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Review: Dom Hz – Mist EP (EARZ003)

The third release on the relatively new but very strong Open Earz Recordings comes from Dom Hz (Manchester, Myspace) who brings a three track EP of bass heavy and emotive music.  2step & dubstep flavors abound in this with gorgeous atmosphere in all three songs.  This one out soon on vinyl, check your usual record shop.

The title track stands out on the EP in my view where a 1 minute long build releases into some massive bass with a halfstep feel.  The percussion stays dynamic which is key to building a good halfstep track.  Personal favorite of the release.  The second tune “Elevator Skank” has some jazzy piano against a 4×4 beat with some soca snares, similar to a jazzy version of Marcus Visionary.  Definite elevator business.  Last up “Without You” is the most emotional of the release with rolling pads and soulful vocals.  All together it’s a diverse and excellent release.

To promote this release they’ve decided to give away another track from Dom Hz, this one called “Black Diamonds.”  Summertime feel on this one, music for a train ride to some vacation spot or a hillside picnic. 

Dom Hz – Black Diamonds (free DL).

[EARZ003] Dom Hz – Mist EP by openearz recordings