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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 042 08.30.10 on Dubstep.FM

This program is packed with the sound that has been so influential to me over the last year or so – UK funky house & its derivatives. Dubstep.FM has been a great host station to me but as the diversity of things I’ve been playing grows it’s clear that I should move to a station that isn’t all dubstep. The tracklist from this episode is a prime example.

For these reasons I’m proud to announce that the show will be moving to Sub.FM starting soon. The time is going to remain the same but the day is going to change to Tuesdays. Otherwise things will be the same with tracklists posted here & at soundcloud and podcasts sent out as normal. I still plan on playing dubstep, but I’ll be adding more funky house and new dnb sounds. Forward!


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 042 08.30.10 on Dubstep.FM by snf



Arp 101 – Warriors Galactic (Eglo)
Subreachers – Let Go (dub)
Cosmin TRG – Tower Block (Hemlock)
Jam City – Let Me Bang Refix (Night Slugs)
Cooly G – Up In My Head (Hyperdub)
Uncle Bakongo – Amhara (Brainmath)
Optimum – Lily (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Lil Silva – Perfussion (Night Slugs)
Scuba – Latch (Will Saul & Mike Monday remix) (forthcoming Hotflush)
The Count & Sinden – Panther (Domino)
Busy Signal – Picantie (Greenmoney remix) (free online)
D-51 – OD (M-DOK remix) (Ghetto Division)
Acre – Ghatt (forthcoming Embassy)
Distal & HxdB – Typewriter Tune VIP (dub)
Optimum – Max Power (forthcoming Planet Mu)
Lohan – Dawning (forthcoming Urban Graffiti)
Truth – Puppets (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
Ruckspin – Puppets (forthcoming Pushing Red)
EshOne – Chingon (dub)
The Spit Brothers – King Me (free online)
Pressa & Crisp – Monitored (dub)
Djunya – Full Circle (forthcoming Brap Dem)
Ladybox – Pulse (Distal remix) (dub)
Seahorse – Soja (dub)
Roommate ft Brother Culture – Secret Delivery (forthcoming King Dubbist)
Truth – Wicked Vibe Broccoli (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
J. Sparrow & Ruckspin – Blessings (forthcoming Pushing Red)
DJG – Pressure (Wheel & Deal)
Jimmy Edgar – Hot, Raw, Sex (Instra:mental remix) (free online)
Misk & EshOne – Cambio (dub)
Cyrus – Indian Stomp (Tectonic)
Mala – Mountain Dread March (DMZ)
Goth Trad – Saturn (Deep Medi)
Dark Sky – Ghost Notes (Black Acre)
Roxy & El-B – Endorse & Set It (Ghost)
SP:MC – Future (Tempa)
Kutz – Drumz Of No Return (Soul Jazz)
Numa Crew – Tuff Africa (Erba)
Noble Society – Mama So Divine (Marcus Visionary remix) (Liondub International)
Hatcha – Dark Claps (Special Branch)
Ramadanman – Work Them (Swamp81)
Jam City – Ecstasy Refix (Night Slugs)
KidKut – Lilt (Apple Pips)
Gremino – Problem (Rag & Bone)
Grievous Angel – Move Down Low VIP (Soul Jazz)
Pariah – Prism (free online)
Actress – Lost (Honest Jon’s)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 040 08.16.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring Bakir of The Spit Brothers

Guest appearance this show from Bakir of The Spit Brothers live in the studio. His session is large, packed with forthcoming & unreleased material. Outside, new tracks from DJ Cable & DJ Rodan on some dirty south mashups, DJG, a preview of Truth’s new album “Puppets”, Ramadanman, Josif, Bowly & more.


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 040 08.16.10 featuring Bakir of The Spit Brothers by snf



DJG – Pressure (Wheel & Deal)
Icicle – Xylophobia (Shogun Audio)
Lohan – Dawning (forthcoming Urban Graffiti)
DJ Cable vs Mark Pritchard & Dem Franchise Boyz – Wind It Up & Lean Wit It (free online)
DJ Rodan vs Distal & Pimp C – Pourin Up Some Oil
Terror Danjah – Trojan (free online)
2000F & JKamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is (Don Leisure remix)
Cosmic Revenge – After Party
EshOne – U Boat
Wachs Lyrical – Dynasty (forthcoming Brap Dem)

– Bakir in the mix –

1.  DJG – Obsessed
2.  Dubsworth – Carbonation
3.  The Spit Brothers – No Curfew (Djunya remix) (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
4.  J Kenzo – Stomp (ARGO34A)
5.  Luthor – M Grow (Bakir remix) (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
6.  WAR 17B
7.  Pachecko & Pocz – Zarbak (Mr Gasparov remix)
8.  The Spit Brothers – Single Coil (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
9.  Bukkha – No Guns, No Fire
10.The Spit Brothers – By The Fire (Nate Mars remix) (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
11.The Spit Brothers – Violet Dub (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
12.The Spit Brothers – Some of the Time (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
13.Bakir – Going Down low (forthcoming on Fullmelt’s BAD3)
14.Bakir & Vinja – Untitled (preview)
15.The Spit Brothers – Beg To Differ (DJG reformat)
16.J Kenzo – Between Two Worlds (ARGO34B)
17.Bukkha – Minor (forthcoming Dubs Alive)
18.Billingsley – Alien Song (preview)
19.The Spit Brothers – King Me
20.Daega Sound System – SOS (Blipswitch Digital)
21. Kush Arora Ft. Mega Banton – Repping and Stepping

Roommate ft Brother Culture – Secret Delivery (forthcoming King Dubbist)
Seahorse – Limestone Cave
Truth – Burglar (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
Truth – Puppets (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
Truth – Dead Silence (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
Truth – Indigo Mood (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
Truth – Don’t Explain (forthcoming Aquatic Lab)
Ramadanman – Grab Somebody (whitelabel)
Jam City – Let Me Bang refix (Night Slugs whitelabel)
Bowly – Idee D’un Tropique (Berkane Sol)
Kidkut – Lilt (Apple Pips)
French Fries – Senta (Bambounou remix) (Youngunz)
Gremino – Hyper (Rag & Bone)
Lil Silva – Perfussion (Night Slugs)
Prince Zammy – Passion
Ramadanman – Tempest (Hemlock)
Incyde – Dusk (Helix reshape)
Josif – Numb (forthcoming 2circles)
Africa Hi Tech – Too Late (Warp)
Kyla – Don’t Play With My Heart (Roska remix) (free online)


Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 039 08.09.10 on Dubstep.FM featuring Subreachers

New music inside this program from Throwing Snow, Blind Prophet, Pressa & Crisp, and Roommate, plus a guest mix from Subreachers.  Hold tight as we explore bass music in the bassmarine.  Deep sea robotic bass research craft. Look below the tracklist for more info on Subreachers.

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Steppin into Tomorrow with SNF 039 08.09.10 featuring Subreachers by snf



Throwing Snow – Un Vingt (Ho Tep)
Luthor – Ultra (forthcoming Haunted Audio)
Terror Danjah – Zumpi Leaker (free online)
Arcmatix – Into You
CRST – The Bells (Distal remix) (Car Crash Set)
Pressa & Crisp – Monitored
Outlaw Producer – Rip Me To Shreds (Chango remix)
Vivek – Sunshine (On The Edge)
Skream – Pick Ya Knees Up (free online)
Scuba – Minerals (Hotflush)
Seahorse – Limestone Cave
Wachs Lyrical – Dynasty (forthcoming Brap Dem)
Breakage – Together (Digital Soundboy)
Kalbata – Ninja (whitelabel)
Mungos Hi Fi – Dubplate fi Dem (Scotch Bonnet)
Mala – Eyez (DMZ)
Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees (Swamp81)
Silkie – Test (Deep Medi)
James Blake – Air and Lack Thereof (Hemlock)

– Subreachers feature –

J-One – 5am
XI – Drip
Falty DL – Phreqaflex
Duncan Powell – Pushing (Falty DL Remix)
Mr Lager – Virtium (Orphan101 Remix)
Ruckspin – Shikra
Riskotheque & Wachs Lyrical – What I Feel Like Doing
Subreachers – Future Blindness
Quest – Back To Our Roots
Valor – Valorian Brainstorm
JazzyJazzy – Delusions Of Grandure
Tolerance – Timeship

Andrea – You Still Got Me (Daphne)
Hate – Human Resources (Hate)
Rx – Bronson (SubDepth)
Ladybox – Pulse (Distal remix)
Blaque – 808 (Steel & Solo remix) (free online)
Distal – Coke Bottle
Kidkut – Lift (Apple Pips)
French Fries – Senta (Bambounou remix) (Youngunz)
D-51 – OD (M-DOK remix) (Ghetto Division)
Sam Tiba – Barbie Weed (Club Cheval)
Hard House Banton vs Tony Matterhorn – Flonko vs Ride It (snf combination)
Sines – Crazy
Blind Prophet – Equidistant
Roommate – Mercy Riddim session (all forthcoming King Dubbist)
Roommate ft Ras Zacharri – Jah Rule
Roommate ft Reuben – Take a Look
Roommate ft Brother Culture – Secret Delivery
Spit Brothers – Violet Dub
Doctor P – Sweet Shop (Bosh’s Use The Force remix)
Donald Byrd – Steppin into Tomorrow (Madlib’s Steppin Again remix) (Blue Note)

For the latest feature I hit up the Subreachers, a duo coming out of Belgium.  Bass heavy productions are coming out with increasing frequency, what separates the wheat from the chaff is the ability to keep both the groove and intensity flowing. Subreachers nail it consistently.  Listen above for their guest mix on the radio, or read below for a brief interview.

SNF: Lets start off with a bit about yourselves – how it is there in Belgium,
musically and otherwise?

Subreachers: Matthias and me knew each other from back in the highschool days. We both dropped out (eventually getting our degrees in an other way :p) but lost touch with each other for a few years. Until we met back and found out that we were both into dubstep. It wasn’t long before we decided to have a go at producing. We made some tunes and sent them to the national alternative radiostation. Surprisingly one of them got picked and got a feature on the show. That’s were we started to do the Subreachers thing and got more focused on producing and dj’ing. Belgium has a good healthy scene but as everywhere the majority of the partys / kids are all about the heavy hitting dancefloor bombs. But it’s cool because there are some smaller scale promotors who do deep end nights and aren’t afraid to mix it up with a techno headliner etc. Otherwise Belgium is a nice country to live in apart from being pretty expensive, it’s all good.

SNF: What was your path to finding electronic music and why did you decide to
start making it?

Tim: I found out pretty quickly about electronic music through my dads record collection which spans from 1970’s disco classic to 1990 house and techno classics. I started fooling around with the decks at a pretty young age and always kept my interest in music and discovering new music and styles. I decided i’d have a go at making something of myself at 19 years of age. I was big into disco and disco edits, so i started fiddling around with some audio software and made my own edits, mostly obscure stuff that i reworked and made dub version of. I still have all these tracks so if any label is interested :p.

Matthias: I listened to all kinds of genres when I was a teenager, from trance at young age to heavy metal some years later. My dad is a musician too, so logically I started playing piano when I was 7 or 8. When I was 16 I got into drum & bass & a few months later I bought myself some decks & started dj’ing. Then later on when I discovered dubstep I knew this was the genre I was waiting for. My genre. When I met Tim again after school we both started producing in ableton & so it started. When I hear the stuff I made like 2 years ago it’s so funny.. I’m glad we evolved a lot now.

SNF: Where do you seek inspiration for your productions?

Subreachers: I think it varies from time to time. We go trough phases. We love so much music that we get inspired by alot of different stuff. But to give you an idea our inspirations go from jungle to detroit techno to ambient, film music, field recordings, oldschool electro and so on.

SNF: Who’s on your radar now that’s making high quality music?

Subreachers: We love alot of producers and there are a few so here’s the namedrop: Wachs lyrical, Jazzy Jazzy, Valor, Riskotheque, Von D, Lurka,
Submerse, Resketch, XI, DFRNT, Ruckspin,  .. sorry for anyone we forgot the mention, you’re all large !

SNF: What plans do you have for the future?

Subreachers: Plans for the future are, keep on making music and touring alot, keep
doing our thing and enjoying it.

SNF: What should we be looking out for?

Subreachers: We’ve got some upcoming releases, there’s a remix we did for DFNRT coming out on Echodub, Cd , Digi + Double pack on live beyond, keep your eyes open for that one ! should be dropping mid september, there’s some dnb material coming on a very big label, all we can say is keep your eyes open ;-)


Surefire 014 with LD, Roommate, and Salva

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Hyperdub & Transition Engineer LD brings his soulful flavor of dubstep alongside Roommate and Salva at Surefire.
Date: 2010-06-19
Tickets: $7 before 11, $10 after.


Dub Project with Roommate, Rob I and Pirate Jaime

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Roommate of Babylon System takes over the Triple Crown this Monday.
Date: 2010-05-24
Tickets: free  :)


Trust with Roommate, DJ Enki, Commodore69, Atos1 and Konnect

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Roommate of Babylon System headlines this bass attack at the Triple Crown.
Date: 2010-04-10
Tickets: Free before 11, $5 after.


Stateside Dubstep with Vaccine, Pandai’a, Ultraviolet, Roommate and more

Location: Club Six (map & info)
Description: Lady heavy lineup with the futuristic sounds of Vaccine and basswise selections from Pandai’a.
Date: 2010-05-14
Tickets: $10 with RSVP, $12 otherwise.


Bay Area Bass release party with DZ, Kozee, Roommate and more

Location: The Triple Crown (map & info)
Description: Hot N Heavy Presents BAY AREA BASS Vol.1 Release Party,
Saturday March 20th at Triple Crown.

Featured Artists:

DZ (Badman Press, SF)
Kozee (Badman Press, SF)
Roommate (SF)
Megalodon (Double Drop, SF)
NTRLD & Thurgood (SF)
Nonewyork (Hot N Heavy, SF)
Commodore 69 (Hot N Heavy, SF)
Jack Buser (Hot N Heavy, SF)
Konnect (Trust, SF)
Date: 2010-03-20
Tickets: Free before 11pm and $5 after 11pm. 9pm to 3am.


Redlabel 2010 with Datsik, Emu, Blackheart, Roommate, Ultraviolet, and Rastatronics

Location: The Gingerbread House (see flyer)
Description: Another ridiculous lineup from the Redline crew headlined by Datsik and Emu. Gonna be dutty.
Date: 2010-04-23
Tickets: $20/25/30 here.


Chinese New Years with 16 Bit, Jazzsteppa, Ooah, Krazy Baldhead, and many more

Location: 103 Harriet St (map & info)
Tickets: Limited $20 advance here.
Description: Ring in the year of the tiger with this massive show put on by Raindance and An-Ten-Nae. Lineup:

* OOah (The Glitch Mob)
* Krazy Baldhead (Ed Banger Records) France
* 16Bit (UK)
* Jazzsteppa (Live Band) UK
* Kraddy
* Deru (LA)
* R/D (LA)
* Ana Sia ( Ana Sia Music)
* an-ten-nae (Get Freaky)
* Dov (Muti Music)
* David Starfire (6 Degrees Records)
* Heyoka (Mutimusic)
* Spit Brothers (Live band)
* Ripple ( Full Melt)
* El Papa Chango (El Circo)
* Little John (Raindance)
* Brother (Raindance)
* Laura (El Circo)
* Roommate
* Rastatronics (Raindance)
* JSuave
* Mozaic (Raindance)
* Shawna (El Circo)
* Stridah (Nexus)
* Nanda (Muti Music)
* Timonkey (Muti Music)
* Digital Honey (Raindance)
* Dub Pirates (Raindance)
* Clorophil
Date: 2010-02-05