groundscore and BayRaves, but there really wasn’t an equivalent website for techno in SF.  So I started with Sean McLucas to fill that gap.  When that blew up, we started doing monthly parties at 222 Hyde as a part of the 222uesdays series.  When that blew up, I started the label.  I had already made plans for all of this to happen, but things certainly progressed about five times as fast as I had expected.  It’s been quite a ride.

SNF: Why did you decide to combine Dub Techno and Dubstep in the label?

JR: When I joined Surya Dub originally, I was mainly coming in on the business side, to help with promotions and general business stuff.  At that time, dubstep was still fairly new to me, and to be completely honest, I didn’t like it all that much.  But then when the dubstep/techno thing started happening with the first 2562 album and Headhunter, etc, it started making sense to me.  Kush Arora from SD crew would also throw in some 4/4 techno in his sets, which was impressive to me.  Eventually, I found a way to make the sound work for me in my own way.  I like playing straight techno sometimes, or straight dubstep if it’s proper.  But I’m most happy mixing the two, whether it be DJ sets, production, or signing stuff to the label.  It’s just good business too, as having both sounds allows you to pull from each of the different audiences and increase musical attention from one side to the other.  Well…. it’s supposed to work that way anyway..  I think a lot of people in the scene need to pull their head out of their ass and stop being so wedded to one sound.  To take techno as an example, we’re talking about a sub-niche within a sub-niche (electronic/dance music), within a sub-niche (underground music)…  Unless people want to keep it that way, people need to learn to come together better and support other kinds of electronic music.  United we stand, divided we fall.. or something like that..  Anyway, bringing the musics together is what I’m about it, and that’s what Blipswitch is about.  And it will stay that way as long as I’m running things.

SNF: What can we look forward to from you and Blipswitch?

JR: I’ll be releasing a few things coming up, a Daega Sound Remix, a new track with Leon.  I’ll continue doing the twice-a-year Blipswitch Mixed compilations, which do very well.  Other than that man, I’ll have my nose in the books for the next three years out in small-town USA.  In July, I’m actually moving to Concord, New Hampshire to begin law school, and will have left SF probably by the time you’re reading this.  But don’t panic.  I’ve got A&R people in SF, LA, Miami, Vancouver, Dallas, New York, and Amsterdam that will be setting up Blipswitch releases for the next few years.  I already have the release schedule built through March 2011 from my own signings (yeah, I think that far ahead), but after that, my people are going to take over.  As a result of the worldwide area we’ll be covering and the different tastes each person will bring to the table, I expect the label’s sound to grow very much.  I’ll still have the deciding vote up or down on whether or not we’re going to sign something, but definitely expect growth in the Blipswitch sound.  Big things on the way, expect the best!

SNF: Thanks!

If you want to pick up some Blipswitch material, check out their back catalog on Juno:


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 032 06.21.10 on Dubstep.FM

Back in SF for this program with loads of new sounds as usual, this time coming from Simple, Albert, Distal, EshOne, Bert on Beats, George FitzGerald, Sticky and loads more.  Thanks again to Yong and Helix on the cover show last week, that one was great.

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Simple – Dube
Albert – Side Showin’
EshOne – Anti Oil Spill Dub
Versa – Revival Dub
Djunya – Dawn (forthcoming Brap Dem)
El Rakkas – I&I (XI Remix) (Lo Dubs)
Mungos Hi Fi – International Roots Dub (Scotch Bonnet)
Mungos Hi Fi ft Earl 16 – International Roots (Scotch Bonnet)
Mungos Hi Fi ft Black Warrior – Buffalo Soldier (Scotch Bonnet)
Mungos Hi Fi ft YT – Scream (Scotch Bonnet)
LV & Errol Bellot – Dub Judge
Guido – Mad Sax (Punch Drunk)
Deli – Gherkin (Geiomix) (Berkane Sol)
Starkey – Neck Snap (Planet Mu)
Matt Shadetek – Hybrid Orchid (Dutty Artz)
Andrea – You Still Got Me (Daphne)
Joe – Claptrap (Hessle)
Benga – Baltimore Clap (Tempa)
Benga – Baltimore Clap (Bert on Beats Remix)
Distal – Apple Bottom
George FitzGerald – Weakness (forthcoming Hotflush)
Sepalcure – The Warning (Hotflush)
Lemonade – Lifted (Shortstuff remix) (True Panther)
Poirier ft Face T – Enemies (Sticky remix) (Ninja Tune)
Ill Blu – Dragon Pop (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Jamtech Foundation – Run the Track
Lady Chann – Eye Too Fast (Girls Music)
Lil Silva – Seasons (Night Slugs)
Mele – Digits
Ital Tek – Infinity (Planet Mu)
Bok Bok – Dance Report (Enchufada)
Simple – Tapemachine
Resketch & Submerse – Only (forthcoming Well Rounded)
Lecs – No Names (Wascal vocal mix)
Cosmic Revenge – Hurricane Blues (Fortified Audio)
Calibre – Tenopause (Deep Medi)
Lost – Disgustin Justin (Hench)
Kulture – Screaming Frog (Disfigured Dubs)
Wachs Lyrical – Dynasty (forthcoming Brap Dem)
EshOne – U Boat (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
XI – The Ghost (Headhunter remix) (Orca)
Africa HiTech – Too Late
Yabby You – Together (Grove Music)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 012 02.01.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFBit of darkness in this show.  Mini reggae session with new tunes from Dub Gabriel, Rob Smith & 6blocc vs Pacheko, samplers of the forthcoming ID & Baobinga album, brand new material from Jack Dixon, Rumblejazz, Zeno, EshOne, Daega Sound, and loads of fresh releases.   Every week, Mondays @ 6pm PST Dubstep.FM is the place to be.

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Jack Dixon – Somebody Said They Saw You (unreleased)
ID & Baobinga – Hush Up Riddim (forthcoming)
Bukkha – Armageddon (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
Dub Gabriel vs U Roy – Luv n’ Liv (Timeblind Remix) (forthcoming Destroy All Concepts)
Rob Smith ft Gaddiel – Living In Unity (Unearthed)
Pinch – One Blood One Source (Distance Remix) (Tectonic)
Subatomic Sound System & Dubblestandart vs Lee Perry & Jahdan Blakkamoore – Respect My Shit (Subatomic Sound)
Pacheko – Lockdown (6blocc Refix) (Seclusiasis)
MA1 – I’m Right Here (N-Type Remix) (free online)
Kid Simple – Fresh Like (Zeno Remix) (forthcoming Double Drop)
Desto – Wizard of Wor (Noppa)
Destiny’s Child – Bills (Harmonimix) (whitelabel)
Desto – Cold VIP (Noppa)
Jack Dixon – We Had A Better Life (unreleased)
Mark K B – Panic Attack (Rumblejazz Remix) (unreleased)
Geiom – Classic Rewinds (Double Science)
F – Energy Distortion (Untold Remix) (7even)
EshOne – Toast Burned (unreleased)
Zomby – The Lie (Ramp)
Desto – Dark Matter (Noppa)
ID & Baobinga – Inland (forthcoming)
EchoWanderer – Eruption Dub (Rogue Dubs)
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club (unreleased)
Tribal – Super Ambient Audio (unreleased)
MNUVR ft Werd2Jah – Afternoon Dubs VIP (unreleased)
ID & Baobinga – Still Tippin (forthcoming)
Loefah – It’s Yours (Ringo)
Aiton – Lovers Dub (Abucs)
Daega Sound – Silver Dawn (forthcoming Formant)
F – Energy Distortion (7even)
RX – Fire Flies (Subdepth)
SubReachers – From Point A to B (unreleased)
Pangaea – Why (Hessle)
DJ Rupture and Matt Shadetek – Under Water High Rise (The Agriculture)
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (Punch Drunk)
Swarms – Hypnotize (unreleased)
Forsaken ft Ben Blackmore – Calles Traseras (unreleased)
Pangaea – Neurons (Hessle)
Martin Kemp – Aztec (Blunted Robots)
Mr. Gasparov – Singularity (unreleased)
Daega Sound – Kane’s Son (Blipswitch)
Versa – Killah (Filthy Digital)
The Widder – Go Ask Alice (unreleased)
MusSck – The Town Made Of Clouds (Daly City Records)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 009 01.11.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFHuge episode here!  New tunes from Actraiser, Instinct, TMSV, SubReachers, Swarms, The Widdler, Jahdan Blakkamoore, NastyNasty, Megalodon, Distal, Materielle, Daega Sound, and more!  Too much.  Minimalism, dubwise riddims, garage-influenced tunes, robotic jazz from the year 2177, and other sounds inside.  Every Monday from 6-8pm PST on Dubstep.FM.


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Actraiser – Let It Rain (Haunted Audio)
Instinct – Found (unreleased)
TMSV – Myth (unreleased)
Swarms – Spectre (unreleased)
Zion Train – Life That I Choose (Professor Skank Remix) (Universal Egg)
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Fire Pon A Dubplate (Scrub A Dub)
The Widdler – Strong Dub (unreleased)
Jahdan Blakkamoore – Long Road (Lion Dub and Matt Shadetek Remix) (The Agriculture)
Djunya – Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem)
HxdB – Prism (Mindset)
NastyNasty – Knife Play (free online)
Starkey – Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix) (Planet Mu)
Megalodon – Swamp Thing (unreleased)
Brackles – Sutorito Faita (Planet Mu)
XI – Glass (forthcoming Formant)
Distal – Notlanta (unreleased)
Instinct – Your Nobody (unreleased)
Gerry R – Speech (unreleased)
Materielle – Out Of Nowhere (free online)
Subreachers – Free Mind (unreleased)
Daega Sound – Kane’s Son (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Zion Train – Baby Father (Digital Dubs Remix) (Universal Egg)
NastyNasty – No Names (free online)
Swarms ft Holly Prathman – I Gave You Everything (For The Win)
Horsepower Productions – When You Hold Me (Version) (Tempa)
The Widdler – Lady Dub VIP (unreleased)
TMSV – Future History (unreleased)
Mite – Villa de Straylight (unreleased)
Magic Mash – Daddy Long Legs (free online)
Raffertie – String Theory (Planet Mu)
Sclist – Complicated (L2S Recordings)
Jus Wan – Dreamin (forthcoming Tube 10)
Shut Up And Dance – Epileptic (Martyn’s No Strobe Remix) (Z Audio)
Swarms – Never Step On Me (For The Win)
Hypno – Autumn (Haunted Audio)
Cosmic Revenge – Aurora (unreleased)
Demos – Free (L2S Recordings)
Distal – Tortelli’s Slave (unreleased)
Geiom ft Earlybird – Net Weight (Berkane Sol)
XI – Light FM (forthcoming Formant)
Sines – Blu (L2S Recordings)
FBOM, Outlaw Producer & Trouble – Transitionary Implementations (free online)
Sigha – On The Strip (Hotflush)
KingThing – Dazed (unreleased)
Daega Sound – SOS (forthcoming Blipswitch)
DJG – Lichen (forthcoming Lo Dubs)
Rozanski – The Internet Millionaires Club (unreleased)
Rachel Bennett – Tell Me (EshOne Dub Refix) (unreleased)
Actraiser – Apocalypto (Haunted Audio)
Pledge – Untitled (free online)
Quark – Point Of Seeing (Ranking)
Loops Haunt – Joplin (Black Acre)


Dubstepped Radio 006 featuring Cosmic Revenge

Dubstepped RadioFeatured alongside tons of fresh unreleased tracks is San Francisco bay area producer Cosmic Revenge.  This episode has all sorts of music, from deep dub techno influenced tracks, to heavy wobbly rhythms, to the future of garage, and everything in between.  Some of these tracks are even available for free download, check the links in the tracklist for info.

I changed the format again this time, strictly music inside with literally no talking.  For all info on the shows check this site, and for info on the individual tracks check the enhanced podcast in m4a format with embedded tracklist & cover art. I talk over tracks on my Dubstep.FM radio show, so I’m going to keep this podcast strictly music now.

Big thanks to Sam Supa @ Brap Dem, J. Rogers @ Blipswitch, Jus Wan, DJG, Sines, Cosmic Revenge, Distal, FBOM, Bakir, Dubsworth, Zeno, and everyone else that sends me tunes. It makes this possible.

Straight to the music!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison’s Recreation) (Brownswood)
FBOM – Like You Did For Me (unreleased)
Bakir and Dubsworth – Beg to Differ (unreleased)
Autopilot – She Says (Uncle Smutfist Remix) (free online)
Distal – Android Tourism (unreleased)
DJG & XI – Putney Says (forthcoming Surefire Sound)

– Cosmic Revenge Feature –

Cosmic Revenge – Baroness (unreleased)
Cosmic Revenge – Psychic (forthcoming L2S Recordings)
Cosmic Revenge – Diving Deep (forthcoming L2S Recordings)
Cosmic Revenge – Street Bass (unreleased)
Cosmic Revenge – Cold Hearted (unreleased)
Cosmic Revenge – Late Nights (Kursed)

Jus Wan – Azure (forthcoming Pushing Red)
Dhyan Moller – Lost in 3s (DJG Remix) (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Eskmo – From the Standpoint (Planet Mu)
NastyNasty – The Reef (Frite Nite)
The Brown Acid – Try Humanity (Starkey Dub) (N.E.W.S.)
Zeno – Clish (unreleased)
HxdB – Prism (Mindset)
Tyrant – Evasion (unreleased)
Dread Foxx – I’m for Real remix (unreleased)
Sines & KP ft Amy K – Gravity (unreleased)
Djunya – Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem!)
6blocc vs El Diablo – Rollin (deep version) (MalLabel)
Blackheart – Jupiter (Brap Dem!)
The Spit Brothers – Roll On (forthcoming Brap Dem!)
MNUVR – Go Up (???)
Dhyan Moller – Quirkey Donkey (Metaphase Remix) (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Matt Shadetek – Strength in Numbers (free online)
Outlaw Producer – Left Hand Side (unreleased)
Subatomic Sound System ft Jahdan Blakkammore vs Dubblestandart & Lee Scratch Perry – Respect the Foundation 7″ Mix (Subatomic Sound)

Download (m4a, enhanced with chapters & art).

Download (mp3).

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Introducing: Cosmic Revenge

Cosmic Revenge first made it into my eardrums with his recent release on Kursed and his newer work is out of this world.  The sounds he makes aren’t easily categorized, maybe dubstep, maybe garage, I like robot R&B personally.  He’s got a release coming soon on Whistla’s label L2S Recordings that’s definitely worth looking into, should be out sometime soon.  Cosmic Revenge has many musical influences which come across in his productions, making the end product something unique.

SNF: To set it off, where are you located and what should people know about you?
Cosmic Revenge: I’m from this little town about 40 minutes east of San Francisco called Pittsburg. There’s absolutely nothing going on this town though – its probably most well known for being the end of the line for BART in the East Bay – very exciting, I know. When I’m not at home working on music I’m usually in Pleasant Hill at Diablo Valley College, kickin’ it at my friends house in Lafayette, or out in the city getting my groove on at a club. What people should know about me… I’m obsessed with this little hole in the wall chinese restaurant called China City out in Antioch that has the best Mongolian Beef I’ve ever had, I have a Fat Tire bar light in my room to use instead of a lamp, I’m a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick, I hate Taylor Swift, and I listen to 98.1 Kiss FM because my cd player in my car is busted.

S: The thing that drew me to your music was its soulful, almost R&B feel especially on trackslike “Late Nights” and “Baroness,” what influences you musically?

CR: Yeah Late Nights came about from me sampling a Zapp song, I can’t remember which one it is exactly but I just started slicing and dicing until I got some pieces I liked and then started adding drums and a bassline to it.  Baroness came from me sampling some vocals and wanting to create a “lounge” style bassline along the lines of Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, and Air. I also wanted it to be almost two songs in one, hence the second part of the song takes on a 2 step/garage rhythm.

I listen to almost every style of music you can imagine. I’m into alot of shoegaze stuff such as Slowdive, Jesus and Mary Chain, M83, Jesu, and My Bloody Valentine. I am in love with bluegrass and alternative country such as Old Crow Medicine Show, Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, and Ryan Adams. I learned guitar after getting into metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Suffocation, and Cryptopsy. I grew up in high school seeing hardcore, punk, and crust bands come through the Pound (RIP) in San Francisco and Berkeley’s 924 Gilman seeing bands like Killing the dream, Go It Alone, Verse, Modern Life is War, Paint it Black, Witch Hunt, Behind Enemy Lines, and my personal favorite, the apocalyptic thrash/d-beat legends known as Tragedy.

In high school I also started exploring hip hop and got into Masta Ace and his amazing concept album A Long Hot Summer. After that show I got into Jeru the Damaja, ATCQ, Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, Brother Ali, Little Brother, Freddie Foxxx, and a bunch more that I could talk about all day.  I got really into some of the great producers such as RZA, J Dilla, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, and was obsessed with their manipulation of vocal samples and old soul records in their beats. I then got a copy of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing and still remember the feeling I had when I got through most of the album.  It was pure bliss, the way he chopped up drums, the layering of string samples to give it atmosphere, the haunting vocals… everything about it inspired me to save up and buy Pro Tools and an Mbox to start making beats.

From there I discovered Portishead and alot of music from what many people refer to as the Bristol Sound.  I saw Portishead in 2008 at Coachella and I can safely say that was one of the best performances I have ever seen in my life.  For me, Portishead and Massive Attack are the ideal bands. They blend soul, hip hop, electronica, and dub into this emotionally hazy mixture that I can only describe as perfection. Along with getting into alot of the Bristol Sound, I started listening to Leftfield and Underworld and fell in love with dance music.

I liked how there was so much diversity to be found within electronic dance music, and I quickly became accustomed to many styles. I liked the minimal side of techno and house with detroit style strings and pads, I liked the complexity of alot of the breaks mixed with the heavy dub styled basslines in jungle, I liked the use of sampling old funk and disco records in alot of Daft Punk tunes, and I just loved the energy an electronic dance artist would bring to a big soundsystem. Most importantly though, I loved how it moved me. There’s nothing in life like the feeling of a 20,000 + watt system pumping out the bassline to your favorite song while you get down to the music. I know alot of people say this, but it really can be a spiritual experience. It’s really meditative, which leads me to what brought me to dubstep.  SNF: Same!!!!

I got into dubstep after it was already established, but I was introduced to it with artists like Loefah, Mala, Skream, Distance, Pinch, and Shackleton. I was immediately into it – dark, eerie, atmospheric, influenced by minimal techno, heavy dub, all put together with a shuffled beat and the fattest sub bass I had ever heard. How could anyone NOT like this? As I dug deeper with this new scene of music I was introduced to the origins of dubstep with garage and 2 step artists and quickly fell in love with the 2 step beat. I started listening to El-B, MJ Cole, Burial, Synkro, and alot of stuff being played on Sub.FM and mixes I would find on the dubstepforum. Ever since then, I’ve found that garage beats are some of the most fun to make and people have been feeling some of my stuff so I’m going to keep shufflin’ those hi hats!

S: Lots of your music uses a garage beat but also is a new direction from a lot of garage I’ve heard, would you call it future garage, garage, dubstep, robot R&B?

CR: Personally I would just call it Garage, or New Skool Garage, but I don’t really care what its called to be honest. Like I said, I just really like the loose format of garage and 2 step beats. I like the swing and how open it is to throw in any kind of percussion. I have alot of fun programming and sampling hi hats, and misc. percussion like bongos, rim shots, etc.

S: Do you consider what genre your music fits into when you’re making it?

CR: I like to use a 2 step beat as a foundation and then just do whatever I feel like on top of it. Some days I’ll want to have a deep techno feel over it, some days I’ll want a juke house feel over it, some days I’ll want a house feel to it. That’s what I like about the beat – it gives you a foundation for alot of experimentation. The things I mostly consider when making a tune are: can you dance to it, bass pressure, and is it catchy. Other than that, I pretty much just go in the zone and start making music. I usually feel pretty confident to show my stuff to people in the dubstep/garage scene because there is so much experimentation and progression going on out there that alot of people that support the scene are really open to new ideas.

S: Whistla plays a lot of your music on his Sub.FM show and you have a release forthcoming on his label L2S, how’d you get connected being halfway around the world from each other?

CR: Yeah, I’d like say to thanks to Whistla for his support, its meant alot to me. He contacted me through myspace, I think he just heard my tunes on my page or on the forums and said he was really feelin’ the 2 step vibes and wanted to do a release. Obviously, I was really excited and sent him over some tunes to get mastered. I’m really into his vision for garage with the L2S label, he recently put out this tune 2RU Groove by Submerse that I really can’t get enough of. Its a four to floor garage tune that honestly sounds like something Todd Edwards made. I feel really honored to be a part of this label.

S: Who’s doing it for you musically currently?

CR: Right now I’m really into Submerse, Littlefoot, KingThing, Gon, M2J, Floating Points, RSD, Kryptic Minds, Distal, Jus Wan, DJG, Cyrus, most everyone in the Hyperdub camp, Loops Haunt, Buraka Som Sistema, Boys Noize, FBOM, Hudson Mohawke, Modeselektor, Guido, Joker, Gemmy, Vishnu, Hot City… damn there’s really too many to name. This scene is putting out some of the most exciting music I’ve heard in years. Also, Shackleton’s latest release is absolutely amazing. Also this producer Trey Runyan, aka “Tre-Dog” or “Runyan Rings” is doing some off the wall psychedelic/noise beats that I’m really into. He has a tune called “Ben Potter Grows Real Legs” or something weird like that and it is just out of this world. Lastly, VVV and KYEO are both doing some futuristic/outerspace tunes that I have been jamming on lately so watch out for them!

S: What things are on the horizon?

CR: I’m working on alot of new stuff, some garage, some really heavy house tunes that pay homage to 90’s rave, some roots influenced dub, some soulful/experimental hip hop, and a few remixes I’m working on for some people. Late Nights and this rhythmic house tune I did called River of Diamonds are going to be put out on vinyl with this new label out of LA called Baseball Records. It should be out sometime early next year, we’re just waiting for remixes from Bok Bok and Jam City. I’ve recently been contacted by Fortified Audio and we’re working on putting out an EP on vinyl that will include my tunes Mutations and Street Bass along with several others. I’m really excited to be putting my music out with this label, because they just put out one of my favorite tunes of the year by this producer named Loops Haunt. The tune is called Rubber Sun Grenade, check him out if you haven’t heard So look out for the releases on Fortified and Baseball Records early next year and also the L2S release slated for late December (next month).
In the meantime I have alot of songs I’m working on that I might be giving out, so just keep checking my myspace at or my soundcloud at I’m also beginning to work on a downbeat/shoegaze/trip hop album with my buddy Eric that I think will blow minds, but its going to be made over the next two years or so. If you took the time to read all of this, I really appreciate it and I hope I didn’t bore you too badly! Much thanks to Stephen here at for his support and for pushing the deeper side of things on his radio show “Steppin into Tomorrow” on Dubstep.FM
SNF: Thanks!

Check out this video that just went up for Cosmic Revenge’s recent tune “Cold Hearted”:


Jahdan Blakkamoore – Buzzrock Warrior

Vocal prowess, innovative and excellent production, top notch guest MCs and a diversity of styles makes this album one of the tops of the year for me.  It came out two weeks ago now on Gold Dust and I’ve been dying to write about it but things just stacked up, you know.  Featured on vocals is obviously Jahdan Blakkamoore with appeareances from Durrty Goodz (if you slept on his 2009 album get it NOW), 77Klash, and Abena Koomson.  Production comes mostly from Dutty Artz members DJ /Rupture and Matt Shadetek who have generated a stunning diversity of sound from the medieval ’step of ‘Get Hustlin‘ to the bhangra-esque beat on ‘Lets Go‘ and the dancehall feel of ‘Dem a Idiot‘.  Production is tops.  My one complaint is the strong use of autotune on this, but in some circumstances it adds to the vibe.  Personal preference I guess, been hearing a lot of that floating around lately (or maybe I’ve been listening to too much Mavado).

Samples of my picks off the album below, pick it up at the usual places.  Also some free tunes from Jahdan thanks to XLR8R here and here.

Jahdan Blakkamoore – Get Hustlin

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Jahdan Blakkamoore – What U Know About This

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Jahdan Blakkamoore – Lets Go

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Jahdan Blakkamoore ft 77Klash – Dem A Idiot

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Jahdan Blakkamoore – Runaround

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Jahdan Blakkamoore ft 77Klash – She Said

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Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General, Buzzrock Warrior, and more

Jahdan Blakkamoore of the Dutty Artz crew caught my eye (ear?) a while ago but I’ve been hooked ever since the XLR8R Full Hundred podcast mixed by Matt Shadetek. There’s strictly fire on this mix, and since it came out many of the tunes have been picked up and a full album has been announced.  I’d like to preview some tunes with Jahdan on the mic, he’s one to watch this year.  The entire Dutty Artz family with their New York Tropical sound are on something delightful and I’ll definitely be keeping a look out for more of this new flavor of music.

Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General (Liondub International)

I featured the original of The General and a remix by Portland’s Noah D in my last podcast and really can’t get enough of it. Four versions total on the 12″ release: the original, the Noah D remix, the Marcus Visionary remix, and the acapella. This is a sampler off the LP Buzzrock Warrior due out soon.  This to me is a perfect blend of reggae lyrics with a dubby beat.  Jahdan control the whole entire district.  You can pick your flavor of choice between these three versions:

Original mix (prod. Liondub & Matt Shadetek):

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Noah D Remix:

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Marcus Visionary Remix:

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Long Road (forthcoming The Agriculture)

I’ve only heard short clips of the original but this sounds like another solid reggae production from Liondub & Jahdan with conscious lyrics and an excellent rhythm. Then came Shadetek with the remix (which I think starts at about 27 seconds in this clip from the XLR8R podcast) and transformed the original via a relentless synth and monster halftime beat. I’ve been trying to hunt down info on this one and happily just heard that it’s slated to come out on The Agriculture next month. Salute!

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Major Lazer – Cash Flow (Downtown)

Diplo & Switch’s project “Major Lazer” has been getting lots of hype including many remixes of “Hold the Line” after they put out the acapella with Mr. Lexx. The full-length LP is an eclectic collection of songs of various bass-related genres with many guest vocalists.  This one featuring Jahdan was made available for free via /rupture’s blog (  It’s lyrically solid and ends with a nice synth horn bit, good rootsy tune.

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Download this tune.

Lastly I gotta give a shoutout to Dutty Artz, Shadetek, DJ /Rupture, Geko Jones, and Jahdan’s forthcoming album Buzzrock Warrior due out this September.  It features Modeselektor, Maga Bo, Durrty Goodz, Chancha Via Circuito, 77Klash, Abena Koomson, and others.  The General is a sampler for this which, if that’s any indication, will make this an album to remember.  The General is out now on Liondub International, Noble Society – Take Charge (LP) featuring Jahdan out on Lustre Kings, We Are Radiers on Dutty Artz, and Heartbroken with Liondub and Noah D on the remix out yesterday on Earwax.  Look out also for Marcus Visionary’s soca/kuduro flavored remix of Noble Society – Mama So Divine out soon on Liondub International.  Forward!