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Review: Nate Mars – Concentric Circles LP with a FREE download

Nate Mars coming out of New York comes with a reggae-infused dubstep offering with his album Concentric Circles out now on Blipswitch.  The album explores a variety of sounds but keeps a consistent heavy, fuzzed out and sometimes wobbly bassline.  The instrumentals are complemented by a host of vocalists from New York and abroad including Juakali, Jahdan Blakkamoore and Junior Culture.  I’m just going to sample a few tracks here, click the cover image or the Juno link below to hear previews of the full album.

Nate Mars ft Juakali – Horizon

Juakali really shines in this track with haunting vocals over a syncopated beat complete with a heavy bassline and echoed sax.  Large.

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Nate Mars – Higher to the Bass

Higher to the bass and higher to the treble on this one with a distorted lead synth taking you through alongside some horns.  Feels to me like the lead synth is dancing around the beat keeping it fresh.

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Nate Mars ft Jahdan Blakkamoore – Praylude

The build in this one is epic but is left out of this preview, trust that it’s serious.  When the bass first hits it’s like a tsunami – this is a formidable intro tune to be sure.

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Nate Mars ft Jahdan Blakkamoore – Above and Beyond Dem (Download)

Last up is the free tune coming from a collabo between Nate Mars and Jahdan, this one I’ve been seriously into for a while now.  The instrumental from Mars hits hard, and the lyrics from Jahdan are among his best.  Download and enjoy this one thanks to Nate Mars & Blipswitch.

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Pick “Concentric Circles” up now at Juno and other online music retailers.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 022 04.12.10 on Dubstep.FM

New material this show coming from Nate Mars, Subreachers, Comma, Actraiser, Albert, Sclist, Jus Wan & more.  Gets a bit dark towards the end, and some classics from Distance & Joker inside.  Weekly Monday nights 6-8pm pacific time @ Dubstep.FM.

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Nate Mars ft Jahdan – Praylude (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Science – Bamboo Dub (Untitled!)
Deleted Scenes – Stutter (Deleted Scenes)
Mala – Level Nine (Hyperdub)
LV – Turn Away (Hyperdub)
Subreachers – Upside (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
EshOne ft Erica Price – Tease Me
Comma – Coyote (forthcoming Semisexual)
Albert – Crosseyed
Simonoff – 3056 (Haunted Audio)
Roof Light – How Far Are You From Anywhere (L2S Recordings)
Todd Edwards – I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix) (free online)
Kyle Hall – You Know What I Feel (Hyperdub)
Sclist – Wrongside
Lecs – No Names (Wascal remix)
Pariah – Orpheus (R&S)
Actraiser – Lone Wolf VIP (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
Mensah – Pulse 80 (Hench)
Outlaw Producer – Rip Me To Shreds (Chango Remix)
Nate Mars ft Jahdan Blakkamoore – Above and Beyond Dem (forthcoming Blipswitch)
Joker – Stuck In The System (Earwax)
Ultravid – Clan of Wow (Kingdom Remix) (Silverback)
12th Planet ft Juakali – Reasons (free online)
Ikonika – Idiot (Hyperdub)
Distal – Boss of the South
Addison Groove – Dumbshit (Swamp81)
Shortstuff and Mickey Pearce – Coconuts (Ramp)
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (Punch Drunk)
Comma – Carry The Fire (forthcoming)
FBOM & VVV – Xelif (Kursed)
Distance – Fallen (Vex’d Remix) (Planet Mu)
EshOne – Texas Pete (Rogue Plates)
Gemmy – Wata Down Sound (Planet Mu)
Vex’d ft Jest – Disposition (Planet Mu)
Bakir & DZ – Into the Fog (forthcoming Brap Dem)
Gerry R – Dreamer
Seven – Dial Up (Untitled!)
TKR – Duck & Cover (Stoke)
Jus Wan – Connect
Cardopusher – Schematic Blocks (On The Edge)
Scuba – Three Sided Shape (Hotflush)
Starkey – Neck Snap (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Pariah – Detroit Falls (R&S)


Dubstepped Radio 005 featuring Distal

Dubstepped Radio

Oh gosh!  This episode is off all chains and hooks.  Introducing here Atlanta producer DISTAL with a boatload of unreleased tunes and the standard complement of fresh releases and unreleased tracks.

Not gonna waste any time on the intro, get this in your ears:


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01 – FaltyDL – Must Sustain (Planet Mu)
02 – VVV – Linder Years (unreleased)
03 – Nate Mars – Higher to the Bass (forthcoming ‘Concentric Circles’)

– Distal Feature (all unreleased) –
04 – Distal – Attempt at Yellow
05 – Distal – Post-Soul Persona
06 – Distal – Heaven’s Blowback
07 – Distal – Serengeti
08 – Distal – Speed of Right
09 – Distal – Gun Confetti

10 – Vaski – Get Down (Rottun)
11 – NTRLD & Thurgood – Ghetto Fabulous (unreleased)
12 – Kid Simple – Fresh Like (forthcoming Double Drop)
13 – Dev79 – In Ya Face (Pharoah & Peach Remix) (Seclusiasis)
14 – EZ$ – Iron Breath (Get Money)
15 – Playdoe – Freeze Step (Starkey Remix) (Rwina)
16 – Sainttex – So Many Bits (unreleased)
17 – Zeno – Reboot Funk (unreleased)
18 – Jaybird – Work Dat Box (Kraken)
19 – Marcus Visionary – St. Vincent (forthcoming Liondub International)
20 – Noah D & Roommate – Street Sound (Thought)
21 – Jahdan Blakkamoore – Get Hustlin (Gold Dust)
22 – Heavy Heights ft Gina – Want and See (Intager Dubhouse Remix) (unreleased)
23 – Marcus Visionary ft Liondub & Johnny Osbourne – Coffee or Tea (forthcoming Liondub International)

Download (m4a, enhanced with chapters & art).

Download (mp3).

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Introducing: Distal

I first heard Distal tunes a bit ago on the Sub.Traction radio show on Dubstep.FM and when I finally got around to checking out his tracks I immediately contacted him.  The production quality on all the songs is really high, from sound design to mixing to rhythm and diversity.  Detailed in the interview below he has extensive musical experience so in retrospect this makes sense but you can hear it even when you listen to the tracks for the first time.

If you want to learn more about Distal check out this mini interview:

snf: First off, where are you based now and what’s going down that people should know about?


Atlanta, Ga.

Atlanta Dubstep was formed 1st quarter of 2009, and has consistently been doing big things for the city. We have a monthly even called “Sub.Traction” at El Bar , and for the ‘recession proof’ price of 200 pennies you can catch local dubstep acts. The best part of Atlanta Dubstep is that we run in a very large group, so we are able to cater to everyone’s tastes whether it be more house influenced stuff or tear out wobble. We also host a bigger one off night once a month at various venues featuring international and domestic talent. We’ve had 2562, Appleblim, Ramadanman, and Noah D through so far; all have done exceedingly well. Atlanta is starting to make a ruckus!

Be on the lookout for Embassy Recordings, a forthcoming Atlanta based label run by myself, and partner Mite ( Our main goal is to build a bridge between slow Southern Crunk , the plastic-like drums and lush synths of Techno, and also the twisted bass of early Jungle and Drum & Bass. We just got a distribution deal with ST Holdings, and our first release should be out shortly.

Lastly I’m involved with a smaller promotion group ‘Heat Promotions’ run by Matt “Inferno” Heat’s goal is to bring up and coming international minimal and techno artists to Atlanta.

S: Tell me a little about yourself, how did you get into production & music in general?

D: I started dj’ing about 10 years ago when I was 16 under the alias ‘Proximal’ At the time I was playing Hardcore / Freeform. It was a very niche market, so I actually had a lot of opportunities stateside, and in Canada to do my thing. That’s where I picked up the etiquette of the beast. Later on in my dj’ing career I started getting into breakcore and the creative possibilities that came with breaking the formula. I began to mash everything I enjoyed (acid techno, jungle, rap, bmore, old country) into one set, and my mixtapes became a novelty act on the Internet.

I also spent a good deal of my time in college studying music theory and classical piano with other musicians. I studied the science of music, and its effects on sensation and perception. My senior research inolved the study of synesthesia or ‘the confusing of the senses’; specifically how pitch / timbre effected your visual perceptions of the world.

I first heard dubstep back in 2005 while shopping for breakcore; sites selling breakcore always carried an eclectic supply as long as it was quality. And more eclectic labels like Planet Mu started to put out dubstep. I began to notice. I bought Darqwan – Stargate 92 on vinyl in 2006, and I fell in love.

It’s cliché I know, but its true 140bpm was the perfect median to experiment and keep the audience. The sound is so ambiguous you can go in so many directions.

Something clicked like it never had before. I looked at all the ammo I had collected throughout the years, the theory I had learned, the science I had learned, and realized how expansive the canvas now was at 140bpm. I opened my laptop, got serious, and haven’t looked back since.


S: There are elements from all sorts of music in your songs.. hiphop, Berlin techno, reggae, 8-bit nintendo riddims, maybe even indie pop..what are your musical roots?

D: I’ve been influenced by a wide array of sounds throughout my life. I love good melodies and grooves no matter what they are. Last ride in my car I remember hearing Tammy Wynette, Project Pat, Fugazi, David Pajo, and 808 state. Being able to appreciate and understand other and all works for what they are helps you grow as an artist, and along the way you’ll notice it leak into your output. Now the challenge is ‘how do I use what I love and turn it into what I am doing’? Computers and software definitely make the process an easier one.

But I must say I have a soft spot for early acid techno and breakbeat hardcore. It doesn’t get much better than 4Hero, Mr. Fingers or sleezy D (anything off Trax records) from the late 80’s. Hearing dance music that early on always brings a smile to my face. That analog sound has so much warmth and depth to it, it’s like looking at an old photo. Plus you have to admire those guys making it back then, they were doing something big, and they didn’t have it as easy on any front (communication, process, tools, digital distro etc.). They are the real explorers.

S: You tend to produce both more aggressive tunes and deeper ones, do you find it hard to go back and forth between the vibes? This is something that happens often in good DJ sets, mixing all vibes of music, but what’s it like from the production perspective?

D: It all depends on my mood really. I think I’ve found the aesthetic I want to get down for ‘Distal’. I want people to know it’s a Distal tune regardless of the style its in. We’re humans, our emotions and actions change constantly, but it’s always US at the controls, the same applies with the creation of sound.

But I definitely have a sound I’m leaning towards at the moment. Some people are calling it ‘future garage’ some people are calling it ‘future step’. The sound is characterized mainly by its slightly syncopated rhythm, and influence from garage, house and soul music. I know it’s just human to want to categorize things like were on the Galapagos, but at the end of the day it’s all just good mid-tempo bass music.

S: What producers are on your radar that people should know about? What future things are coming from you?

D: Right now I’m ALWAYS happy to hear a new Untold tune. When Hessle Audio released ‘Kingdom’ last year it changed the way I think about music. It challenged me. I love it when a producer successfully challenges the dance floor. Secondly MAYHEM, another ATL homie is just cranking out excellence. He’s making more crunk-influenced stuff. Guaranteed a rewind. His engineering skills are air tight, check out “4th of July Jam” on my latest mix !Embassy Recordings

Anything off of Apple Pips is also going to be a treat. Those guys know how to do things proper! Their quality control bar is set so high! I’m also feeling a lot of stuff from ‘Shortstuff’ his release on Formant Recordings was huge, every time I play ‘Relapse’ people run to the laptop to see what’s going on. I’m also big on DJG right now, his tunes have so much tension behind them; it’s like a good thriller film. Joy Orbison… enough said. Lastly SINES from Texas … he sent me this new bit the other day ‘gravity’ wow so funky and smooth. Def. check him out. So many others I can list right now I could do this all day.

Be on the lookout for a few of my plates to be released on Embassy Recordings by 1st quarter 2010. I also am working deals out at the moment to sort out a good portion of my catalog with a few big labels. Wish I could say who, but I can’t at the moment !


Dubstepped Radio Episode 004

Dubstepped Radio
Yes yes, it’s the fourth episode of Dubstepped Radio.  I had to take a bit of a hiatus making them but we’re back in action.  This one’s heavily vocal with the talents of Jahdan Blakkamoore, Winstrong, Sky-I, MC Zulu, Rankin Scroo, DJ Collage, Jammer and Badness on the mic.  It starts off with some 2steppy rhythms by a trio of Texas producers and then moves into some synthy futuristic ’step from KidLogic and Zeno, a vocal bashment session, some club rhythms and a reggaeish outro.  Big!

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DS Radio 004 Tracklist:

01 – Fragile – Into the Night (Creative Space)
02 – FBOM – Vo Wacune (unreleased)
03 – Sines – Deja Vu (free tune)
04 – Zeno – The Tuner (Dirty Circuit)
05 – KidLogic – Dead Battery (unreleased)
06 – Noah D – Got U Now (Subway)
07 – Silverlink ft Jammer & Badness – The Message Is Love (Starkey Remix) (No Hats No Hoods)
08 – Nate Mars ft Jahdan Blakkamoore – Above & Beyond Dem (forthcoming “Concentric Circles”)
09 – Kush Arora ft MC Zulu – Lose Control (Kush Arora Productions)
10 – Winstrong & Sky-I – Big Up (Benga – Music Box) (unreleased)
11 – NTRLD & Thurgood – Pills (Double Drop Recordings)
12 – Blackheart – Dazed (unreleased)
13 – Austin Speed – Full Clip (Rogue Dubs)
14 – HD4000 – Jekal (forthcoming Mal Label Music)
15 – Megalodon – Apollo (unreleased)
16 – Kid Simple – Where You Left (Double Drop Recordings)
17 – Emu and Pawn – Gone (Perk Recordings)
18 – Rankin Scroo – My Trees (unreleased)
19 – Radikal Guru – Strong Dub (Dubbed Out)
20 – The Spit Brothers – Roll and Tumble VIP (Dubs Alive)
21 – DJ Sep & Jason Short ft DJ Collage – Get Your Dub Wet (Daly City Records)






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Lastly this is the first time I’ve distributed this podcast as an “enhanced podcast” in mp4 (m4a) format with built-in cover art and tracklist.  Please get back at me if you have any problems with this new access mode or if you want me to post a standard mp3 and I’ll get right on it.