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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 033 06.28.10 on Dubstep.FM

New sounds inside coming from EshOne, Distal, SubReachers, Pulsar, L-ow, Borja & more.  Little deep medi vinyl session for fun, and as usual sounds coming from all over the place. If you’re in the SF area, come out tonight for a live session from me along these lines.

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King Midas Sound – Earth a Kill Ya (Hyperdub)
EshOne – Anti Oil Spill Dub (free online)
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)
SubReachers – 200G
Quest – The Unknown (Deep Medi)
Silkie – Concrete Jungle (Deep Medi)
Skream – Backwards (Deep Medi)
Pulsar – Contemplation
J. Rogers – Composite (Blipswitch)
L-ow – Pinpoint (forthcoming Project Squared)
Helix – Vrai
Joe – Untitled (Apple Pips)
Borja – Disowning the Self (forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
Planas – Roots Music (Immerse)
James Blake – CMYK (R&S)
Albert – Side Showin’
Calibre – Tenopause (Deep Medi)
EshOne – Die Cast (free online)
Distal – Eel
Brackles & Shortstuff – Pipey D (Blunted Robots)
Martin Kemp – Wot U Got (Blunted Robots)
Gremino – Be & See (Car Crash Set)
Mr Mageeka – Different Lekstrix (Numbers)
Greenmoney ft Lady Chann – Political Hype (Fools Gold)
Poirier ft Face T – Enemies (Sticky remix) (NinjaTune)
Ill Blu – Dragon Pop (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Dubbel Dutch – Throwback (Palms Out)
Marcus Price & Carli – Var E Naaaken (Bok Bok remix) (Palms Out)
Distal – Apple Bottom
Mele – Bombay (Nadastrom remix) (Mixpak)
Bok Bok – Dance Report (Enchufada)
Simple – tapemachine
George FitzGerald – Weakness (forthcoming HotflushTwo)
L-ow – Diver (forthcoming Project Squared)
Sepalcure – Down (Hotflush)
Scuba – Tense (dBridge remix) (Hotshore)
Vaccine – Ochre (Nonplus)
Kid Simple – For Real


Review: Mele – Bombay EP (MIX008)

The latest release on Dre Skull’s reggae/dancehall/funky label Mixpak records is this stellar EP coming from Mele out of England near Liverpool (Twitter, Myspace).  This one has three originals and three remixes, I’m into 5 out of 6. This review is a bit belated but the EP is so large I’ve gotta do it.

The title cut Bombay is exactly the type of undefinable music that’s got me captivated at the moment, it’s some blend of reggae/ska guitars, intense kicks and bird chirps for atmosphere with a cut-up sample (Nuclear Bomb) as the only vocals.  This is the one remixed three times, back to those later.  Next on the EP is “Flexi,” very solid 2step vibes for 2010.  Last of the originals is “And Of The Son” again with a mutant 2step feel and my personal favorite of the originals.

First of the three remixes of “Bombay” comes from Nadastrom (Wash. D.C., Myspace) that emphasizes the cut-up vocals in the original along with a juke beat and some dangerous basslines.  I just rebuilt a subwoofer yesterday and was testing this one on it, trust it’s a worthy bass test for any system.  Shortstuff dropped this one Thursday at Icee Hot and it mashed up the dance.  Personal favorite on the release.  French Fries (Paris, Myspace) tackle remix duties next with a funky house styled rerub of the original, replacing the ska guitars with an alien synth noise similar to something you might hear out of Roska.  Funky crew this one yours.  The last remix from HeavyFeet (Manchester, Myspace) is really the only one I’m not personally into on the release but if you’re into bassline house it might be up your alley.

One last thing I have to add is that Mele just set off the recent Mixpak podcast with an hour long mix of everything from house to dubstep to dancehall.  Absolute heat.  Click here for full subscription info, audio & tracklist.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 028 05.24.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring KingThing

Happy to feature a guest mix from KingThing of some wonky future garage business in this program with forthcoming sounds from El-B, Vas Guiro, Clueless, Tricky Strutt and of course KingThing himself.  On top of this, fresh tracks inside from Bojcot, more Clueless, Ital Tek, Dark Sky, and some bits off Guido’s new album.  This show’s a voyage through sound, hang on.


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Simple – Long Distance (forthcoming SubDepth)
SubReachers – Upside (Haunted Audio)
El Rakkas – I&I (XI Remix) (Lo Dubs)
Skream – I (Loefah Remix) (DMZ)
Ital Tek – Spectrum Falls (Atom River)
Dark Sky – Ghost Notes (Black Acre)
SRC – Brakedance (Numbers)
Ikonika – Fish (Hyperdub)
Mensah – Untitled Future Funk (Hench)
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (Punch Drunk)
Guido – Tango (Punch Drunk)
Timzed – Anonymous (free online)
Kloke – Acid Rain (Enchufada)
Asusu – Taurean (Project Squared)
Hypno – Hubble Dub (20% Refix)
Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce – Tripped Up (Ramadanman Re-edit) (Ramp)

– KingThing feature (download) —

Floating Points – Shark case (Planet Mu)
SBTRKT – Jamlock (Brainmath)
KingThing – Sexawoowho (Dub)
Vas Guiro – Snick Snack (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Clueless – Wrongness10 (Forthcoming Night Audio)
KingThing – la-di-da (forthcoming Fortified Audio)
El-B feat. Rolla – Back Wid Da Sound (forthcoming Ghost)
KingThing – Neglect Me (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Tricky Strutt – The Joy In Your Eye (Forthcoming Night Audio)
KingThing – Mad Hatter (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)

Bojcot & Dawn – Something
Doc Daneeka – Bumblebeeriddim (Pattern)
Randomer & Fife – Too Many Times (Fat!)
Distal – Coke Bottle (forthcoming Grizzly)
Mele – Bombay (Nadastrom Remix) (Mixpak)
Nehuen – Tropicalia (Corsario)
Marcus Visionary – Surinam (Liondub International)
Luthor – Waterfall (Haunted Audio)
Djunya – Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem)
EshOne – Toast Burned (Dubfront)
Rozanski – Internet Millionaires Club (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Furesshu – Horizons (Project Squared)
Emika – Double Edge (Pinch Remix) (Ninjatune)
June Miller – Brussels North (Wascal Remix) (54music)
(STC) – Chomp (Phaeleh mix) (Slimetime)
Blawan – Iddy (Hessle)
Guido – Mad Sax (Punch Drunk)
Clueless – Where Monsters Dwell
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)
LD – Peace In Our Culture (Dub Police)
Leroy Smart – Rude Boy (Jammys)

Introducing: KingThing

I linked up with Olly KingThing some time ago through the Future Garage forum, though his music is really undefinable.  His productions have been consistently excellent and are featured in his guest mix, on top of this he’s affiliated with Night Audio & Fortified Audio and showcases some hot forthcoming tracks on each.  For a bit more info, check out this brief interview:

SNF: Always have to start with an intro: where are you coming from and how’d you get into music and production?

KingThing: I’m from Chester, a small town in between Liverpool and Manchester (more or less). Like a fair amount of people i’d been making music in various guises all my life, and then one day somebody stuck a copy of Reason infront of me and I’ve never looked back – i liked the fact that it was all me, there was no working with bandmates etc, i got complete control over the music – which is how i like it ;) So im either an introspective genius or an unsociable cunt, i haven’t decided yet. Its been a fun journey trying to figure it out though:p But through that avenue i came to Logic and Ableton, and it all began to get pretty serious when i moved to Leeds about 4/5 years ago – if you like music, you love Leeds.

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