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Redline 4 year anniversary with Eprom, Matty G, Djunya and more

Location: ??
Description: Four years of Redline shows land us at this one, run by Eprom, Matty G, Djunya and a host of others.
Date: 2010-08-13
Tickets: $15 presales

Full Lineup:

Lazer Sword
Matty G
Babylon System
Richie Panic
Rob Cannon


Kingdom (day party) with Kush Arora, UFO, Sam Supa, SNF and many more

Location: Oasis (map & info) just a 5 minute walk from the Lake Merritt BART
Description: Day party with BBQ and beats at the Oasis, two rooms with everything from dubstep to dnb to funky house and all sorts in between.
Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2010-07-25
End Time: Midnight
Tickets: $5, or free before 6 with RSVP to


Psychedelic Radio one year anniversary with Kromestar, Dread Foxx, Hellfire Machina and more

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: One year special for Psychedelic Radio with Kromestar, Dread Foxx, Hellfire Machina and a boatload of SF DJs.
Date: 2010-05-28
Tickets: $15 before 11 with RSVP, $20 after.


Paradise with Dieselboy, Mr Boogie, Djunya, Blackheart and tons more

Location: Lupin Lodge (map & info)
Description: Massive campout with Dieselboy and Mr Boogie headlining. Huge lineup.
Date: 2010-05-07
Tickets: $35 here.


CDR Fundraiser with UFO, Kial, Lexxus, Ivry, and Megalodon

Location: The Cellar (map & info)
Description: Support the california dubstep republic with their efforts to build a LovEvolution float with this night featuring the sounds of UFO.
Date: 2010-05-06
Tickets: $5 donation

“Right Mu Sick” (COSMETICS) is (s0n1ka & UFO!) by ufo55555

“RATAS” (COSMETICS) is (s0n1ka & UFO!) by ufo55555

Cosmetics (.s0n!ka & UFO!) – The Drool by s0n1ka


Bay Area Bass release party with DZ, Kozee, Roommate and more

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Hot N Heavy Presents BAY AREA BASS Vol.1 Release Party,
Saturday March 20th at Triple Crown.

Featured Artists:

DZ (Badman Press, SF)
Kozee (Badman Press, SF)
Roommate (SF)
Megalodon (Double Drop, SF)
NTRLD & Thurgood (SF)
Nonewyork (Hot N Heavy, SF)
Commodore 69 (Hot N Heavy, SF)
Jack Buser (Hot N Heavy, SF)
Konnect (Trust, SF)
Date: 2010-03-20
Tickets: Free before 11pm and $5 after 11pm. 9pm to 3am.


Psychedelic Radio with Kial, Tom No Thing, Megalodon and Zapruderpedro

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: Sub Pressure headman Kial leads this large local lineup. Free before 11 as a WMC spesh!
Date: 2010-03-26
Tickets: Free before 11, $7 after.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 009 01.11.10 on Dubstep.FM

Steppin into Tomorrow with SNFHuge episode here!  New tunes from Actraiser, Instinct, TMSV, SubReachers, Swarms, The Widdler, Jahdan Blakkamoore, NastyNasty, Megalodon, Distal, Materielle, Daega Sound, and more!  Too much.  Minimalism, dubwise riddims, garage-influenced tunes, robotic jazz from the year 2177, and other sounds inside.  Every Monday from 6-8pm PST on Dubstep.FM.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Actraiser – Let It Rain (Haunted Audio)
Instinct – Found (unreleased)
TMSV – Myth (unreleased)
Swarms – Spectre (unreleased)
Zion Train – Life That I Choose (Professor Skank Remix) (Universal Egg)
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Fire Pon A Dubplate (Scrub A Dub)
The Widdler – Strong Dub (unreleased)
Jahdan Blakkamoore – Long Road (Lion Dub and Matt Shadetek Remix) (The Agriculture)
Djunya – Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem)
HxdB – Prism (Mindset)
NastyNasty – Knife Play (free online)
Starkey – Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix) (Planet Mu)
Megalodon – Swamp Thing (unreleased)
Brackles – Sutorito Faita (Planet Mu)
XI – Glass (forthcoming Formant)
Distal – Notlanta (unreleased)
Instinct – Your Nobody (unreleased)
Gerry R – Speech (unreleased)
Materielle – Out Of Nowhere (free online)
Subreachers – Free Mind (unreleased)
Daega Sound – Kane’s Son (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Zion Train – Baby Father (Digital Dubs Remix) (Universal Egg)
NastyNasty – No Names (free online)
Swarms ft Holly Prathman – I Gave You Everything (For The Win)
Horsepower Productions – When You Hold Me (Version) (Tempa)
The Widdler – Lady Dub VIP (unreleased)
TMSV – Future History (unreleased)
Mite – Villa de Straylight (unreleased)
Magic Mash – Daddy Long Legs (free online)
Raffertie – String Theory (Planet Mu)
Sclist – Complicated (L2S Recordings)
Jus Wan – Dreamin (forthcoming Tube 10)
Shut Up And Dance – Epileptic (Martyn’s No Strobe Remix) (Z Audio)
Swarms – Never Step On Me (For The Win)
Hypno – Autumn (Haunted Audio)
Cosmic Revenge – Aurora (unreleased)
Demos – Free (L2S Recordings)
Distal – Tortelli’s Slave (unreleased)
Geiom ft Earlybird – Net Weight (Berkane Sol)
XI – Light FM (forthcoming Formant)
Sines – Blu (L2S Recordings)
FBOM, Outlaw Producer & Trouble – Transitionary Implementations (free online)
Sigha – On The Strip (Hotflush)
KingThing – Dazed (unreleased)
Daega Sound – SOS (forthcoming Blipswitch)
DJG – Lichen (forthcoming Lo Dubs)
Rozanski – The Internet Millionaires Club (unreleased)
Rachel Bennett – Tell Me (EshOne Dub Refix) (unreleased)
Actraiser – Apocalypto (Haunted Audio)
Pledge – Untitled (free online)
Quark – Point Of Seeing (Ranking)
Loops Haunt – Joplin (Black Acre)


Psychedelic Radio with Hellfire Machina, Porkchop, NTRLD and Megalodon

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: Hellfire Machina straight from NYC to throw down some heat this night. Local support from Porkchop, NTRLD and Megalodon. One for the bros.
Date: 2010-02-06
Tickets: $5 before 11, $10 after. Click below for RSVP.


Makeout Sessions with NTRLD, Megalodon, Blackheart, Ultraviolet, Kozee, Rob Cannon and 8-bit Ch

Location: The Showdown (map & info)
Description: The Redline residents are gonna rock this night at the Showdown (formerly Matador). Serious.
Date: 2010-01-08
Tickets: Free before 10, $5 after.